Sunday, October 28, 2012

MediaCorp Subaru Challenge 2012 - The Asian Face-Off

The MediaCorp Subaru Challenge 2012 - The Asian Face-Off kicks off at Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza on Saturday, 27 October 2012.

Now in its 11th year, the winner will walk away with a Subaru XV 1.6 worth $80,800 (without COE)!

This year, contestants from 10 countries are battling it out for national pride and bragging rights. The qualifying men and women from Singapore will compete against Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia and Hong Kong to outstand and outlast each other to be the last one with their palm on the car and drive home the grand prize of a brand new Subaru XV 1.6!

Contestants are required to place their right palms on their designated palm decals on the designated vehicles from the word 'Go'. To remain in the Challenge, the contestant‟s palm must remain flat on the vehicle surface and he/she is not allowed to lift or move his/her right palm from his/her designated palm decal, except when authorized to do so by Marshalls. Contestants will be given a 5-minute break every 6 hours. These 5-minute breaks can be used to use the toilets and/or eat and drink in the Hospitality Tents.

Contestants at 9 hours plus on Day 1

Enduring the blistering midday heat or freezing late night rain and beating off hallucination monsters are some of the torment contestants have to go through. One could only pray hard the other contestants would drop out before he/she emerges the winner, walking away with a Subaru XV 1.6 worth $80,800. :)

I am amazed how any one could survive more than 60 hours in such conditions. The record holder with the longest endurance record at 81 hours 32 minutes is Singaporean Army Officer George Lee (2008). For the past few years that I’ve been following this challenge, I've witnessed how the finalists fought hard to endure the mental torture and physical pain. Many of them have swollen feet due to water retention and sunburnt.

from left : Kevin Lee, Chong Kiat Chi, Sandra Yeow, George Lee

I met up with several past winners of the Mediacorp Subaru Challenge and chatted with them. Interview coming up in the next post.

Year 2007 was the "Battle of the Sexes" where the winner of the men and women categories both won a car each.

2007 winner Sandra Yeow (female) 77 hours 13 minutes
2007 winner Kevin Lee (male) 76 hours

2008 winner Singaporean Army Officer George Lee is the record holder with longest endurance record of 81 hours 32 minutes with his hand placed on a car.

2011 winner Chong Kait Chi 75 hours 36 mins

Find out if 2011 winner, Chong Kait Chi's timing of 75 hours 36 mins will remain unbroken or will a new record be set this year?


  1. Wow so cool this challenge! I think if the prize was a million bucks, then I'll try my best to hold on he he! :)

  2. a car? no thanks. i prefer hard cold cash! :p

    but gotta salute these competitors!