Friday, October 19, 2012

Bangkok Getaway - PhotoHunt

PhotoHunt theme : Sassy/Parks

Flew off to a relaxing getaway with my son and hubby in Bangkok. Arriving in Bangkok, we boarded the new Suvarnabhumi Airport Rail Link to the city, alighting at Phaya Thai (BTS) station. We then transferred to the skytrain at Siam Square to travel to Nana (BTS) station.

We have to purchase these tokens for the train ride. An Express train departs every 30 minutes. A ticket costs 90 baht and the ride takes only 17 minutes. The usual train (City Line) costs from 15 to 45 baht, depending on the distance and takes half an hour to reach the city.

We stayed at Ibis Nana Hotel which is situated along a road lined with bars and pubs. :P The staff at Ibis Nana are friendly and helpful. This cute shuttle bus usually parks in front of the hotel, ferrying guests to the nearest train station.

Besides shopping for clothings and enjoying the relaxing massages, we were treated to a wide selection of sumptuous Thai cuisine in Bangkok by our friends.

My son came back from his vacation all fat and sassy, ready to face the final term examinations next week. Good luck to him. :D


  1. Oh that's your son? Yes, he's rather chubby! Must be all the good food! LOL

  2. Hi ECL, :) very creative take on the Parks theme! Good one. Looks like you all had a great time on your getaway trip to Bangkok. I had to giggle when I saw your son's T-Shirt. Hope you always stood on his right side. :)

    Great photos! You have a very good looking family!

  3. Oh, so that's where you went for your vacation...

    A cool take on the themes: It actually took me a while to register your different use of "parks" from the likes of me... ;b

  4. he sure looks sassy with that pose in the last pic! hello, how are you?

    my post for the theme is here. my blogger site is out.

  5. foongpc,
    I love Bangkok too!

    My son is overweight. Too much good food because there are many good people who love to treat him to meals. At home, I make him diet. :P

    The hotel Ibis Nana is economical (I got a good deal - one extra night free for booking 2 nights), rooms are clean and the staff are friendly, helpful. The only complaint I have is that it is quite a distance from the nearest BTS, Nana.

  6. Trekcapri,
    Thanks <3. We had a wonderful vacation in Bangkok.

    er.... I am safer when I stand in front or behind my son when he is wearing that T-shirt. There is the same sign on the back of his T-shirt. LOL

    My son had fun buying lots of such funny T-shirts in Bangkok.

  7. YTSL,
    Yes, I went to Bangkok, although I would love to visit Japan. :)

  8. Hi bing!

    haha.... my sassy son looks adorable. :)

  9. That is quite a sassy t-shirt he is wearing as well! Great shots for this week's theme.

    Have a super weekend.

  10. JDeQ,
    haha.... it is not a compliment walking next to him when he is wearing that sassy T-shirt.

    Happy weekend!

  11. Oh Bangkok! I have the same experience. Coming home from a trip to Bangkok no matter how short it is always a dilemma because I gain weight! I love going there every once in a while.

    Sreisaat Adventures

  12. Sreisaat,
    haha... the food in Bangkok is so yummy and tastes different from our Singaporean dishes, we simply had to have our fill of it. We visit Bangkok at least once a year. :)

  13. It is always nice to take a break before exams... this looked like fun!
    Why do we always say 'fat and sassy'? I prefer to think of him as happy and sassy :-)
    I look forward to seeing what you can spook us with next weekend.
    Happy Hunting~

  14. Sandi,
    He is indeed happy and sassy. Thanks.

    The short getaway before his exams did take away some stress and he is recharged. :)

  15. Sure glad you got away for a while. I think it would be fun to ride in one of those super fast trains...mine is up and the coffee is on.

  16. peppylady,
    It was a much needed break for the family and great bonding with one another.

    I am looking forward to taking one of the suoer fast trains too.

  17. what level is yr son, good parents take son to relax first.

    I found when I went to your new garden near marina sands, 6 pm was a good time.

  18. Ann,
    My son is studying Hotel Management in the U.

    I think it is better to visit Gardens By the Bay in the evening too.

  19. Nice concept of countries trying to cope with traffic jams with fast train direct to airport. Yeah food, shopping & massage are the main attraction. The best is enjoying together as a whole family trip. Sawasdee krap.

  20. I see your son has the same appetite than mine, lol ! In Istambul we also had to buy tonkens to get on a tram which crosses the city ! 100 km for not even a Euro ! Of course we never rode the 100 km,lol !

  21. I always wanted to visit Thailand. And did not make it to Singapore either. In the mid 1980s we took a nice Asian tour, starting in Hawaii, 6 nights in Tokyo, 3 nights in Seoul, 6 nights in Hong Kong 3 nights in Southern China near Guangzou, and 2 nights in Taipei. What a trip. We still talk about it. Now we love our travel trailer, retired and go to campgrounds.

  22. I love a weekend getaway (although now that we are retired we usually go mid-week -- less crowded).

    Bangkok looks like a wonderful place to visit, one I can only dream of. Thanks for sharing.

  23. I just got back from a getaway myself so I didn't do photohunters this week. Looks like a fun one you went on.

  24. I would love to visit Bangkok day perhaps. But I will be visiting Legoland soon and might hop over to Sg.

  25. cool shirt!! haha!! It sure is great to have some relaxing time with the family :)

  26. oh Bangkok is a shopping heaven and i love the cheap, tasty street food..ahhh i wanna go to BKK! cute leh ur son..fat and sassy? :D good luck on the final term exam!