Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Legoland Malaysia's Miniature Landmarks of Asia - WW

Merlion and Singapore Flyer

Legoland Malaysia's Miniland attraction, which features some of Asia’s best known landmarks,is recreated out of 30 million LEGO bricks. I am so awed by these amazing miniature replicas including the Petronas Twin Towers, the Merlion Statue and the Taj Mahal. The whole of Miniland is animated, and visitors can bring the models to life at the touch of a button.

Tanah Lot, Bali - Indonesia

Wat Arun  - Thailand

Angkor Wat  - Cambodia

 Taj Mahal - India

Forbidden City and the Great Wall of China

Legoland Malaysia opened its doors to the public on 15 September 2012. It is Asia's first LEGO theme park featuring more than 40 interactive rides and attractions.


  1. Legoland, is the place to visit. Planning our next trip to JB already :D

  2. Agnes,
    Yes it would be fun for the kids and parents because there are lots of interactive activities, great edutainment experience.

  3. Wow amazing, I used to use my children's lego blocks to build with, but always ran out byt he time the floor plan was outlined. What a fun job to design and put together Lego replicas!

  4. Sukhmandir,
    The same problem my son and I face. hehe... there's always not enough LEGO bricks to complete our ambitious buildings.

    It's such a joy to discover so many millions of LEGO bricks in LEGOLAND and the possibilities we can make with them!

  5. Adam,
    It is fun not only for the kids but for their parents too.

  6. You can now say, you have been around the world!

  7. What a fun place we have a Legoland also here in the UK

    Have a brilliant weekend ;-)

  8. stevebethere,
    Yes, I was told about Legoland UK. Happy weekend!

  9. I saw this in the news! I'm sure kids and adults will have lots of fun seeing all those lego creations. I hope I can visit that someday.

  10. Liza,
    Come to Singapore for your holiday and bring your darling grandies. We could hop over to Legoland Malaysia for a fun-filled day.

  11. TexWisGirl,
    Yes, those people who created these mini replicas are so talented.

  12. What amazing and fun places to visit. Thanks for the tour and the lovely photos. Have a great weekend!

  13. How nice, you went to Malaysia again so soon! hahaha

    That's a good preview of miniland. Actualy, that's the part of Legoland I'm most interested in seeing. I heard there's also a section on the Philippines but haven't seen photos of it yet.