Monday, April 30, 2012

Masterchef Daniel Jordà, God of Bread

Masterchef Daniel Jordà is a 3rd generation chef from a family of bakers. He is the best-known baker in the Trinitat neighbourhood in Barcelona and one of the most admired by top chefs in Catalonia. There is no ingredient he would not touch.

From wasabi to melon, strawberry or white chocolate, he has done it all. One of his last creations had shrimp with ginger, commissioned by a chef who is from Japan. And while Jordà works for Michelin-starred chefs, he also tends to the family bakery that has been around since 1927.

This morning, 20 participnts paid S$148 each for a hands-on Culinary Workshop At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy with Chef Daniel Jordà. The event was fully booked, I was one of those who was turned away. Luckily I was allowed half an hour to take these photos at the workshop. :P

The participants learnt how to make focaccia bread by hand. Chef Jorda was very fast with his hands. A few kneads and flips, he saved all the participants' pathetic dough! :P

There was a tasting session of the most complex breads on Chef Jorda's menu that he serves to various Michelin-starred restaurants around Spain, from the white truffle and mushroom bread and the Iberian pancetta bread, to the simplest type of bread that he makes in his country.

The torrija, a traditional Spanish dessert made from bread that is eaten during Lent and is said to have originated in the South of Spain to make use of stale bread. Torrijas are traditionally old bread soaked in milk and then in beaten eggs.

Isn't it French toast?

Torrijas are fried in olive oil and French toast is fried with some butter.

The participants were very enthusiastic and many of them are good bakers themselves. They asked lots of questions and shared their secrets of baking bread with the class.

I wasn't able to taste any of Chef Jorda's bread as I had to rush off to catch two-Michelin Star French Chef Michel Sarran at My Humble House located at The Esplanande by the Bay.

Monday, 30 April 2012
Daniel Jordà Culinary Hands-On Workshop


  1. Ha. I been trying to watch my carb intake. But I love fresh baked items fresh from the is on.

  2. peppylady,
    I am a bread person, I love all types of bread. Freshly baked bread is heavenly! I need a bread roll now. :)

  3. Dear Ecl Tan, This is an experience to learn how to make this delicious bread. There is nothing better than fresh bread. Blessings Catherine

  4. wow i bet they taste as good as they look! yumm~ :)

  5. I would have joined if I were there. I am a bread person too and I would love to learn all those.

    A little birdie told me it's your birthday so Happy Birthday ECL!

  6. Everyone loves a baker. His recipes sound wonderful. Unfortunately, you did not have a chance to try it to let us know what we missed.

  7. I am watching Masterchef on TV now, love the show and I am always craving for something by the end of the show ha ha!

  8. Happy weekend, hope ur having a relaxing one! :)

  9. It all looks wonderful, but I'm following a low carb diet. I'll have to be careful about what I eat.

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