Saturday, April 28, 2012

High Tea with Michelin Star Indian Chef Vikas Khanna - PH

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Michelin star Indian Chef Vikas Khanna

I was invited to High Tea at The Song of India restaurant with Michelin Star Indian Chef Vikas Khanna who is a restaurateur, food writer, filmmaker, humanitarian and the host of the TV Show Master Chef India.

Chef Vikas grew up in Amritsar, Punjab, India and is currently based in New York. He is the executive chef of Junoon Restaurant in New York City and was ranked in the top 50 of  People’s Magazine Sexiest Man Alive 2011.

Chef Vikas and Corporate Executive Chef Manjunath Mural of The Song of India

I fell in love with Chef Vikas' Paan Panna Cotta (betel leaf flavoured panna cotta). The flavor of betel leaf goes so well with the rich, creamy texture of panna cotta and the lovely minty taste lingers in the mouth. It's amazing that he would think of using the traditional paan (betel leaf chew) in panna cotta. That's brilliant!

Paan can be bought in nearly every local street in India. They are believed to help in digestion of curried foods and also act as mouth fresheners. I have seen kiosks selling it at our Little India but have not plucked up the courage to try it ..... yet.

After tasting Chef Vikas' betel leaf flavoured panna cotta, I think I am ready to try the betel leaf chew. :D

Situated in a prime location at the famed Scotts Road, The Song of India is located in a classic black and white heritage bungalow.

The beautifully decorated dining area

The Song of India is running a week-long promotion featuring cusine by Chef Vikas Khanna. Chef Vikas’ award-winning dishes are available for lunch and dinner from 27 April 2012 to 1 May 2012.

4-course lunch    $48++ per pax,
6-course dinner   $98++ per pax ( 6pm-8pm), $118++ per pax (8.30pm onwards).

The Song Of India
33 Scotts Road
Singapore228 226
Opening hours:  12pm – 3pm, 6pm – 11pm
Tel : 6836 0055


  1. How fortunate to be in the midst of a celebrity chef! Best wishes..

  2. Paan (betelnut chew) can literally be addictive. In Tanzania, I also found it a good cure for nausea. Some people have been known to add tobacco into their paan mixes. I am happy to go without -- and find them refreshing just the same! :)

  3. YTSL,
    It is. I am going to try the paan at our Little India, it doesn't taste bad after yesterday's beautiful dessert. :)

  4. Sounds like a wonderful gastronomical experience!! love your choices for the themes, ECL, enjoy your weekend

    local street

  5. wow, such a good looking chef. it must have been a great honour to have dinner with him. i don't think i've heard of him but thanks for bringing this to our attention.

  6. Nice tour ! as long as you only fell in love with Chef Vikas' Paan Panna Cotta and not with him it's OK !

  7. Mar,
    A great culinary journey so far with the masterchefs. :)

  8. Life Ramblings,
    Chef Vikas is still single. ;P

    It was a wonderful afternoon with him as he shared his journey to stardom from India to USA.

    He also shared with us his charity works, books and documentary films he is working on.

  9. Gattina,
    hahaha..... you should know me better. I'm a Taurus, it's hard to not fall in love with anything so beautiful! :D

  10. I'm not sure I'd want to try the betel leaf...but I must add I like your textures.

    My Photo Post today is: BUTTERFLY HOUSE Textures

  11. Very interesting encounter, it would seem the addictive properties of euphoric paan are so great that tasting it but once you already are contemplating advancing to a chew, who knew that panna cotta flavored with paan leaf could be considered a gateway culinary experience, gives new meaning to high tea ;)

  12. Hooting Anni,
    I didn't have the courage to try the betel leaf at first. But after tasting it, I love the texture and flavor. It's an acquired taste.

  13. Carver,
    I had a fabulous time interacting with the international masterchefs this week. :)

  14. Sue,
    You love Indian food too!? We will have Indian food should we have a blogger's meet one day. :)

    Yes, please try this betel leaf flavored panna cotta if you have the chance.

  15. Sukhmandir Kaur,
    I had not one but two betel leaf flavored panna cottas.

    I asked Chef Vikas,"May I have one more?" after I finished the first one. :D

    It's really unique and a great way to introduce paan.

  16. I make a great panna cotta, with the perfect texture... maybe we should have a cook-off~

  17. How lucky are you to be invited to such a fancy place! I have not heard of panna cotta, but it does look tasty.

  18. This is a wonderful experience. Good and healthy food will hold the key to a good and healthy life. Blessings dear. Catherine