Friday, April 27, 2012

Celebrity Chef Marco Pierre White In Singapore

Chef Marco posed for me

It's a once in a lifetime experience for me to meet someone like Marco Pierre White , a British celebrity chef, restaurateur and TV personality. Chef Marco with a net worth of $40 million which he earned from his exceptional culinary skills, as well as contributions to contemporary international cuisine, is known as the Godfather of modern cooking. To date he is the youngest chef (at the age of 33) to ever receive three Michelin stars.

ECL is ecstatic to be up close and personal with Chef Marco

Chef Marco was preparing for his cooking demo at the Citibank Gastronomic Jam session when I respectfully made a request for him to pose for my camera. I expected to feel intimidated and put in my place for even thinking he would entertain such a request from the audience.

How wrong I was, he readily obliged and took the time to make sure I was happy with the photos. *swoons*

Blame it on the Hell's Kitchen TV reality show that I was easily intimidated by him. He is not really the Marco you see on TV. In person, he is such a lovely down to earth bloke.

A long queue formed as guests want a photo with Chef Marco

We chatted for several minutes, he told me what he was going to cook for this session. He talks about his life as a young cook 35 years ago under the tutelage of self-taught owners and founders of Michelin-starred Box Tree restaurant, Malcolm Reid and Colin Long. In the 70s, there were only four restaurants in Britain with two stars, three in London and one in Yorkshire.

The other participants, seeing how obliging and friendly he is, started forming a long queue to have a photo with him. He sportingly entertained each request.

I was overwhelmed when Chef Marco picked me to taste his dish. Together with another member of the audience, I was treated to a steak which was out of this world.

An aquaintence told me during Chef Marco's early career in the kitchen, there was once when a customer asked if he could have a side order of chips with his lunch, Chef Marco hand-cut and personally cooked the chips but charged the customer £25 for his time. *trembles*

Invited by Chef Marco to try his yummilicious steak

I have the honour of being treated to a dish by a superchef!

Wow, the day memories are made of.

Once home, a quick check with the World Gourmet Summit event calendar shows :

27 April 2012, 7-11pm
Marco Pierre White Celebrity Chef Dinner
Grand Hyatt
Fully Booked

Looks like I will have to travel to London to savour his dishes.


  1. wow so many invitations. life is good for you.

  2. Life Ramblings,
    Too many invitations to events. I have a hard time deciding which ones to attend and so sorry to turn down other projects.