Sunday, September 11, 2011

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival 2011! 中秋节快乐!- RT/WW

Shopping for mooncakes at a mall

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

The Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the important holidays in our Chinese calendar. Traditionally on this day, family members and friends will gather to admire the bright mid-autumn moon and eating moon cakes and pomelos under the moon together.

colourful lanterns for the kids

The children will be carrying brightly lit lanterns. Kids love this festival because it is the only time they can 'play with fire'. :P

Chinese chess mooncakes

A week before the festival, I was shopping for mooncakes to gift to my elders and business associates. There is such a mindboggling variety of mooncakes these days. I had fun tasting mooncakes with  different fillings.

I was fascinated with a set of Chinese Chess mooncakes. You can eat your opponents chess pieces if you win. :D

It is a costly set ..... S$78 for it. :P


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  1. Chinese chess mooncakes. That's cool. :)

    I love the mid autumn festival. Love getting the chance to eat mooncakes. ^^

  2. Nice lanterns wah now got angry bird lantern some more haha..

    yuè yuányuán, rén tiántián。zhù nǐ yuè lái yuè yǒu qián。

    yuè guāngguāng, rén shuāngshuāng。 zhù nǐ xīn qíng duō fàng kuān。

    guì rén qí, xiǎo rén lí。zhù nǐ dà lì yòu dà jí。

    zhù nǐ yú jiā rén, Zhōng qiūjié kuàilè。

  3. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to you and your family :)

  4. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to you and your family! :)

  5. That chess mooncake is awesome! It makes a wonderful gift I think and if someone gives that to me, I know I will have a hard time eatin git because don't want to mess up the chess board LOL! :)

  6. Happy Monday to you, have a wonderful week, hugs! :D:D

  7. All sorts of mooncakes being sold. :)

    But this is the very first time I have seen mooncakes in Chess pieces.

    So after we have eaten our opponents pieces...we really eat it right? LOL

  8. 中秋节快乐!i had steamboat with my friends! :D

  9. Sounds great to have a festival at this time of the year. Oh, would love to taste those mooncakes - would they make me walk on the moon...? It's fun with sme fantasy, won't you agree? *giggles*

  10. Sounds and looks like a great celebration. The moon cakes I bet are amazing. They look so good.

  11. I love mooncakes and the idea of chess mooncakes is really great. You will have the chance to literally eat your opponent's chess pieces ... that's cool.

    Happy mid-autumn festival to you and your family.

  12. i've not come across the chess mooncakes. i wonder how it taste like.