Saturday, September 10, 2011

EastCoastLife on Talking Point

Presenter Melissa Hyak with invited guests

I was surprised when the producer of Talking Point invited me to participate on an episode of Channel NewsAsia’s long-running studio discussion series.

Talking Point is a weekly half-hour programme which airs on Sundays at 10.30pm. Hosted by veteran presenter Melissa Hyak, the programme engages experts and a “live” studio audience for a dynamic discussion on hot issues that are close to the hearts of many people.

Thanks to my post on "Cook and Share a Pot of Curry", I am appearing on a TV programme and it's Current Affairs. lol, they want my Auntie's view.

Make-up for the guys!

A day before the recording, the Executive Producer decided to include my hubby Christopher on the programme. :D

The recording was to commence at 7 pm. We arrived at Mediacorp Caldecott Broadcast Centre at 6.45pm due to a traffic jam. We walked in to see a male guest having his make-up session. Christopher was not comfortable with the putting on of make-up but I think it makes him look good. I was laughing when he had his eyebrows drawn.

Christopher having his make-up while we wait for the filming to commence

Thanks to the wonderful crew of Talking Point for allowing me to take pictures and making us comfortable on the set.

I didn't recognise her at first when the beautiful and talented Melissa Hyak came up to greet me and shake my hands. When it dawned on me who she was, I blurted out, "Melissa!?"

Fellow audience Caroline, who is studying in NTU and comes from China, asked me, "Is she very famous?" "Yes, she is. I watched her programmes whenever I could." :)

I am so happy to meet Melissa Hyak who has no airs. She remembers the name of every one of her guests and makes us feel at ease by chatting to us. She is a good listener.

Melissa Hyak speaking with the panel members

There were 5 studio audience, besides myself and Christopher, there was Caroline Lu Ling Zhi (NTU student, China), Shantanu (Indian PR) and Wu Zhijian (Singapore new citizen). The two invited panel members are Assoc Prof Vineeta Sinha (Dept of Sociology, NUS) and Mohammad Faizal (Taman Jurong IRCC).

Luckily it was a short recording session, the guests were all quite tensed and it didn't help that it was freezing cold in the studio. There would be no NGs, if we make a mistake we have to continue speaking. The crew will snip off what cannot be shown on TV. :P

After the recording, Melissa mingled with her guests and obliged to a group photo. We exchanged our contact numbers with the guests and hope to keep in touch with one another.

I wonder how the programme will turn out.

You can catch this TV programme this coming Sunday at 10.30 pm. Please be kind when commenting. :P

Is the Singapore society less tolerant now?

Globalisation and an influx of foreigners have intensified Singaporeans’ interaction with people of different races, religions and cultures. Our social fabric is constantly being tested – by insensitive remarks online and most recently, furore over the curry incident. As the Singapore society becomes more diverse, have we also become less tolerant?

Talking Point speaks to new citizens and representatives of the Inter-Racial and Religious Confidence Circle (IRCC) to explore how Singaporeans can defend and enlarge the common space for all.

Talking Point 11 Sept 2011 (Sunday)10.30pm
Channel NewsAsia


  1. That was great. Such a nice show and an honor to be invited to join in.

  2. wow... going on tv! woohooo!!! :)

    i wish i have access to that episode!

  3. Wow!! I wish I could watch it here :)
    Way to go!!!

  4. Sorry i missed the prog. Anyway, I think you did a great thing organizing the cook-a-curry day. Can you please make it an annual event because i think the law minister didn't quite understand us. Thanks. (KC)

  5. sounds great. hope everything turned out smoothly.