Friday, September 09, 2011

Eat, Love, Pray in Bangkok - PH

PhotoHunt theme : Greasy

Prawns in a greasy Yellow Curry Sauce

My doctor told me to avoid sweet, salty or greasy food.... if I want to slim down and for health reasons. I was a disobedient patient .... for a weekend. :P

Non-greasy Crisy Fish Skin and accompanied by lots of Thai Iced Tea

I was in Bangkok recently and was tempted by greasy food. Ha!

Besides out usual favourite restaurants, we discover more good ones which offer delicious food and great service. The best thing about Bangkok's restaurants is that the food is not only delicious but very cheap -compared to other cities.

My nice hotel room - last minute deal :)

We stayed in a quaint little hotel in Thonglor, slightly far from the popular shopping hub Siam Square, but it was in a quiet residential area with several excellent restaurants.

Eat, Love, Pray

It was one of my most relaxing trip to Bangkok. When I told my son, his Dad and I watched DVDs(free, provided by the hotel) in our hotel room, he couldn't believe his ears. :D

There  is so much to see and do in Bangkok but we prefer to just rest and relax. :)


  1. Nice room. Nice movie to watch. Who cares about greasy food. Sometimes it's just to nice to enjoy them! ^^

  2. oh my, the prawns look overly greasy but must be yum yum. glad you had a blast in Bangkok.

  3. Lina,
    Well, after my trip, I am re-charged and ready to kick ass.

    It was an enjoyable and relaxing holiday. I used to return home feeling more tired after a holiday abroad because of the hectic sightseeing and shopping. :P

  4. Life ramblings,
    There was a layer of oil on the plate. But the prawn in yellow curry sauce was delicious. I had a big bowl of fluffy steamed rice to go with the dish. :P

  5. Yep, I could definitely go there too! *giggles*

    One day I might be able to go there... So many choices before that though...

  6. Ha Sounds like you had a great time. The food may look greasy but I bet it was delicious!

  7. Once in a while it is ok to break Doctor's orders just not all the time ;) Happy photo hunting and weekend!

  8. The prawn dish looks yummy, and the fish chips more yummy!

    Have a fabulous weekend.

    Liz @ MLC

  9. Looks like you had a really nice time. The food didn't look too greasy to me.. just right!! All of us break the doctor's orders from time to time. Perfect take on the theme!!

  10. From my experience in Singapore, food plays such an importsnt role in the culture. My wallet and my distance from the city meant I could not part take in this. Sometimes, my girl friends pretended to be Tai tais, and ate out. I joke, we had dirt in our nails and still popped up at Shangrila for high tea.

  11. Both sets of my paternal and maternal grand parents are good story tellers. In those days, in the 60s, no TV, no radio, what to do? LOL

  12. You mean you prefer to just rest, relax and EAT in Bangkok! ;b

  13. Sounds like a wonderful vacation.


  14. Wah..very nice room and delicious food. I m going to Bangkok this weekend too. Food n shopping n sight seeing is in my itinerary.

  15. It's rather impossible to keep on a diet during a fun weekend !

  16. It sounds like a perfect trip, enjoyed your shots. Happy weekend, ECL!!

  17. greasy is yummy! lol. but not good for the tummy. hehe