Monday, July 04, 2011

Singapore Youth Award 2011 - RT/WW

(From L-R): Darius Cheng, Boo Junfeng,  Dr. Teo Yik Ying, TOUCH Cyber Wellness (Chong Ee Jay, Anthony Yeong)

Five outstanding individuals and team were presented the Singapore Youth Award (SYA) 2011 by Mr Teo Chee Hean, Deputy Prime Minister and Coordinating Minister for National Security and Minister for Home Affairs at the Istana on Sunday, 3 July 2011.

The Singapore Youth Award (SYA) is Singapore's highest accolade for under 35s who have made significant contributions to society and excelled in areas such as the arts, entrepreneurship and science.

Congratulations to these outstanding youths!

The Singapore Youth Award 2011

Individual Award:

Boo Junfeng 巫俊锋 (Filmmaker) - Arts and Culture category,

Boo Junfeng is best known for making the first Singapore film to be featured at the Cannes Film Festival's International Critics' Week. At age 27, his achievements are impressive. What awes me is his boundless passion for filmmaking. I think the only way of making films is to be passionate about it.

Filmmaking in Singapore is a very difficult profession. Unlike the situation in the major movie studios in the United States, local filmmakers face a tougher path finding funds and marketing, in addition to recruiting good actors and filming.

Dr Teo Yik Ying 张毅颖 (Scientist) - Science and Technology,

Associate Professor Teo Yik Ying is a leading researcher in the core areas of genomics of population diversity and the genetics of common and complex diseases.  What impresses me was amidst his busy schedule, he finds time to conduct regular talks at junior colleges to inspire pre-tertiary students in research as well as mentor students from Dunman High in their genetics-related project.

Terence Chia 谢勇伟 (Industrial Relations Officer) - Community and Youth Services category,

Darius Cheung 张翼 - Entrepreneurship category,

Team Award :

TOUCH Cyber Wellness 触爱网络健全服务 - Community and Youth Services
Mr Yeong Bang Huat, 杨邦发 – Senior Counsellor
Mr Chong Ee Jay, 庄贻杰 – Senior Executive

Touch Cyber Wellness has been strongly committed in encouraging holistic youth development through promoting cyber wellness, healthy gaming and online safety. TOUCH has reached out to more than 800,000 people through its cyber wellness education and counselling programmes.

SYA recipients speaking at a media conference

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  1. Great future for Boo Junfeng at a tender age of 27 already making a big name in the silver screen. Very true what actually drives a person is the burning desire and PASSION. tQ.

  2. Bananaz,
    Yes, a talented young man with great potential. I'm very much looking forward to watching his new films.

  3. Outstanding achievements and achiever, that's for sure. :)

  4. I will try to find the films by Boo Junfeng and watch them! I've time now since I'm on holiday!

  5. I will watch some films realised by Boo Junfeng! You make me very curious about him!

  6. But I thought it is easier to make film compared in Malaysia? We have so many restrictions here. :/

  7. These kids will go a long way. Congratulations to them.

    Happy RT!

    Mine's here.

  8. I applaud these outstanding achievers! One does need to be passionate about something to be really successful at it.

  9. Congrats to all the award recipients, truly deserved I'm sure! :)

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  11. I hope ur having a great day, almost dinner time here so getting ready to go out and makan! See ya later!

  12. Yes, congratulations ! that's wonderful ! so young and already successful ! very promising.

  13. Congratulations to them! They come afar already! God bless! Happy Ruby Tuesday as well. :)

    Come and drop-by at my
    CMP's Ruby Tuesday: Red Building if you have time. See yah.. :)

  14. kudos to all of them. so young and so talented. such achievements are truly inspiring.

  15. congrats to each of these outstanding young adults and best of luck.. :)

  16. these are truly the people we can look up to n learn from. i bet together they can achieve so much more!

  17. Congrats to all the winners! They deserve it. Oops... my name not there ;)