Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Liverpool Asia Tour 2011 (Singapore) - RT/WW

My husband was ecstatic when he received an invite to the training session of England's Premier League team Liverpool during its Asia Tour in Singapore on 17 July 2011. As a diehard supporter of Liverpool football team, he was ever ready to dump his lovely wife at home on a Sunday night and watch his favourite team kick balls. :( 

Thousands of fans turned up to watch their favourite football team at Bishan stadium. They clapped and sang. For my husband and the rest of the fans, it was a moment to cherish.

Not only did they put on red T-shirts and accessories, some fans even decorated their cars with the club logo. Cool!

The team training in front of invited supporters before their flight back to Liverpool. My husband will be able to tell you who is who, I only know David Beckham.

David's not from Liverpool!?
hehehe..... :P

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  1. I'm like you, only know who Beckam is, and that's only because of his wife!! kekeekeke

  2. Did your hubby really dump you for Liverpool? Tsk tsk.

    You didn't join ah? Can look at guys woh! LOL

  3. Jama,
    hahaha.... that's how 'interested' I am about football. :P

    Really cannot understand why football fans can go crazy over it.

  4. Lina,
    Don't rub it in.

    I get dump aside every time there is a football match when Liverpool is playing.

    Looks like I have to find something to occupy myself with and then dump him.

    Maybe a new guy. bwahahaha.....

    I am not interested in soccer players. Don't understand the game, how to understand the guy?

    You think I look at every guy, no standard lah like that. :D

  5. @ECL,
    Of course don't look at all guys lah. But soccer players can be pretty hot! Those rocking body. Such nice sight to see! LOL

    BTW, have you read my post that was up on Friday? :p

  6. Ecl, like you, I am not that crazy about football. I should have kept you company on sunday while your husband was at the stadium watching the training session, hahaha.........

  7. Lina,
    Yeah, soccer players are pretty hot ..... and sweaty too. :P

    See the hunks at the gym pump irons better. kekeke....

    I made a comment on your Friday post. :)

  8. stanley,
    Wahhhh! See, a guy wants to date me whenever my husband goes to watch Liverpool match!

    No more lonely night for ECL whenever Liverpool is playing! lol

  9. @ECL,
    Ooops! Soory! Not Friday pos tbut Saturday's post. At my Japan blog.

    Old age catching upon melah... XD

  10. That's a lot of reds! Lovely images! So how did you like watching such with your husband who is very much fond of it? I bet you were enjoying too. Great! Thanks for sharing by the way.

    Here's my share of RT: CMP's Ruby Tuesday: A woman's red dress

    Have a great day!

  11. Sounds like what happens here in the USA when there is a football game. We call your version of football..soccer!

  12. i'm not a fan of the sport too but it's fun to watch those smoking hot players in action. at least my entire world won't come crashing down if I have a lousy day at the office. ;)

  13. Fortunately Mr. G is not a football fan, he is a fan of Formular 1 ! So I am not dumped very often !

  14. I so understand your husband's enthusiasm. This was a rare occasion.
    I guess Liverpool and Manchester United (David Beckham's old team) are the two clubs with most foreign supporters.

    Both my husband and my brother have been over to England to watch football matches there. It's just two - three hours by plane.

    Men need to have their things; football is one of the better in my point of view.

    Even my old mother aged 86 watch TV when her home team is playing. So football can be entertaining for women too.

    Great happy report.

  15. Lina,
    I shouldn't have gone over! grrr.....

    It's been a long time since I did a meme. :(

  16. Cacai,
    It was a sea of red!
    I don't enjoy watching football and I seldom watch it :(

  17. P.S. I have been playing Mahjong for a week now on my computer, kind of like solitaire.
    Such great fun, all because of your last Ruby Tuesday.

  18. Jan n Jer,
    And David Beckham is playing in USA! :P

  19. Life Ramblings,
    That's good for your hubby as you can watch it with him.

    I tried to have an interest in soccer years ago but it didn't work, cannot force myself to like it. :P

  20. Gattina,
    After reading your comment, I turned to my hubby and yell ,"Why can't you be a fan of Formular 1 so I am not dumped very often!"

  21. Felisol,
    I have resigned to the fact that his football watching is more important than me. *sob*

    Sounds silly to get a divorce over a group of men chasing after a ball. lol

    I know of many ladies who watch football and enjoy it very much, I just don't have that interest but I don't stop my hubby from watching.

  22. Felisol,
    Glad you find Mahjong fun. It's a very interesting and brain stimulating game if you can get another 3 players and pit your skill against one another. Try it.

  23. Hahaha. I hope he had fun and i hope he really didn't dump you. :))

    I played too. Mine are here and here.

  24. Your husband must be thrilled and could not sleep for the whole night screaming "goal, goal...." :)

  25. B is very upset cause we were in JB when Liverpool was here in KL... arghhhhh! ;)

  26. Your hubby also Liv fan? Yahoooo hi-five!