Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ice Ball!! - WW

Modern day Ice ball S$2.50

When I was five and studying in a kindergarten, my pocket money was 10 cents. Across the street from the kindergarten was a lady selling ice balls (sng wang) and ice kachang at her stall. An ice ball cost 5 cents, half of my pocket money. :(

Uncle drizzling colourful syrup on my ice ball

My Mom used to warn me against eating cold or frozen food. But I couldn't resist the colourful ice balls. Which kid can resist? Once in a while I would buy one. I made sure I wash my hands and mouth properly before going home. But alas, I always got caught. My Mom was too smart. Inevitably, I would get a good scolding and no pocket money for a day. sigh......

Suck the syrup from the ice ball first...

Actually, it is tricky eating this ice ball. The ice melts in the warmth of your palms and the colourful syrup would drip all over my hands and my uniform. My uniform, streaked with colourful syrup, gave me away. :D

I enjoy sucking the sweet syrup and condensed milk from the ice ball and then eating the ice to reach the filling in the centre. Yes, it is sickly sweet. :D

after eating half of the ice, you reveal the yummy filling   

Ahhhhhh! The 'jewels' at the centre of the ice ball! It is filled with red beans and the translucent white fruit called attap chi (palm seeds). *slurp*

Ice balls cost 5 cents decades ago, now it costs S$2.50. Price rises 50 times!!! o_o

At a recent dinner invitation, I was ecstatic to discover that ice ball is being sold at Singapore Food Trail.   

For a taste of the good old days, visit :

Singapore Food Trail
The charm of Singapore in the 1960s
Located at: Level 1, #01-09/10/11/12Singapore Flyer
Opening hours:
1) Mon – Fri
10.30am – 10.30pm
2) Fri – Sun
10.30am – 11.30pm

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  1. that looks irresistible. it tastes great especially on a hot, humid day. The last time I had these balls was almost 3 decades ago. Half the ball was soaked in rose syrup and another half would be in sarsi syrup.

  2. I want one of those. The last one with all that yummy fruit. Wow, that's awesome.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  3. well, our snow cones are rather different, no filling.
    but i would love to try one!

  4. How funny that the syrup on your uniform gave you away! That looks so good!

  5. OH WOW! Halo-halo / snowball :) very interesting! I miss eating that esp now it's summer here in Chicago.

    visiting from WW

  6. Glad you have a chance to relive the memories of eating ice-ball. :)

  7. Wow this brings back real old memory! Ice balls and ice-cream sandwich... But it only seems like yesterday!!

  8. Wow! Sure tough sucking all those ice. Hahah! Must wear raincoat when having the iceball.

  9. Yes yes yes oh those were the good old days. 5sen in Malaysia as well. Those days only the red syrup & red beans without the attap chi. So for 50 times increase of price they add in one miserable attap chi hahaha. Look at the inflation rate phew! Its hard to find those manual ice shaving machine sort of 'extinct' already.

  10. We call it ice gola here. :) It has no stuffing though and is molded over a stick.

  11. Wow so interesting and cool (pun intended!) hahaha... :D

  12. So ur pocket money last time 10 cents? LOL @ sad cause spent half on the ice ball ha ha so cute!

  13. I showed my B this picture cause I know for sure he would want to try this! SUck out the syrup first yeah? Ok ok must try next time we go to Sg! :)

  14. Wow, as a kid, you could have had 2 ice balls for 10 cents. Did your mom check your tongue? I have never seen it served on plastic paper and just held in the hand. It seems it would melt faster. Your last photo looks like something we call "shaved ice" here. Love it beans, pearls, and fruits. I want one now!

  15. Boy, I could sure use an ice ball right now! Chicago is hot -hot -hot! I won't care if it dribbles on my shirt either!

    Have a great day!

  16. Holy moly! Today is sooo hot, I could use one of those!

    Happy belated WW!!!


  17. I love ice balls too -- but the ones I've had usually don't have anything inside of them besides ice! :O