Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Singapore Changi Airport, World's Best Airport 2010 - RT

Koi Pond

Singapore Changi Airport is named World's Best Airport in 2010 World Airport Awards. It also took the titles for Best Airport Leisure Amenities and Best Airport Asia. A 5-star airport, it has won more than 350 awards since it first opened in 1981.

Departure Hall, Terminal 3 , Singapore Changi Airport

Like most Singaporeans who pass through our Singapore Changi Airport in a hurry on our travels abroad, I was not aware that it houses a diverse range of facilities and services in its 3 terminals to cater to the sophisticated needs of its guests. Shame on me!

On a recent overseas trip,I finally get to enjoy the “Changi Experience”.

24-hour Movie Theatre

In the Departure/ Transit Mall of Terminals 2 and 3, travellers can catch the latest blockbusters on large projection screens for free, 24 hours daily at the Movie Theatres. Die-hard movie fans like me can enjoy movies of different genres at Terminal 3, Level 3 or the latest movie screenings on Star Movies at Terminal 2, Level 3.

 Terminal 3's Powder Room

I was pleasantly surprised to find the world's first Powder Room in an airport when I walked into Terminal 3's ladies' toilet. Ladies who just got off a plane could spruce up here before an important meeting.....  or try on the cosmetics she has just bought from the duty-free counters.

Cosy corner in the Powder Room

Diaper-changing corner

Not forgetting mothers with young children, there is a diaper changing corner and wash area for little kids. 

cutesy wash area for young kids

To meet the connectivity needs of travellers, Changi Airport offers seamless Internet access for those carrying laptops and iPads via free Ethernet LAN points. For those without laptops or iPads, they can enjoy free surfing at more than 500 Internet terminals located throughout the airport’s terminals.

Leg Massager

Tired from all the walking in the humongous airport? There are standalone foot massage machines at different spots in the terminals for travellers to soothe their tired feet for free.

Ultimate Spa

Whether you are waiting for your flight in transit or to board your flight, you can visit, ‘The Ultimate Spa’ (Terminal 2) to get pampered with a soothing massage. I felt the aches and pain, cares and stresses of city life being kneaded away, as a trained practitioner pampered me with an oil massage. What a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of a busy airport in this tucked away relaxation corner located at Terminal 2.

...... to be continued

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  1. never been to Singapore, but the pictures look so inviting!will probably consider it my next destination one of these days.

  2. No doubt about it. It looks way better than our KLIA. :D

  3. The whole airport looks amazing - you get the feel that you could probably spend an entire day strolling about there. I must confess though I especially like the fish pond - how soothing this looks and how fresh with all the greenery surrounding it all.

    I hope that all is well with you. :)

  4. Really amazing! I wouldn't mind a long stopover there :)

  5. wow, that is such a gorgeous airport! How I would love to arrive there...

  6. Wow! this looks and feels like a resort. You could probably fly there and just stay at the airport for your vacation :) very cool.

  7. Shame on me as well for I was also not aware that our Changi Airport houses a diverse range of facilities and services.

  8. geeten,
    Pay us a visit, you will find lots of amazing sights, interesting and fun activities, and friendly locals on this little island. :)

  9. Tekkaus,
    Singapore Changi Airport is the World's Best Airport..... plus Best Airport in Asia.

  10. Kloggers/Polly,
    I could live in this airport!

    It has everything and the airport management thinks of everything that a traveller would need. I'm truly amazed and awed by what I saw.

    There are lots of greenery and several gardens in this airport, and I will blog about them in my later post.

  11. jellybelly,
    There is so much to blog about in this airport that I have to split them into a few posts.

    Transit passengers will have a fun-filled time exploring Singapore Changi Airport and enjoying what it has to offer.

  12. Carolyn Ford,
    Many passengers who passed through Singapore Changi Airport fall in love with it.

    It's spacious, clean, efficient and there are lots of things one can do here.

    Would love to see you visit Singapore.

  13. I only managed to visit the T3 during it's open house years ago....

  14. Poetic Shutterbug,

    I would love to do the Tom Hanks movie, The Terminal where I'm stranded in Singapore Changi Airport, and must take up temporary residence here. It will be a hoot!

  15. Wow this are beautiful shots of that airport. Wish i was there hehehhe...

  16. stanley,
    Check them out the next time you travel abroad. :)

  17. Jama,
    I didn't go to its Open House then, now I kick myself for missing it. I kick myself harder for not exploring our award winning 5-star airport when I have so many chances to use it.

  18. But for those wishing to enjoy the facilities, beware!

    Me and my family almost missed a connecting flight because we let my son have too much time playing at the airports' indoor playground. The run we had to make to the boarding gate, alongside JAL ground staff was unforgettable!

  19. I like the free screening of blockbusters!!! But usually will not have the chance to enjoy it as time spend in Changi Airport quite limited... considering the fact that I usually got to run for my flight :)

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  20. the entire airport looks fantabulous. with such great facilities, amenities and lush greenery to enjoy, i don't mind having a long stopover there.

  21. Changi airport is really world class. It doesn't feel like an airport to me , but a roofed little city. Most of the time I would choose to fly SIA as the transit is always a pleasure.

  22. ECL, it always make me proud to visit Singapore Airport since young as it had become one of our national icon and won so many awards till now. Every time I am in there, I wanted to take photos and write something about it but have been sway by the other attractions in there and forget about it. May be the next time I will take more photos in the terminals.

  23. Lina,
    Singapore Changi Airport is humoumgous. My feet get tired just shopping around Terminal 3.

    Now with the discovery of such fun and interesting things to do in this 5-star airport, it is going to pose more problems, missing a flight is one of them. haha.....

    Glad your family had an unforgettable experience in Singapore Changi Airport. ;P

  24. Andrew,
    I tried to catch whatever part of the movie it was screening at that moment. I can't check in earlier than 2 hours. I like to watch movies and this is one way of catching up on what I missed. The seats in the theatre are comfortable and the air-con is cold. Just don't fall asleep and miss your flight. haha....

  25. Life Ramblings,
    Even with a long stopover, it is time no enough. A mini vacation would be better. haha.....

  26. Doreen,
    Thank you for your compliments!! We are glad to see happy and satisfied passengers like you.

    Changi’s success would not be possible without the affirmation, encouragement and feedback that it has received from the millions of passengers and visitors it serves every year. This has motivated them to continue to improve and innovate.

    To the management and staff of Changi Airport, well done!!

  27. Michael,
    I am also very proud of Singapore Changi Airport.

    Many of my foreign friends never fail to praise it for its speedy and hassle-free immigration clearance and baggage retrieval; great shopping; clean toilets;, wide choice of food; fun activities for the young and old....etc.

    Please enjoy the facilities and services available and then blog about them for the whole world to see why it deserves to be the World's Best Airport.

  28. This looks like an airport i might love to visit!
    Very incredible!

  29. I might just visit and spend the entire time in that marvelous hotel!! Wow, so modern and so many things to see and do!!

    Have a great day ECL and big hugs!

  30. Hello ecl,

    I totally agree with the award cos to hubby and me, Changi is the best airport we've ever been. I so love the...transit train (if that's what it's called, can't ask my slumbering hubby now) from terminal to terminal. And I do appreciate how clean it is everywhere. I'm glad Changi Airport gained this accolage.

  31. This looks like such a wonderful airport and so much more!

  32. After seeing this, I'll definitely make sure that's where we will land once we fly to SG!

    I so so love the pond!

  33. It is also a family friendly place too. Even if we are not traveling,we can enjoy dining and shopping experience there. The shopping outlets there are waiving GST now.

    I have been to the airport twice last week and am heading there again shortly...hehe:)

  34. I've only been there once - and this was years ago - but I must say even then I was totally impressed!

  35. I am glad Changi won because hubby and I thinks it's the best too from the airports we've been to.

    Btw, how are you doing ECL? SOrry I have been away for so long. I am now 37 weeks, waiting for my baby boy to pop out :)!