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S$10,000 for a Place in a Popular Primary School In Eastern Singapore - PH

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Poorly-written essay by a 12-year-old China boy

Singapore aims to be the global educational hub in Asia. We have a strong education system and good schools with facilities that are amongst the best in the world. It's no wonder many foreigners from around the region want to study here.

Last July, the parents of a 12-year-old China boy were told to pay S$10,000 for a place in a popular primary school in the east of Singapore. The boy couldn't write a proper essay ... he was not able to do a Grammar paper too, yet he was offered a place in primary 4.

Although this popular school has a long waiting list of Singaporean students, but as late as in September 2009, it was still admitting foreign students. Final year exams is usually conducted in October. With such poor command of the English language, how did the foreign students pass their exams?

Education has become big business in Singapore..... where does that leave the ordinary citizens?

the sale of limited publicly funded places
in Singapore government schools!

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  1. Thanks for highlighting and uncover this little fact that some schools are admitting students based on "sponsors" and relations. Although the practice, I believe, is not widespread, it is still undesirable. It taken away the precious chance of other more eligible legitimate students.

  2. The rich gets richer...the poor...becomes bankrupt. LOL :D We need Robin Hood to save them. Steal their expensive books and give it to the poor. Kidnap the good teachers and ask them to teach the poor. :p

  3. Interesting post on a topic that I can see making many people emotional about. A question for you eastcoastlife: why the choice of "China" as opposed to "Chinese" to describe the boy?

  4. May I know the name of that school? I will boycott that school :(

  5. Where does the money go to. Does it go into improving the facilities of the school?

  6. Hope ur weekend is going great, I see Phoebe on ur EC today, meow! :D

  7. I don't even want to think about education and how poor how system is over here.

    We use to be at the top of the list and now we are at the bottom. Yes, our University systems are great.

    However, we too have a problem with exchange students competing with American citizens to get in the top schools.

    It doesn't seem to matter if the students are equal in every measure either. The foreign student is more likely to get in.

    Our public school system, K-through 12 is a disaster. If we don't do something here we are soon going to be a third world country, due to our own stupidity and inability to make education the top priority!!

    That's my rant for today!
    Happy weekend ECL,

  8. Are they free school there? We have tax payer base public school from k though grade 12. Our boys are in college and their still in community college which is cheaper. Then a 4 year college or a university.
    I could go on and on about this.

    Best to you and the coffee is on.

  9. I found this post very interesting and the little essay charming. I always admire anyone who tries to conquer a second language. I know that your post isn't about that but really about these dreadful times when money isn't stretching not nearly as far enough as it should. We all have people from the far flung corners of the earth in our countries which in education alone is heaving at the seams and I always think it is right to encourage this.

    It is a sad argument but it is important for every country in the land to be familiar with every other country. Their people, customs, religions, hopes and dreams but for a few ot the reasons. We need to do this to achieve a really peaceful world because above everything else we need to build up tolerance. It is so easy and say no to foreigners having and enjoying our education system, health system and so on and so forth. This is perhaps a luxury thought that none of us can afford to have for we must make our planet peaceful and safe and work in harmony to make every life fulfiled, happy and content. It also helps us to conquer the major problems of the world: disease, poverty and global warming. Only then can our children and our children's children be assured of a good and healthy life.

    I think there should be another way though - perhaps there should be a world fund for education where all countries contribute and funds are made availble to enhance all childrens needs. Countries get together to try and obtain peace perhaps it is now time to add education to peace.

    I hope you have a lovely Sunday ... we have had snow here and have been told the weather is going to remain terribly cold for the next two weeks or more. It seems so dreadfully early for Winter to be here ... it is quite a while until Christmas yet.

  10. Interesting post...I feel sorry for the boy...

  11. That's a scandal ! In public schools everybody is the same but in private schools I tell there is business too ! The more rich the parents are the more intelligent the child becomes !!

  12. Very interesting topic, ECL, it sure istn't right!!

  13. Poor kid :( I agree with the person who said money talks. That is probably the root of the problem.

  14. I add my comment here to show my support to your cause.

  15. sadly, money still talks everywhere not only in the education world.

  16. hi ecl, this has been going on for decades; just that it was never publicly acknowledged. quite a few of my fren's kids got into top schools either by fudging the address or by "donations".

    money talks.

  17. That is not right. Back here money talks too and it's sad that those who doesn't have money are not given the opportunity to study in a good school even if they are qualified. :(