Monday, November 29, 2010

Sentosa Buskers Festival 2010 - RT/WW

Interviewing Kate Moir and Glenn Singer

What an exciting and interesting weekend! I was invited to the inaugural Sentosa Buskers Festival on 27th November. Together with reporters from The New Paper, we interviewed several performers and were given a tour of their dressing room before the first performance kicks off.

Set amidst Sentosa's charming outdoor setting, a professional cast of 10 international buskers are performing in the evenings between 4 pm and 10 pm from 27th November to 5th December 2010.

Victor Rubilar - The Football Juggler

Victor Rubilar  (Argentina) is a 4 times Guinness World Record holder. He not only juggles footballs, but spins them on his finger and tosses them from one side of his face to the other! Watching his masterful manipulation of the footballs makes my jaws drop! A pity I miss his bikini routine, I heard it is 'a surprising and unexpected act'. hmmm..... I want to go back with my boys to see his amazing performance.

Victor says to tell everyone that 'he's 26, single and very available and would like to meet Singaporean girls for a meaningful relationship.' :D 

 Magic Brian - The Magician

Watching Magic Brian (USA) perform is dangerous. He had me in stitches with his hilarious acts. He is such an energetic guy, flying all over the place, interacting and teasing his audience, putting huge smiles on their faces. 

His comedy straitjacket escape show is a such a hit with the audience. Watch how he attempts to free himself within 140 seconds. 

 Glenn Singer - The Horse Guy

Glenn Singer (USA) has performed in almost every continent except Antarctica and China. He delights the audience with his 'zebra acts'. He is a humorous guy on and off the stage. He connects well with the audience and his act appeals to all ages.

His precious zebra companion always travels by his side on all his flights, not as check-in luggage. Warning : Do not touch his companion. :P

 Rani Huszar - The Comical Absurdist

Rani Huszar (Australia) is gorgeous. To see such a ravishing beauty folds herself and fits into the tiny transparent box, my heart (and probably those of the guys) aches. She is a wonder to watch. Be mesmerized and also tickled by her performance.

Jeff Bradley - The Variety Comedian

Jeff (Canada) is such a hilarious and fun guy. Be intrigued and shocked by his quirky stunts. The ladies seated on the right and left of me couldn't stop laughing. Don't sit too close to the stage, watch out for the flying knife and hatchet. :P

Duke Dreamer - The Dare-Devil Extraordinaire

Duke Dreamer (Australia) is a tall guy who re-invents himself as Mini-Me on a Cloud. Engaging the audience in his acts, he intrigues and captivates them, drawing lots of laughter and applause.

 Kate Moir - The Living Statute

Kate Moir (Canada) is a young, pretty lady with many talents. She sews all her elaborate costumes herself. Besides statuing all over the world, she owns a small business back home. It's not her first trip to sunny Singapore, she was here for the Singapore Kite Festival in September. 

The buskers mesmerized and enraptured the audience with their performance. 

The oppressive heat did not deter the audience from enjoying this Buskerfest. The performers were entertaining, professional and interacted well with the audience.

The reporters, two TV crew and I ran back and forth among the 4 venues to watch the entertaining performances. It was fun and I thoroughly enjoyed myself, laughing hard at the antics of the performers and casting all my worries to the wind. I have not had such great fun for some time and this fascinating festival is free for all.   

Catch these world class performances at the Merlion Plaza, Imbiah Garden, and the areas outside Images of Singapore and Songs of the Sea on Sentosa island.

In addition to volunteering to perform with the buskers, visitors can also participate in the festival and win attractive prizes.

Spin and Win - Collect 5 or more stamps on the Sentosa Buskers Festival brochure to redeem prizes.

Me & My Favourite Busker - Take a picture with your favourite busker and submit the entry online at Stand to win a cash prize of S$1000!

Sentosa Buskers Festival 2010
27 Nov - 5 Dec, 4pm to 10 pm
Free Event


  1. Glad that you had such an exciting weekend and even get invited for the Buskers festival!

  2. sounds fun and exciting. it's such a delight to watch street performances. some of them can be very talented and interesting.

  3. Another wonderful and exciting adventure ECL...did you try any magic tricks?
    Have a great day!

  4. Can't wait to go to Sentosa Buskers festival and feast my eyes on the performers and be enraptured by them.

  5. good to have the buskers' festival in Singapore. Usually buskers are treated like talents in european countries but in Sg, they're "beggars"

    About time we gave them their due.

  6. Looks like you had a "Blast" with all these performers!

  7. What a fun weekend indeed. I would have loved being invited to this.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  8. Looks like a fun event. Did you volunteer to try any of the tricks? Like the straitjacket or the knife act? :D

  9. Michael,
    I dropped by a Thai Minister's cooking demo before rushing down to Sentosa at 2.45 pm.

    I was in Sentosa until 8pm. The performers' antics made me laughed so much. Bring your kids for a fun outing and healthy entertainment.

  10. Life ramblings,
    These entertainers are world class and they are very talented. A great opportunity for our local buskers to learn from them and improve on their acts.

  11. Jackie,
    No, I was running from venue to venue to watch different performer. I didn't have a chance, maybe next time.

  12. stanley,
    Only a few days left to catch these performances. Go watch them, quick. :)

  13. boh tak chek,
    I have yet to meet a truly entertaining local busker. I guess they have little or no support/assistance from our government, so they do it on a part-time basis.

    Hope the presence of international performers will encourage our local buskers to up their standard of performance.

  14. Gattina,
    The performers are witty and injected lots of humour and fun in their acts.

  15. EG Wow,
    I jumped at the opportunity! It was a rare chance to interview a international cast. :)

  16. Sandee,
    I am sure you will have the opportunity to be invited to a Buskers Festival. There are lots buskers events in your country.

  17. chubskulit,
    I had so much fun.... will be going back with my family. :)

  18. AVCr8teur,
    I would try volunteering when I go back with my family. :P

    It probably will take me 14 hours and still not be able to free myself from the straitjacket. haha....

    er... as for the knife act... no thanks. *hides behind audience*

  19. Jama,
    Bring your kids to watch lah! Lots of photo opportunities too.

  20. Looks fun! I would love to be entertained by these buskers!

  21. Fun and full packed event, I want to see that too.