Friday, November 19, 2010

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When in Bali, I enjoy drinking freshly squeezed fruit juices served in most Indonesia restaurants. I don't know what the first fruit in the above picture is, but it is very appetizing as a chilled juicy drink.    

Avocados might not be juicy but blended with milk and adding some sweet palm sugar (gula melaka), it is my favourite Indonesian juice.

My last day in Bali, Win brought us to an inconspicuous factory that sells ......

yummy ham, sausages, meat floss and BBQ meats. The factory was established in 1950 and many tourists come by the busloads to buy its famous products.

We get to taste all its products before purchasing. I bought a dozen packets of their yummy pork and chicken floss. Meat floss is popular with young kids and the elderly. Porridge or rice tastes better when a handful is sprinkled over it. The factory produces beef, fish and prawn floss too.

My jaws dropped when I see several tourists buying cartons of the products. The factory will packed huge purchases into cartons for free.   

The owner of the factory reared some wild animals in its premises. Besides bats, monkeys, snakes.... etc, I was surprised to see several lions. I bet they find me juicy. hahaha.....

Toko Walet Mas Jaya
Jl Raya Kuta No.307 AA
Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia

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  1. Last day in Bali and yet so eventful :) You must be surprised to see lion at the backyard!

  2. That drink looks delicious! I would love to visit Bali one day :)

  3. First fruit called "tomat belanda" at my hometown.Normally it is good for anemia people. If add to the passion fruit juice(markisa), it will add fragrance and the color :)

  4. Is that a plum in the first picture? The juices look delicious!

  5. Those juices look very appetizing. I have tried to make a smoothie with avocado but I didn't put any sugar and it was quite bland. Next time, I'll add some sugar

  6. love those thirst-quenching drinks.

    happy weekend.


  7. Michael,
    I was surprised to see all those wild animals. According to the locals, it cost a lot to be able to rear them.

    Last day in Bali and we were also harassed by the police. $$$$

  8. Sue,
    Try to go to Bali once in your life time. It's a beautiful place.

    You can pop over to Singapore to visit me too. :)

  9. Thanks Umi!
    Tomat Belanda means Holland tomato?

    I didn't know its properties I'll buy the fruit back the next time I go to Indonesia. Markisa is another yummy juice!

  10. Gran,
    The fruit looks like a plum, it is a Indonesian fruit. Suppose to be a tomato. :P

  11. UAN,
    The fruit juices are good, especially the avocado juice!

    You should add some sugar to the smoothie.

  12. stanley,
    awww.... there is a juice stall selling a great avocado drink at Beach Road hawker centre.

  13. Fine juices, ECL!! perfect for the theme :)

  14. Oh! I am surprised to know that they allow rearing of lions as pets. It must be a costly pet to keep (besides being dangerous) imagining the amount of meat that goes into feeding them...

  15. The avocado drink looks really delicious...have to try that! I hope I can find the palm sugar.
    Happy weekend!

  16. I like pork floss sandwiches. Wonder how they'd go with that avocado juice you described in your post... ;b

  17. Denesa,
    I was equally surprised to see the wild animals in the factory's premises. It is indeed costly to maintain and feed them. I'm also concern about the safety.

  18. Randi,
    The avocado drink is truly delicious.
    It is loaded with calories too. :P

  19. YTSL,
    I love pork floss sandwich too!
    I haven't tried eating pork floss sandwich with the avocado drink but I'm pretty sure they would be go well with each other. :)

  20. Sorry ECL,wrong info. that fruit call "terong belanda" not tomat belanda :p, family of Solanaceae.
    further info can get from
    No need to fly to Bali to get it, North Sumatra will be closer ;)

  21. ok, thanks UMI.
    terong is brinjal?
    haha... I think I can get it from Bandung.

  22. Great collection of juicy photos. I love avocado smoothie!

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    Liz @ MLC

  23. You've done it again ECL. You've taken me along for a ride to an exotic location.

    The drinks look very very yummy. You always take such good pictures.

    I don't know if I could drink the Avocado one or not though.

    Here we take avocados, smash them up, add a little lime, salsa and mayonnaise and make into guacamole, a dip eaten with tortilla chips!!

    Happy day and hugs,

  24. hahaha! i love your last sentence! these lions are probably getting fat from eating the unsold BBQ meat.:p

  25. Hummm...avocado shake sounds good :)
    Gotta try it sometime as we have plenty avocados all year round here in Algarve.
    Good weekend :)

  26. Great post for the theme. I love fresh squeezed juice.

  27. i love avocado shakes.. shooting and yummy.. with some bitter taste.. i just love em.. did you enjoy the trip?

  28. The drinks look marvellous, so cool and delicious not to mention refreshing!!!! How interesting to find a place where they sell so many interesting things.

    I'm not sure - well I am sure - I don't really approve of anyone keeping wild animals ... it's not a good life. As you say though you must have looked a tasty meal for the lions .... have you ever read the poem - if not here is a link to it - they once used to play a recorded version on English radio:

    Just in case you want to listen to the original record here it is:

    Thankfully, you didn't meet Wallace!!!!

    Have a lovely weekend. :)

  29. The drinks do look intereting. I love avocado, but I'm not sure I'd like it as a drink. However, I would try it. It's always neat to read about other countries.

  30. Hi Liz,
    Good to see you again! So they serve avocado smoothie in the Philippines too. :)

  31. Jackie,
    I hope you could come visit us in South East Asa one day. Lots of experiences and stories to tell when you go back. :)

    I have not tried making my own guacamole, maybe I should try it. I love my tortilla chips with cheese, haha...

    Hugs to you too!

  32. Luna Miranda,
    As the factory has to process the meats into floss and BBQ meat each day, the owner probably gets his meat cheap in large quantities, so he is able to feed his wild animals.

    I'm a piece of meat to the lions. :P

  33. Gattina,
    Congratulations on being a Grandma!!
    You need to take a seat and drink lots of champagne! :D

  34. Mize,
    Lucky you!
    Our avocados are imported and are costly. It is expensive to make a glass of avocado smoothie. So whenever I'm in Indonesia, I have avocado smoothie everyday!

  35. i like fresh squeezed juices to quench my thirst.

  36. Felipe Juan,
    Beautiful scenery, great food and drinks and the locals warmly welcome us in Bali.
    I enjoyed myself on the trip.

  37. Kloggers/Polly,
    There is so much of the world waiting to be explored outside our own cities and towns. It's pretty interesting to see how others live in their part of the world.

    I was shocked to see the wild animals in captivity. In our human world of capitalism, the wealthy and powerful are able to do whatever they like by paying money.

    Thanks so much for the links. You are always so helpful.

  38. ourhomeschool,
    The avocado smoothie is refreshing albeit a little fattening. :)

  39. Hi ECL, I love freshly-squeezed fruit juice too! That yellow drink sure looks interesting...

  40. Wow bela lions? Gimme a cat any day lol! :)

  41. haha! you are funny. i do hope they don't find us juicy! i enjoy having fruit juice as well, genuine ones have such a refreshing feeling to it.

  42. i don't know that fruit too but I can definitely agree with you with avocado, that's so good!

    happy thanksgiving ECL!