Tuesday, November 02, 2010

MediaCorp Subaru Impreza Challenge 2010 - RT/WW

The MediaCorp Subaru Impreza Challenge is back! One winner will emerge from the 400 contestants to take home the grand prize of a brand new Subaru Impreza 2.5L MT Sedan worth S$98,800.

The contestants include hopeful contenders from Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, China, Indonesia, Vietnam and Taiwan.

66-year old Mrs Vivian Tan is the oldest contestant in this endurance challenge. It's her 3rd attempt. She was alert and chatty when I met her at 1.50 pm on 31st October. She was attempting to last at least 30 hours.

She attracted lots of attention...., at the same time she gained support and encouragement from her fellow contestants and the public. I have only respect and admiration for her, if only I have her courage....... 

 a quick drink and meal....

a quick massage of the tired body ..... 

It is not for the faint-hearted. Contestants have to endure days of no sleep, food, water or shelter. They are only allowed a 5-minute break after every 6 hours. They have to endure fatigue and the unpredictable weather too.

Contestants exercising their limbs during their 5-minute break.

Friends, relatives of the contestants and the public giving their support to the contestants.

Singaporean George Lee set the record of 81 hours 32 minutes for the MediaCorp Subaru Impreza Challenge in 2008.
Hubby taking part in the mini challenge....

How long will this year's winner last??

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  1. Many Thanks for your EC drops for the month of October. You made it on the top ten!

    All Things Juliet
    My Weekend Journal

  2. Wah! The Subaru Challenge is back again. I am sure many of your blog visitors, including myself, would love to see you taking up the challenge as you have indomitable spirit in whatever you do. Haha...

  3. wow the MediaCorp Subaru Impreza Challenge is back!? cool! go Mrs Vivian Tan go! :D

  4. Good luck to everyone, especially Vivian Tan.

  5. wow...such an interesting competition. did you join? haha..

  6. stanley,
    You want to see me at my worst physical state, right? hahaha.....

    I probably would be a record for being the fastest drop-out in the history of the Subaru challenges. hahaha.....

    Let me consider ......

  7. Lina,
    Looks like the winner will be emerging any time soon. :)

  8. Monica,
    Mrs Vivian Tan has dropped out of the challenge but her determination and resilience has impressed many people, including yours truly.

  9. Gran,
    Vivian Tan has proven that the elderly can have fun and be active in their golden years.

  10. I don't think I have the endurance to take part in this challenge! good luck to the participants.

  11. Tempting huh? But I don't have the endurance. For 5 minutes' break, what will you go for? Food, toilet or resting? A hard choice to make.