Friday, October 29, 2010

Dinner in the Dark at Jimbaran Bay - PH

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Win's Balinese friends brought us to Jimbaran Bay which is famous for its seafood restaurants by the beach.

It was late when we arrived at the restaurant. Most of the seafood was sold out.

After selecting our seafood, we handed them over to the cooks. The BBQ room was smoking hot. :P.

We were led to a table on the sandy beach. It was pitch black except for the flickering candles on the tables. It was a lovely, breezy night. Despite the noisy diners, we could hear the waves in the distant darkness. I didn't dare to explore further in case I fall into the sea. :P

Our food arrived and it was so-so. The price was exorbitant due to its popularity with tourists.

It was only after dinner that Win told me this is the exact spot where two bombs exploded among diners at about 8:00pm on 2nd October 2005, killing several diners.


Diners eating in the dark.

I may be bold and adventurous, but I am not thrilled to live so dangerously!! Jeezs.... I hate the 'B' word! 

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  1. OMG!

    Sounds like a tourist luau here :)

    Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral


  2. I have been to this kind of restaurant along the beach and I am not sure if it is the similar one. The price is definitely not cheap and not value for money. The whole place is dim and sandy and the food is not delicious. I think the surrounding is too dark for my liking.

    However, your photos do look good and delicious ;)

  3. Why is it people always get overcharged when a place is popular with tourists? Are they not profiting enough?

    The site was the bomb site? eeeek! o.O

  4. It's a touristy area and the price is exorbitant! Yes, traveling in Bali is not exactly cheap nowadays!

  5. Clodia,
    The popular places in Bali are all full of tourists.

  6. Michael,
    Very likely you went to the same place for the seafood.

    The place is really dark and crowded.

    I prefer BBQ seafood served in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

  7. Lina,
    It's because tourists are on a holiday and don't mind paying since they have travelled a long way to get there. Also, since they are on a holiday, they want as much as possible to have happy moments not get into a fight with vendors.

    Money is always not enough, the more the merrier.

  8. foongpc,
    Yes, it is not cheap to holiday in Bali. Everything costs money.

  9. What a great place and fun dinner, and it was dark!
    Happy weekend, ECL.

  10. What a wonderful experience for you. The whole experience looks absolutely amazing. I have never heard of this type of place before. I should imagine the fish was out of this world being so fresh.
    What a shame they chose to spoil it by informing you about the bombing. Perhaps they should have kept this information to themselves out of respect for those that were taken.

  11. Food, food and more glorious food!

  12. great take on the theme. happy hunting and happy weekend.

  13. Now the atmosphere must be great Eastcoastlife. Shame the food was not quite as good. Still it does look like a cool place. Happy weekend

  14. Yikes... have to be honest and admit that you've put me off visiting that place! Not only because of the terrorist attack but, also, because, to be honest, it seems like an idyllic spot's been spoiled by being too crowded with tourists... :S

  15. it really feels that nowhere is safe anymore. for all i know a bomb might just explode in the middle of nowhere, not just in Bali. :(

  16. Thank you for this series of posts. I may not visit those places if I were on my own.

    May there be peace on earth. Natural disasters are already destructive enough, we can do less with bombing and all other manmade disasters.

  17. Wow! the photos of food are making me hungry at 1am!

    I bet knowing the history of that place has made the meal even more memorable. :<

  18. That looks like a really fun way to enjoy BBQ seafood! I would love to try that sometime. Looks so delicious!

  19. The food looks yummy ECL but the thought of dining in a bombed area makes me go yowzaaaaa, sure hard to enjoy food then! :D:D

  20. I have to close my eyes when I see this yummy food ! I have to slow down after a fattening holidays in Egypt !