Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Kite-flying Day at Marina Barrage - WW

Last Sunday evening, I brought my foreign guests for a visit to Marina Barrage and we were greeted by a sky dotted with dancing kites of all shapes and colours!

Organized by NTUC Income, this event creates opportunities for everyone to be imaginative and to experience the thrills of kite flying.

The spacious roof top of Marina Barrage was packed with couples, families and friends on a fun weekend outing. Many came with picnic baskets and mats.

The clear blue sky seems to beckon people of all ages who could be seen flying kites of all shapes and sizes. They were thrilled when their kites soar higher than the others. The kids were extremely excited to see their kites finally up in the air.

What simple joy! Kite-flying is almost a vanishing hobby.

Admiring the majestic Marina Bay Sands Hotel as we watched the kite-flying.

The event was an enormous success with some 10,000 people turning up each day!

It's a bird .... it's a plane ..... it's bat man!?

We had a blast at the fountains, behaving like little kids, getting ourselves soaking wet. What a day!

As the setting sun slowly disappeared beyond the horizon, we looked forward to a sumptuous dinner while many people stayed back to enjoy the night breeze and night scene as Marina Bay comes to live when darkness falls.......

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  1. Where's the photo of ECL getting wet at the fountain? I wanna see that! :D

  2. This place,Marina Barrage, is very windy and breezy and just a place for kite flying.
    Looks like your hubby is walking on water just like what Jesus did 2000 years ago.

  3. Wow....what I admire about this post is...the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. :D

  4. the last pic is ur 老公 izzit ?

    Yah, nothing like an good'ol traditional hobby that involves a bit of excercise and exposure to nature.

    Too many kids are engrossed in digital gadgets these days. Not good for their over all well being.

  5. What a pity kite flying is in decvline in Britain.

  6. What a fun outing! Kite flying at Marina Barrage is really nice with good view and good wind!

    Behaving like kids is a very great way to release stress and enjoying immensely the moment. I love the photo of your hubby getting wet :)

  7. I can't help but admire that hotel too!

    A fun and relaxing day out watching kites and maybe flying one too is something we would want to experience with baby.