Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Wedding in Jakarta

Since my last visit to Jakarta in July, I have gotten in touch with many of my Indonesian students. Some of them have married and have children;  many are of marriageable age and are planning to tie the knot. How time flies!

The wedding of Anton was at Hotel Mulia, one of the luxury hotels renowned for its exquisite furnishings and state-of-the-art amenities. Co-incidentally, the previous 4 Indonesian students who invited me to their wedding had theirs at Hotel Mulia too!

The good-looking newly-weds

It was a buffet style dinner. The ballroom was beautifully decorated. There were lots of food arranged neatly on tables.

I was too busy catching up with my students that I didn't eat much that night. My hubby managed to get me some soup and Peking Duck in crepe rolls.

Anton and his classmates

I like the idea of a buffet style wedding. I have started gathering information to prepare for my son's wedding. I think he will like this. :D

After the wedding that night, another student whisked my husband and I off to Bandung to take a flight. He was treating us on a trip to Bali. Wheee....! 

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  1. Planning for Jaymes wedding already? :D

    The wedding sure look grand.

  2. ECL
    you must have been really kind to your students ^-^

  3. Wow ! what a luxury for a wedding ! I hope it will last so that it was worth the money, you see how romantic I am, lol !
    I would prefer a trip around the world with my new husband, instead of feeding all these people !

  4. It must be a "fulfilling" feeling to see your student grow up and still remember you and get married!

    I hope I have such students..... you must be very nice ;)

  5. It's good news that you are planning for your son's wedding. You'll be a grandma soon.

  6. what a lavish wedding. the furnishings are truly exquisite.

  7. Looks like a fancy lovey wedding, congrats to the bride and groom! :D

  8. What a beautiful celebration of love. The flowers, the colors, the setting, all just gorgeous.

  9. Lina,
    Jaymes wedding should be happening in 5 years' time. haha....

    So have to get started now.

  10. yenjai,
    I was very strict with them. I'm not popular with my students.

    But these students have understanding and awesome parents who teach them good values. The parents respect me and are grateful to me for taking care of their children when they were studying in Singapore.

  11. Gattina,
    You're very romantic indeed! lol

    For the Chinese family who are in business, they usually will have elaborate weddings to celebrate such joyous occasions.

    The parents of this student hired 9 buses (40 seaters) to ferry the residents of their town to the capital city for their son's wedding.

    We like to share our joy.

  12. Michael,
    It is gratifying to see my students all grown up and doing well in their professions and businesses.

    The students called me 'Aunt' and treat me like a member of their family. I'm now a grandaunt to their kids. Wow.

  13. sympol,
    The thought of being a grandma excites me. Can't wait for my son to get married. :)

  14. life ramblings,
    Yes, a lavish wedding where no expenses is spared. :)

  15. Mariuca!
    You are back from your holiday!
    Thanks for your well wishes.

  16. Poetic shutterbug,
    I'm impressed with the organization and decor of this wedding too. The couple and their parents were looking radiant and of course very happy.

  17. MommaLira,
    Yes, a grand and beautiful wedding which is the talk of town. :)

  18. Looks like fun. ECL, you will be a super grandma, and I know grandma's :)

  19. You are in such high demand! :) Such a big wedding party and impressive food display!

  20. Gran,
    I believe I'm going to be a super Grandma too. :D

  21. AVCr8teur,
    I'm trying to cope. I'm busy lately and without a helper, I'm really stretching myself very much.

    Apologies to those whom I have to turn down your invites.

  22. wow the wedding looks so grand! hmm i've never been to a buffet style wedding :D

  23. Monica,
    My son is probably not getting married within the next 3 years.... God knows. :D

    But I will invite you to my son's buffet-style wedding when he marries. :)

  24. Wow! What a beautiful and lavish wedding! A free trip to Bandung and Bali?? You must have been an exceptional teacher! :)

  25. Hi I know this is random..but I wondering where you had the pig brain soup back in jan...

  26. Cashmere,
    I guess I have my good qualities. :D

    I have been given free trips to South Korea, China and Taiwan by my students' parents. They are just showing their appreciation.

  27. wow... it's a very beautiful decoration... :)

  28. It's one of the most prestigious wedding places in Jakarta ;) Buffet wedding has become preferred choice here, sometimes combined with ala carte just for family and special guests.

    Yes I think your son will like the buffet style wedding, good luck with your preparation :)

  29. Evan's Mom,
    Several Indonesian friends when told I attended a wedding held at Hotel Mulia, they would remark that is the venue for the wealthy and powerful. I checked the prices, my jaws dropped.

    My son is a simpleton, he wants no cumbersome wedding dinner... he prefers to elope with his wife if I want a wedding dinner. :(