Sunday, September 05, 2010

Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2010

I was reluctant to wake up at 5.30 this morning when my alarm clock went off as it was raining outside. I just wanted to continue sleeping in my warm bed. I expected most of the participants of Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2010 to stay home on this cold and wet morning.

participants waiting at the Starting Line in their ponchos

I was proven wrong. Despite the rain, many participants turned up to sweat it out for a good cause. The rain couldn't stop them, they either brought their own umbrellas or put on ponchos provided by the organizers. 

Many showed their support for ex-offenders who sincerely want to change by purchasing Yellow Ribbon Shoelaces (S$2.00), setting a record for the “Largest number of runners wearing yellow shoelaces!”. All proceeds will be donated to the Yellow Ribbon Fund.

A cheerful Mr C Kunalan bringing sunshine to the event  

I was so happy to see Singapore's greatest sprinter, Mr C Kunalan coming to support the event.With a total of 15 SEA Games and 5 Asian Games medals under his belt and a host of National Records to his name, he is an inspiration to everyone.

Mr K Shanmugam, Minister for Law and Second Minister for Home Affairs, flagged off the race at 8am. Later, I missed out on his speech at the Changi Prison Complex as I was stuck in the traffic jam due to the road closures. :(

thousands of participants braved the rain at Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2010 

The Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2010 features a unique run route unlike any other run in Singapore. It takes runners past several historical sites in the Changi area including Johore Battery, Changi Chapel Museum and Old Changi Prison Wall. As runners approached the finish line, they entered the conserved old Changi Prison Gatehouse which brings them inside the new Changi Prison Complex.

long queues for the shuttle buses to Singapore Expo

Themed “Beyond The Run”, the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run is all about giving ex-offenders a second chance to start afresh. By participating, runners are lending their voices collectively to a message of hope for all ex-offenders “to pick themselves up and to get back on track”.

See you next year!!


  1. I am so happy to see multitude of participants showing up despite of heavy downpour to support the ex-offenders.

  2. Thank you for featuring this run. It reminds me of good memories I have of the Johore Battery and Changi Chapel Museum. More importantly, by posting this article, you are reminding readers to give ex-offenders a second chance to start afresh.

  3. Brave souls! 5:30 a.m,. is very early, ECL!

  4. yeah it's important that everybody is given a second chance.. thumbs up to all! :)

  5. it is so cool when people get together for a meaningful purpose. like you, i bet they did not want to miss it! :)

  6. Now that's an event to get up for. thanks for the coverage. I'm sure you enjoyed it.

  7. This is a lovely idea ... and well done you for your very early start. :) I sometimes wonder if there couldn't be another way for at least some of the many inmates of prisons. It seems a pity that century after century come and go and still we cannot think of anything better than locking people up when they do something wrong. It is difficult in circumstances where they have seriously hurt someone but in cases where they haven't it seems such a waste for someone to spend days, months, years behind bars. I wonder if things will ever change? Perhaps some time in the future there could be community service penalties whereby would-be prisoners could opt to spend time helping others for four or five years. I suppose time will tell.

    I admire the enterprise though as I don't believe that we have anything like this over here.

  8. Wah! A good turnout despite the rain. :)

  9. That's very nice and despite the rain so many participants !!

  10. I am impressed with the participants who came despite the heavy downpour. I am sure their support means a lot to these ex-offenders and to the organizers as well.

    Hope this endeavor could also be done here in the Philippines, would love to run then if ever. haha!

  11. I think it is touching that so many people turned out in spite of the weather. The generousity of people never stops amazing me!

  12. Hello ecl!

    I heard bout this run from a friend of mine and those who finished the run would get a gold key! That's unique.

    I'm currently in Singapore for a short stay and I thought of you! That's why I drop a line here.:)

  13. it's great to see many participated in the event despite the rain