Sunday, April 25, 2010

Unusual Morning Cuppa - FM

Fun Monday Theme :

What do you drink in the morning, coffee, milk, tea, or something else? 
In what do you drink ?A cup or a mug or a bowl ? Please show us a picture !

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My favourite morning cuppa, milk tea with a toasted kaya (coconut jam) bun.

I used to have a cup of milk tea to start the day with ......

Milo Dinosaur!!

Once in a while I would have a mug of hot Milo with two extra scoops of Milo powder on top.
Ahhhhh.... Heaven!

Chinese herbal medicine in convenient packs all the way from China

Now ....... for the past two months, I have to drink a bowl of bitter, disgusting Chinese herbal concoction every morning so as to reduce the swelling and improve blood circulation of my injured ankle. -_-

Not the usual morning cuppa for a lady. :P

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  1. Milo dinasour? Huh? What on earth is this? :D

  2. I couldn't drink bitter herbal concoction at all. Can't even stomach ginseng tea. :D

    My usual morning cuppa would be milo with a spoon of nescafe - neslo. Only on weekends do I indulge with strong coffee.

  3. Ecl-How long more will you have to endure drinking the Chinese herbal concoction before full recovery is made?

  4. I see your determination to get better and heal well. THe herbal concoction isn't the usual thing to drink, yet I suppose it has been doing you good.

    Hey, I recognised that the milk tea is from the YY Kafei Dian along Purvis Street. The buns are nice. ;)

    I drink plain water in the morning. At times, soya bean milk.

  5. I have my morning English tea every day. And another cup in the afternoon.

  6. The first is my cup - o - joe!
    Even the cup is right!

  7. I need a cup of coffee to start my day :-P

  8. I will be posting on this topic too, tomorrow. But also it is one year since Anneliese had her puppies! So I have made a little show. It will all post at midnight East Coast time.

  9. Tekkaus,
    Milo Dinosaur is Milo with extra scoops of the powder piled on it. :)
    I do not stir the Milo powder into the drink but eat it first before drinking the beverage. mmmmm....

  10. Lina,
    I can't stomach the bitter Chinese concoction either but have to pinch my nose and finish it in order to get well faster. :(

    Neslo!? This is new to me. I got to try it. :)

  11. Hi stanley,
    Long time no hear from you.

    I have to drink this nasty concoction for another 4 months - a total of 6 months.

    My recovery from my surgery was quite fast compared to others. I work very hard, obey my surgeon, physiotherapist and Chinese physician in order to get well so I could walk again.

  12. oceanskies,
    I have to work hard to get well because it is not so accessible and convenient to move around Singapore in a wheelchair.

    The herbal concoction is prescribed and packed by a Chinese physician in China. It has done me good.

    Yes, the breakfast set shown is YY's specialty. I like to go there for my tea and kaya toast. :)

    Plain water is best when one wakes up from a night's sleep. Drink it warm, my Chinese physician's advice.

  13. Mei Teng,
    I used to drink English tea in the morning and afternoon too but now have to keep off it due to my medication. :P

  14. Whitemist,
    What's a cup-o-joe? Another name for coffee? :)

  15. Monica,
    ahhh... you are a coffee person too, huh. :)

  16. Maribeth,
    Good, you are participating too! I look forward to your post.

  17. i start my day with a cup of coffee, black! :)

  18. Very interesting post. I think I'll stick to my regular tea!

  19. I forced myself to quit drinking coffee for the baby...I am now drinking milk (ewwww):)

    Hope you are recovering well!

  20. Milo reminds me of my childhood, it tells me you are a kid at heart!!

    My mug

  21. I need a strong black coffee in the morning with sugar ! The afternoons are dedicated to all kind of teas, I have a real collection, lol ! But I don't know what Milo is. Poor you that you have to drink these bitter herbs ! It's quiet a long time that your ankle bothers you !

  22. Informative post. Coconut jam....Sounds yummy :)

  23. As a kid in S'pore I recall the battle btween Milo & Ovaltine.I liked Horlicks.Even in plain powder form.
    And we kids at home were all forced each morning swallow a TABLESPOON of yucky Waterbury's compound(dunno if it still exists).
    Today its a quick Nespresso before I dash out the door.
    Speedy recovery ECL!

  24. Taurus is "Stier" in German, meaning also "bull".
    ::waving hello::

  25. I always drink coffee usually from my mug which says Jo that I have had for decades. Though every once in a while I'll forego my own coffee and head for the nearest 711 right out of a paper cup :)

  26. Love the simplicity of all your coffee mugs. And that kaya bun--oh my! Much better than a bagel I'm sure. I hope your nasty concoction is helping with your aches and pains--too cruel otherwise!

  27. medicines never really tasted good...sigh

    hope you are healing well

  28. i usually have a mug of organic oatmilk to kick start my day.