Monday, May 25, 2009

Mensa Singapore 1st Quarterly Lunch - WS

Lunch with fellow Mensans

Christopher and I got to catch up with fellow Mensans at our 1st Quarterly Mensa Singapore Lunch at NYDC cafe and restaurant, Bugic Junction branch.

At this event, we welcome new members to the society and hope they will mingle with existing members. Members are encouraged to bring their family or friends.

Our two adorable Junior Mensans

The owner of NYDC is a Mensa member, so we got a good deal. :D

Diners can choose from 3 main dishes. One of the main dishes was its Mushroom Madness Pizza. Named “Best Pizza in Singapore” by a local paper, it came with lots of fresh mushrooms, garlic sauce and mozzarella.

famous Ally’s New York Cheesecake

Dessert was another famous item on its menu, Ally's New York Cheesecake. yum yum...

We will be having our Monthly Boardgame Meet next Sunday. :)

Our 20th Anniversary Gala Dinner will be held on 5th June. We hope to raise funds for the meal coupons, transport allowance and school uniform of NorthLight School's needy students.

The students have put up some of their art pieces for sale.

Mensa Singapore conducts the Mensa Singapore Admissions Test for persons aged 14 and above. The MSAT is interesting and challenging as it involves only symbols and pictorial representations, and does not require knowledge of any particular language or mathematics. It costs S$55 per person.

Register for the Mensa Singapore Admissions Test to be held on Saturday, 20 June 2009 at Suntec City NUSS Guild House.

First Commenter - Rachel


  1. That looks like a nice event. Hope you had fun meeting new and old members.

    My WS is not yet up. I'll post mine tom.

    Take care.

  2. ECL
    Wah! The cheese cake makes my stomach rumble.

  3. Rach,
    It was great to meet new members and see my old friends. :)

  4. stanley,
    Supper? Maybe we can meet for supper one day. :)

  5. Captain Picard,
    Yes, everyone was having a great time... good food and great company. :D

  6. Gran,
    I'm glad to see you again. I had a wonderful lunch with my fellow Mensans. :)

  7. i've never met a MENSA member. i'm glad i know one - and only you. (*_*) Congratulations. That cheesecake looks really inviting. my entry is here

  8. Kero,
    haha.... we Mensans are normal humans too.

    I'll treat you to the cheesecake if you come to Singapore. :)

    I'm happy to know you. I enjoy reading your posts on Dubai.

  9. looks like a fun-filled gathering, and i love the cheesecake!!

  10. I was a MENSA member for some years back in the 90s. Still remember being whacked at board games during meetups with kids half my age. :-p

    Glad to see it's still going strong.

    You have some nice blogs going, ECL. I really enjoy browsing through them, be it the brush-ins with the authorities or the sights and sounds around this island we call home.

    I'm gonna try the mushroom pizza next week. :-)

    May the coming better the going.

  11. Mushroom Madness sounds like something I would like, I love mushroom! :)

  12. I wish I had eaten before reading this! Sounds like a great event, and the students' art work is superb, so the gala dinner will be for a good cause.

  13. Hi ECL! oh I love good food and great company ;-)

  14. I thought of joining but I am just a normal being

  15. I look longingly for that cheesecake! ;p

    Yum Yum!

  16. Looks like a fun outing!

    Mmm... yummy cheesecake. Lucky no photo of the pizza, otherwise my tummy will be growling looking at them. :D

  17. Looks like a great time! I think this is as close as I could get to a Mensa meeting. Lol!

  18. What a very interesting activity you are having there...and the arts looks so great...very unique

  19. I love get togethers like this, especially if family members are included. Regarding my trip, I try to post one picture a day. Thanks for your interest.

  20. geez, the cheesecake got me drooling. it looks so delicious. Looks like you've had so much fun with that event:)

  21. yummy cheesecake. it makes my tummy rumbling like crazy now. LOL!

  22. Willa,
    It was nice to see more new members participating in our activities.

    The cheesecake was yummy, my favourite dessert. :)

  23. Hi Paperman,
    In the 90s, there were many active members in Mensa Singapore. My hubby and I attended many Mensa events. I met many Mensans and made many friends.

    Now I wonder where are they. Some have emigrated.

    I hope you would come back to join us in our activities.

    The older Mensans still get whacked by kids half or even one-third our age at the board games! haha....

    We need reinforcements. hahaha....

    Thanks for your kind comments. Hope to meet you at one of our Mensa functions.

  24. Hello Mariuca,
    I love mushrooms too, I eat them almost daily. :)

  25. A.
    Mensa Singapore is working with NorthLight School to raise funds for its needy students. We hope to bring in some money at our gala dinner. The project needs the support of the community.

  26. tigerfish,
    You, normal being? Your IQ is probably higher than me!

    The only way to join Mensa Singapore is to take the Mensa Test. :P

    You can lah!

  27. Lina,
    I think I should put up the Mushroom Pizza. :)

    I was afraid it would slow down the page load.

  28. heidi,
    Oh, come on! I'm sure your IQ would be higher than mine.

    We welcome non-Mensans at our events too. They are guests of our members.

  29. Hi The Explorer,
    Thanks for stopping by.

    The art is by students of NorthLight School. They have talent, don't they?

  30. Ebie,
    Every family gathering is precious to me as the elders are getting on in age.

    Making more friends is a bonus. With my kid all grown up, I need to have more friends to plan for my retirement years. :P

  31. ECL- u r involved with Mensa? impressive..

  32. No pic of the best pizza in Singapore? What boardgame you play?

  33. i always look forward to get together whether it's among friends, family, classmates, etc. looks like you had a great time, your cheese cake looks yummy!

  34. All in all looks like a nice event. I want some of that Cheese cake!!

  35. Alas, I cannot qualify for Mensa but can I attend the event?

    The cheesecakes look very delicious...

  36. Bengbeng,
    I'm a member of Mensa Singapore. :)

  37. Doreen,
    You want to see a photo of the mushroom pizza?

    I play Scrabble most frequently. There are more than 100 types of Board Games available at the games cafe for Mensa members.

  38. Hi Race,
    I have been busy the past few years and have missed lots of gatherings. It's always nice to see people whom I have not met for a long time and meeting new members.

    The cheesecake is popular at NYDC.

  39. Diane,
    Come to Singapore! I'll buy you the cheesecake. :D

  40. Spicy Mother,
    Yes, you can attend our events. You require a Mensa member to sign you in as a guest and pay the non-member price.

  41. I really should do another IQ test.The last one I did was ages ago and for an air stewardess job.That I didn't get LOL!
    That cheesecake looks yummy ECL.I think i'm going to buy one for dinner.

  42. jean,
    Applicants for the post of Air stewardess need to sit for an IQ test? I pass liao! haha....

    Wah! So many readers are attracted to the cheesecake, don't blame me if you put on weight. :D

  43. Hey! you haven't got back to me about my question haha XD

    I asked whether there is anyway I can practise for the MENSA test?

    Do you know about International High IQ Society?
    I actually took their online test and I was qualified to join their society - meaning top 5%. I don't know how reliable the test is, it's the first time I see an "official" IQ test that is taken online. :/


    Vicissitudes of Life

  44. oh my i just love cheesecake. you all look really happy to be there. hope you had a nice time

  45. this is such a meaningful gathering. to allow new comers to mingle with the society. but most importantly, i wanna have a bite of the cake. :p

  46. Oh, you made me crave for cheesecake.hmmm..;D

  47. The pizza and cheesecake made me crave to eat!

    That's a very warm and fun gathering. Everybody looks happy.

  48. Hello dearie..
    Long time no visit eh ?

    How are you? Mine's been hectic.. am moving, my kitty passed away, my MIL hospitalised and now my other kitty is sick with potential renal failure.. argh.. challenges after challenges..

    Anway.. just dropping by to say hi and missed you!!

    Don't be a stranger..Cheerio

  49. It looks like there are a lot of events coming up for MENSA!

  50. that's cute to knwo that there are actually junior mensans. i wonder what they can be in the future.

  51. Wow! Mushroom madness sounds very nice! And cheese cake is yummy!! : )

  52. if i'd eat more of this cheesecake, do you think i'd pass the Mensa test? lol