Friday, May 22, 2009

Singapore Prison Service New Media Workshop

ECL at Singapore Prison Service New Media workshop

Singapore Prison Service (SPS)

I was invited to the Singapore Prison Service (SPS) Digital/New Media Training sessions on both 13 May and 21 May 2009. Walking into the room, I saw 'stars' ...... stars on the uniform of the officers. :)

These top officers are in charge of the fourteen prisons and drug rehabilitation centres (DRCs) that SPS manages in Singapore.

I was given 30 minutes per session to answer questions from these officers. No, they were not interrogation sessions. :) They were fun sessions where we learnt from one another and shared our thoughts on new media and how we can use it to engage the community.

Through both the sessions, I gained valuable insights into the work of the prison officers and have a better understanding of the organisation.

SPS hopes to steer the offenders towards being responsible citizens with the help of their families and the community. Our community needs to be more accepting, one that is willing to give ex-offenders a second chance at making good.

I am familiar with its Yellow Ribbon Project which gives ex-offenders a second chance - to help them find the hope to start afresh.

ECL and Charlie Pownall (from Burson Masteller)

Meet the Blogger
Q&A with a top Singapore blogger. Opportunity to ask questions about motivation, working practices, blogging trends in Singapore, etc.

Photos - courtesy of Singapore Prison Service (SPS)

First Commenter - Mariuca


  1. Hahahhahahah yeeha! Long time edi no chop here! :)

  2. You are always getting invited to places ECL, how do u keep up with ur hectic schedule? :):):)

  3. Wishing u a lovely relaxing weekend! :)

  4. Congrats Mariuca on being my FC again! :)

    As you can see, with the many invites I'm left with little time to write my posts and are trying my best to post the events that I have attended. :P

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. I am sure you have a lot to contribute to the betterment of SPS.

  6. you're a good citizen, always pay attention to the welfare of society. :)

  7. stanley,
    It's not just ECL, any one can play a part by supporting the Yellow Ribbon Project or its education programmes catered for the young and vulnerable.

  8. kyh,
    With whatever little I can offer, I'm just helping where I can.

    It's important that at such difficult times, the needy are not forgotten. :)

  9. another great workshop that u have attended, ECL! ;-)

  10. Keep up the event posts ECL. It's better this way, you can comment later then you're free. xD

  11. How exiting and what a great way to share your highly rated experience and knowledge - well done ECL!

  12. It looks like you had fun there, oh i see your blog on the projector screen! cool!

    have a great weekend!

  13. the society should really have more ppl like you, ready to do everything for the good of society

  14. amazing, amazing, amazing...See how cheerful ECL looks during the Q&A session.

    14 prisons and rehab centre. That's quite a number for a small country. I'm all about giving ppl a second chance. Everyone deserves one.

  15. cool workshop, Eastcoastlife... Have a happy weekend!

  16. that's a valuable workshop you've attended. how cool.

    no PH this week?

  17. kudos to your ever resourceful n generous streaks.

  18. it's nice to know of forums like this. the more people get knowledgeable of the blogging world.

  19. wow you presented in that workshop..
    pardon my ignorance.. but you must be a well known person in Singapore!
    great! =D

  20. I am starting to think that you are quite famous as you are involved in so many neat things!

  21. It is always good to hear about the first hand experience of attending the workshops.

    This is what makes your blog special, ECL.


  22. I think everyone deserve a second chance and I admire efforts done to help ex-offenders start anew.

  23. Monica,
    It was an eye opening and enlightening workshop. I hope other Ministries will consider such workshops with bloggers.

  24. JL,
    Sorry I can't answer to all your comments due to my hectic schedule. :(

    I've been neglecting my blog and readers. I feel so bad.

    I'll try to find time ....

  25. Renny,
    I was ecstatic when I got the invite. What a great opportunity for me to share what I'm passionate about! :)

  26. Ayie,
    Yeah! It was a cool event. A privilege to be there.

  27. yenjai,
    There are many people whom I know who are wiling to contribute to our society but don't know how.

    There are many ways to do so and whatever help that is offered is always welcome.

    Hard times like now, the needy in our society need more care and concern.

  28. Gran,
    You are making my head swell! haha.... I'm just doing whatever I can to help.

  29. Lina,
    I was tickled by the questions asked. Facing a roomful of leaders, I was under stress. :P

    I was surprised at the number of prisons and rehab centres Singapore has. I would need clearance to post some stories within those walls. ;)

  30. Life ramblings,
    No PH this week due to lack of time. :P

  31. stan,
    I have help from kind souls lah.

    Wanna join me?

  32. the donG,
    Because new media is getting more popular in Singapore, the Government also wants to engage its citizens through this medium.

    Oh no! I'd rather not be well-known in Singapore. :)

    I was selected to be a guest at the workshop. There are more famous bloggers in Singapore.

  34. heidi,
    I'm not famous, there are more famous bloggers.

    I guess I'm being invited because I'm a matured blogger, read 'old'. hahaha....

  35. Hi Spicy Mother,
    I would love to post juicy first hand info at certain events but there is sensitive info that has to be left within that room. This should be good enough. :P

  36. Dora,
    Alamak! Don't say that. I'm just the lucky one.

  37. Rachel,
    Many of the ex-offenders did it in a moment of folly and they have paid for it by doing time.

    They do face some difficulties when they try to return to their family and society. The community needs to be more accepting and give them another chance.

    It's heartening to hear that the Yellow Ribbon Project has made progress over the years.