Sunday, October 19, 2008

Golf Clinic - WS #46

MP Lim Biow Chuan demonstrating his swing

Fancy learning golf? Golf is not a game for the elderly. I gatecrashed a golf clinic for Katong Grassroot members at Marina Bay Golf Course. heehee...

Instructor Nasarudin demonstrating a basic move

Participants learnt to pitch and do a full swing at the driving range.

On the green with instructor Lip Ooi

Fancy night golf with scenic views

MP Lim Biow Chuan, Katong Grassroot Members n coaches

Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated.

Arnold Palmer

I can execute a deadly swing. :)

We have come to the end of Eastcoastlife/LG Contest.

I like LG's management principles, "Creating value for customers" and "Respecting human dignity."

I want to create value for my readers and sponsors too.

Eastcoastlife/LG Contest

Question No. 10

What does LG stand for?

Win a 60" LG HD Plasma TV!!

15th Sept - 25th Oct 2008

赢取60寸LG HD等离子电视!

Write down your 10 answers and personal particulars on an A4-sized white paper, send to me..... by Slow Mail or you can send your entry form personally to the address below :

EastCoastLife/LG Contest
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#02-35 The Adelphi
Singapore 179803

Please give your Full Name (as written in your NRIC and Passport), ID number, Address, Contact Number and email. If you are a blogger, please give your nick and blog url. The winner will be notified by phone.

Good Luck to all contestants!!

Winner will be announced on 26thOctober 2008!


  1. I admire the energy and zest in you. How on earth did you managed to gatecrash the event?

    Indeed, a scenic view at the golf course.

  2. ECL,
    Although I'm sports fan, I have yet tried this game. People are saying this game is an old man game but I don't think so. This is one complicated game as you need to consider the wind, the course, the clubs, the balls and etc. Susah lah! And some more, it's a game to test your patient! *Pengsan*

    I don't know if I could even afford a golf club. Expensive. hehe.

  3. I am hopeless in golfing. I did try and the ball would just roll off slowly and fell down somewhere 10m away from where I stood. Ha ha ha. No talent I have on golf!

  4. How is your golf skills, MS ECL?

    In Life, there are so many sports that I have yet attempted, I must try my hands at more things!

  5. oceanskies,
    For a successful Gatecrash - Determination, thick-skinned, enormous courage.

    If you know the bodyguards of a VVIP carry guns, would you still crash through? ECL will. heehee....

    Lovely view... tranquillity .... fun game...

  6. Kok,
    More and more young people are taking up golf. Kids as young as 4 are also learning it!

    If you have good golf buddies, it is a fun and interesting game. :)

    It's not so expensive in Malaysia lah! Go and learn. Great sports for businessmen.

  7. Wilfrid,
    You need lots of practice. I'm not good at hitting balls, I'm good at hitting people. haha...

  8. Man of Ideas,
    You would have to ask my golf kakis.... they would be too terrified to answer that question. haha....

    I try too many things .... and don't have the time to be good in them. :P Well, at least I tried.

  9. Your blog site looks gorgeous, ECL. Well designed.

  10. Capt Picard,
    Thank you. It's like a mirror of ECL. :)
    Gorgeous huh? hehe..

  11. ecl,
    True true. More and more people are picking up golf. It's almost like football liao.

    The thing is hor, I don't have golf buddies. haha! Like I said, most people think it's an old man game, so, my friend won't join me if I was in the game.

    Psstt..actually most of the businessmen played it for the sake of betting/gambling. ;)
    Who say not expensive oh??? You know, they need you to sign up for membership to use their course and that membership costs a bomb leh!

  12. Kok,
    Golf is so common among kids in Singapore these days.

    Men, and also some women, play golf to network. Gambling and betting is just injecting some fun into the game. It also motivates one to play better. :P

    Golf is quite common in Singapore, and it is quite cheap. This Marina Bay Golf Course doesn't require one to be a member.

  13. Ecl,

    Could you explain some of the golf jargon such as tee off, hole-in-one, birdie, handicap,etc.. for the benefit of those who are thinking of taking up golf. Thanks

  14. stanley,
    Don't think, just go learn it!

    It's pretty easy to learn and you will have fun. Warning : It's addictive.

  15. i would like to try golf although as i watch it, i find it boring hehehe! just curious how it works though. looks like you're having fun there.

  16. Nice to golf during the night at the range and very early in the morning for the nice crisp fresh air :)
    Also, buggy driving is pretty addictive too! :P

  17. Hi ECL,
    I also want to learn golf! But it is very expensive to learn. :(

    Btw, I have created another post to remind the people to join your contest once again. Here is the link:

    I'll be sending mine tomorrow! Hehe

  18. My dad side there a lot of people who plays golf and I've never has played it before.

    Coffee is on.

  19. ECL,
    Perhaps the parents are playing it, so the kids just follow. Here hor, hmm... I don't know if it's only Malaysian. The parents don't seem like encouraging their children to even take sports. STUDY first! Duh!

    Hah! You got the point, to network. I should start playing golf, so that I can meet some big bosses. haha!

    Yiikkeess...meaning the golf club here just wanna earn extra!!!

  20. my husband "inherited" two golf sets from his former bosses. i've been encouraging him to take golf lessons so the golf clubs won't just gather dust here at home. :D

    have a great week!

    WS: Pumpkins
    WS: Pumpkin Painting

  21. ECL!! Wah I always wanted to learn how to play golf but never got the opportunity lah.. and it's always too hot here to get out into the range anyway..

    So I guess I'll play it in my dreams lah...heheh...

  22. Hmm..i'm going to look back for all the questions!

  23. I play golf only at PC :D

    Mine : in HERE. Hope you have time to visit also. Thanks

  24. I have never been anywhere near this game. Seems interesting! I particularly liked the first action shot.

  25. I haven't tried playing golf in my life...maybe I day.

  26. Golf Hubby's fave sport... Nice one eastcoastlife... Have a great day ahead!

  27. playing golf can be addictive to some people and it's an expensive hobby. the membership fees itself cost a bomb here.

  28. Looks like everyone was enjoying! Have a great week ahead!~

  29. oh golf is addictive haha. you must have enjoyed it. have a great week ahead! my WS entry is here

  30. That looks like fun even though I haven't played golf in ages.

  31. Golf can be fun I think. Other people thinks it's a boring one but looks like you had fun.

  32. Nice photos! I love the view at night.

    I have several uncles who enjoy playing golf. My hubby used to play with his brother but he never got hooked on it.

    I, on the other hand, have never tried it.

  33. A very nice tour for sure ECL. I always enjoy your adventures.

    But ECL we are not elders you and I. I was informed by my daughter's boyfriend a DR. that 50 is now considered to be middle age.

    I am 51 so I will live to be 102 years old. Oh dear I hope they are nice to me.

    Two years ago I asked for golf club and balls for Christmas. silly me I thought I would try learning.

    I never used it.

    I love the pictures. Happy Monday:-)

  34. I want to be your disciple in gatecrashing Can or not? LOL

    Looks like a fun event - but better not be near the deadly swinger. hehehe

  35. wow.. u have change the look of your blog. i like it. =) seems like u had a great weekend playing golf, thats a great activity for the weekend. =)

  36. I can't play golf. I'm too much of a hacker. Too many years playing field hockey.

  37. Wah!! I'm excited to see ur LG winner, woo hoo! :)

  38. i see happy smiles here in your new site skin, ECL! hope you enjoyed playing golf! i haven't played since we got here in canada. more than a year already. i left my clubs back in the philippines...

  39. I can't and never play golf... one day i want to try to play it :D

  40. Wow new lay out! Love it.I am curious who would be the LG lucky winner!

    Looks like you had a great time playing golf;)!

  41. Dropping off MPG here now, happy Wed ECL! :)