Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Villian Bashing - Ruby Tuesday

White Tiger Temple

With the economic crisis and impending recession, many temples in Singapore are crowded with worshippers. I had some foreign friends visiting last week and they specifically requested to visit the temple to whack villians, ensuring a year of good health, good luck and peace.

The 'villians' here refers to those who tell tales, gossip, spread rumours, ........ do stuff in order to hurt others.

A piece of streaky pork belly in the tiger's mouth

I prepared the offerings and brought them to the temple in the wee hours of the morning when there were lesser people.

They took out a piece of lard to smear on the white tiger's mouth and offered a duck egg, while chanting "Good people to approach me, 'small' people to leave me alone." (好人近身,小人远离。) It is believed the food would keep the tiger's mouth busy and not bite them. hehe.....

whack the villians!

I bought cut outs of paper dolls and my friends whacked them hard with their filthy shoes. As they whacked, they called out the names of the persons intended, cursing and swearing at them and even their family members. When they're done, they threw the paper doll into the fire. Sending then to Hell. It's a great way to release pent-up emotions!

To the believers, it's therapeutic and helps in healing their hurt egos. It's cheaper than seeing a shrink though. And lesser assaults or murder cases....

Hundreds of red lanterns illuminating the temple

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  1. Where is the location of the temple? Maybe I should go Hit "Villian" 打小人 also. Hit Blogger who closed my blog! :P

    anyway ECL u are "brave" to take photo of those idols leh or it is taken by foreign friends?

  2. LEon,
    This is at Arumugam Road, Lorong Koo Chye Sheng Hong Temple.

    I took the photos of White Tiger God. I told him I'm marketing his temple mah. :P If he has more worshippers, he will bless me more.

    See, EastCoastLife not only create value for her readers and sponsors, but her Gods too! haha....

  3. Those that pray to the white tiger are often pretty hot tempered. There are the pros and cons I guess.
    I think I need to go 打小人 soon :P
    Happy Ruby Tuesday!!!

  4. Ecl
    If it is true that the act of whacking the villians will bring forth a year of good health, good luck and peace I don't mind partaking in this ritual.

  5. napaboaniya,
    There are usually more elderly who pray to the white tiger wor. And more guys although I'm seeing more ladies these days. :)

    You got 小人 to 打 meh?

  6. ECL,
    Actually really got use ah? You believe or not??

  7. I think whacking villains with shoe works, it will keep the villains from hurting you or giving you problems, but I'm not sure you won't get some kind of karmic returns on doing such a thing. One day, someone jealous of you may just do the same to you. So I guess I won't do such a thing unless there is someone I really, really hate. Hehe

  8. stanley,
    At least you get to stomp on those 小人 who are nothing but pests and parasites. I breathe better after a round of whacking them. hehe...

    I tell you how to triumph over your foes in my email ah.

    If my foes go to the temple and try to whack me, they get whacked instead and curse for the whole year!

    Move to a new house must get 'a new life'. I bring you to the temple.

  9. Kok,
    Got use. I email you lah. I believe in it.

    Of course the ones you whacked must be really baddies, cannot whack the innocent or else you will get whacked back.

    Cannot whack our Singapore PM or SM or good Ministers. Thunder will strike. haha....

  10. foongpc,
    I believe in Karma too. So I whacked only the hypocrites, the tale-bearers, the snakes, the cheaters.... villians! White Tiger bites the villians!

    You think God has no eyes? If I'm evil, I won't be blessed with wealth and good health. I'm having good luck these few months. :)

  11. ECL,
    Really? Wah! So many pantang one ah? I thought can whack anyone. hahaha!

    Nolah, why I wanna whack Singapore PM or SM or good Ministers? Wanna whack also whack our.... ermm...you know lah....hahahahaha!

  12. Kok,
    Even God has rules too! How can be so lawless like forums and arrogant blog aggregators where there are 小人 galore!

    I didn't mean to imply that you want to whack our leaders. It's just an example as to who to chose for whacking. :)

  13. Ecl
    Wow! You must be very incensed over something yet to be resolved? I let you in on a little secret: forgive whoever has done wrong to you.It works wonder. Just try, its therapeutic!

  14. Interesting post with very red colors indeed!~

  15. stanley,
    Of course I'm incensed and they are pouring oil over fire!

    Nope. It is not in my books to forgive. I want to go all the way....

    It's therapeutic for me when I see blood.

  16. Yen,
    Chinese love red, so it is usual to see red in Oriental buildings and homes.

  17. Very vivid colors. Thanks for dropping by :)

  18. Ecl,
    Walau! You are a fiery lady. From now on I make sure that I don't offend you by commenting negatively on your blog, otherwise I got whacked, hehe...

  19. arlene,
    I like the red lanterns too, but cannot put it in my house. :P

  20. stanley,
    haha.... as I constantly have to face undesirable, unreasonable people, it is important that I have to stand up for myself and the weaker ones.

    I can accept constructive feedback, good or bad. siao! whack people for negative comments. White Tiger will be very busy lor! haha....

  21. Oh yeah... all the "small" people, go to Hell! Hahaha... This is funny!

    By the way, here is a rose for the super blogger in Singapore that I admire so much.

    Miss you, eastcostlife! :P

  22. Healy!!
    Miss you too! long time no see, where you go hiding ah? :P

    Thanks for the rose!!

  23. Wah so interesting la ECL, esp the bit abt the paper dolls being whacked! ;)

  24. ECL, I see ur follower widget, I shall happily follow u now he he! :)

  25. ECL,
    Can send me an email regarding this? It might help when someone "cucuk" me next time. hahahaha!

    ECL, which "xiao ren" you ever hit ah? Share share the story can? kikikiki

  26. i can see that more people learn to pray only when there's crisis.

  27. Hey
    Nice to meet you via Blog Catalog
    Its a great blog you have, and I love your energy :)

  28. Mariuca,
    haha... can vent frustrations whacking the paper dolls.

    Thanks for following my blog. I have yet to try it, LJ put it for me. :)

  29. Kok,
    Emailed you ledi!

    Not many lah. Must have evidence then I hit, cannot anyhow vent anger or else kena whacked back. Bad luck for one year!! :P

  30. the donG,
    Times are really bad, soon there will be more crimes when more people lose their jobs.

    Now people can only pray. :(

  31. Hello ecl, as u know, Europeans r very straight-forward compared to our Asian politeness. I got really stressed working n living among them. Had to learn to be just like them n voiced my anger in times of conflict. It's 2nd nature ever since n guess what .. when in Sg, my sisters tells me I'm too "ang-moh" - must toned down n be less staight-forward .. sigh .. I'm like getting a splitting personality .. So, did the ritual in the temple worked ?

  32. Hello you lovely lady you! I have something for you.

    You've been tagged to help spread peace.



  33. ECL,
    Got your email! Reply you in a minute!:)

    Must have evidence one? Wah, like that hard lah! You got hit me before ah? kakakakakaka!

  34. Have seen this sort of whacking in HK movies... wonder can use other things to whack beside shoes :)

  35. Frankly speaking, I think it would be less scary and less unsightly to see a therapist. At the very least, I understand that a therapist/social worker/counsellor like all helping professionals are trained to do, are non-judgemental, more people-oriented, and possibly then, can be therapeutic with a personal touch.

    Anyway, I know you would probably refute by saying that Asians generally don't like to air their dirty linens in public, won't you?

  36. OK ... where are the questions?! I lost track on how the contest goes ... lol.

  37. I got lots of villains around. Whack whack whack! Someone write a program online in Facebook or something as a virtual whack-a-villain application.

  38. What an excellent way to get the villains out of our systems!

  39. I like your cultural activities especially the one where you whack people you're mad at with your shoe! Are you feeling the economic problems all the way over there in Singapore too, EC? Great RT post though! Thanks for playing! :)

  40. The lanterns are especially stunning, and I love to hear about your culture. I sure hope nobody whacks me though!!!!

  41. Love your new header...something new all the time here!

  42. this was such an interesting post!!

    and the photos are lovely

  43. Very interesting post indeed. So far from my country, so for me everything sounds really exotic :-) Love all those lanterns in the temple too.

    ...and you got a new layout! And it's GREAT! Woot! Love the work on the header!

    Suddenly I noticed: How come that you and I aren't on each others blogroll, after all this time?????

    Shame. I have to put you on my link list at once!

  44. I bet you guys don't have people in counseling or waked out on crazy pills.
    Sound like a great stress release.

    Coffee is on.

  45. oh my ECL, you always post the most interesting and beautiful pictures.

    I always enjoy coming to visit.

    And no mine is not a piece of jewelery and yes I am going this week end to look at the Canon.

    Thanks for stopping by my place.

    Happy WW:-)

  46. sorry that should be Happy Ruby tuesday also!!:-)

  47. Wonderful! I'm not sure there is a similar temple in the UK. Happy WW

  48. I think I should go, as there's a colleague at my workplace who's been telling tales, gossiping, spreading rumours, and doing stuffs to hurt me, bad. Yea, I need to get there quick, before I lost my sanity overnight.