Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mama-san EastCoastLife

I met up with my female wards at Orchard Road to bring them shopping. There were 8 of them. 5 from China and 3 from Japan. 8 young, pretty and sexy girls in mini skirts and hot pants. We first went to Paragon Shopping Centre and then to Ngee Ann City. Many people took more than a look at us.

In the boutiques, the girls would try some clothes and they would pose for me as I sat waiting for them.

"Mummy, Mummy, look! Is it nice?"

"Mama-san, I think this is too long? No?"

Yes, my wards call me Mummy or Mama-san. I didn't ask them to do that but they just do it. It's ok if they are boys or we are in our homes but when they keep calling me Mummy or Mama-san in the public, people start looking at us in a funny way.

You see, in Singapore the lady in charge of her group of girls in a nightclub or a Karaoke lounge is called Mummy or Mama-san, it is abused in such instances. To many people, it would just mean 'pimp'.

I was reading a magazine while waiting for the girls in a high-end boutique, when a middle-aged man sitting opposite me couldn't contain his curiosity and asked in Cantonese,"You are from which nightclub?"

I was quite annoyed but feeling quite cheeky, I couldn't help teasing him. Showing my most radiant smile, I replied ambiguously,"We are not from a nightclub. They are all university students." Which is true.

At this moment, the girls emerged from the fitting room to show off their choices. I whispered to the girls about the old man and they broke into laughter. Mei suggested 'working up his appetite'.

One by one they started posing in their attire, showing off their youthful assets. I smiled at them and made suggestions and stole glances at the humsup lo (dirty old man). He was loving it! Gleefully, he was enjoying this sideshow, I could almost see him drooling and sprouting a nose bleed. My girls are hot!

Then his mate came out of the fitting room to seek his opinion. She was in her early twenties and of course she could not be compared to my girls. The man wasn't paying much attention to her even as she twirled and turned in front of him. Sensing his loss of interest, she started pouting and glared at us. Silly girl! She should know men better.

My girls went to change and I resumed my reading. The odd couple started bickering. Chris walked in and sat beside me. I told him what happened. And he chided me.

When the girls returned, they saw Chris and addressed him Daddy. I purposely raised my voice, and said "Mr Tan, please pay the bills." Nana, ever the smart girl, immediately got the hint and said,"Thanks Daddy." And there was a chorus of "Thank you, Daddy." And they even hugged him. The old man was stunned and there was disbelief on his face.

Now, Chris was the one who gleefully went to settle the bills.


  1. ECL,
    Wah! You're mummy to so many HOT girls! *Ahem ahem* I thought you wanna intro me? hahahaha!

    I thought in Taiwan only got such old man, dare enough to ask such question. Who knows Singapore also have. Waseh!:D

  2. no good lah...describe your girlfrens in vivid detail but only put just your photo...hang my appetite huh ? :P

  3. Kok,
    You have to be here, in Singapore, for me to introduce you to them lah.

    Every where also got dirty old men, Singapore has more of them nowadays. ;P

  4. articulator,
    Cannot put up their photos lah. They are good girls, still studying in Uni here. Later they get misunderstood, how?

  5. ECL,
    Like that one meh? You're now attracting me to go Singapore lah! haha!

    How come Singapore has more nowadays? Hmm... More money for them to spend on chicken ah? hahaha!

  6. Kok,
    They cannot go to Miri wat.

    There are many foreign women coming to Singapore to 'make money', even good husbands and fathers also turn buayas. :(

  7. Hey, I remember that I read this story before.....did I?

  8. hahaha... ECL.. notty notty girls you have...but sometimes it feels good to be a flirt eh... i miss flirting...lolz!!

  9. ECL,
    Can! Fly to Miri through Johor using AirAsia!

    Really? I thought it's harder for the foreign women to go to Singapore?

  10. Eh you look very pretty in the picture eh...

  11. kiddng you lah, ECL.
    Lookin" good yourself too ! Okie. i stop here. If not pp say i got Ophelia syndrome.

  12. LadyJava,
    They are young and fun-loving. When they flirt, all the guys around them will die! hehe...

    Now I cannot flirt, the men would puke in my face. bwahahaha....

  13. Kok,
    No direct flight from SIN? Take from Johor the Chinese got problems wor.

    hoho... there are lots of foreign hookers in Singapore these days. There are also male pros. :(

  14. LadyJava,
    Thanks. My girlfriends said 'very nightclub hor'. hahaha.....

  15. articulator,
    sigh... all young girls are pretty lor.

    bo bian, as I grow older, I have to stand one side. haha....

  16. ECL,
    Where got lah direct flight from Sg? Miri so ulu leh!!! haha!

    Hah? Really? How they manage to sneak in? I only know my friends said Geylang got a lot. hahahaha! Male pros also got??? Wah! Business so good meh?

  17. Kok,
    Don't have direct flight ah? aiyoh.

    They don't need to sneak in liao. Can get 30 days visa mah. So work until the max lor. Play catching with the authorities. :)

    sigh... dunno lah. Singapore now macam rojak city. Everything also can happen, everything also have.

  18. My rainbow angel!
    My darling girl girl!


  19. Ecl,
    Wow, you look sexy and captivating in your photo.Would love to see you in person!!!

  20. stanley,
    Only if I put on make-up lah. haha...
    Dun expect Aunty ECL to look good after going through mountains of reports for days and nights! :P

    We will meet one day. :)

  21. Oh, you look wonderful, ECL!!!
    Love your story!

  22. Wow! with ECL in that black sexy outfit follow by bunch of sweet young girls in tow...cannot blame the old men fr. getting the wrong idea and 'hum sup':)

  23. ECL,
    Don't have direct flight leh. I think only have direct flight to Kuching (another city in Sarawak)?

    I always thought Singapore is quite strict in this area. Hmm... don't tell me Singapore is going to become like Malaysia! Noooo...

  24. sweet jasmine,
    I wasn't wearing this outfit when I was with them.

    The girls' constant Mama-san and Mummy caught his attention! kakaka.....

    Asked me, I come from which nightclub wor. So funny!

  25. Kok,
    From Kuching to Miri how far? Take cab? Wah! How to visit you man?

    Singapore welcomes tourists to spend here, so they open up to many countries but there are smart foreigners who make use of loopholes to make money here. Some are very enterprising and run million dollar businesses. :)

  26. ECL,
    Kuching to Miri? 12 hours by bus. Hahaha! Can visit me lah, through Johor loh. When there's a will, there's a way mah. ;)

    Million dollar business??? Seems like I have to change career liao! hahaha!

  27. Kok,
    12 hours by bus! -_-"' *wilt*
    If I go Kuching, I'll soon bian lah. :P

    smuggle drugs? import n export chickens (pimp)?

  28. Wah, first a 'sex' museum, next parading SYTs around town.... hmm, are you planning something you're not telling us? :D

  29. Center Parted,
    Yah... was going to wait until Opening Day but... what the heck!

    Asia's Largest Nightclub!!
    (subject to Govt approval)
    *tire puncture*

  30. oh Ecl,
    You are beautiful. What an amazing picture. And it sounds like you had such a good day.


  31. Eh, ECL, didn't know you are such a naughty mother. Haha, your post really and literally made me LMAO liao..

  32. ECL, that's one fab picture! You look great!

    Your girls are naughty.

  33. Thank you very much for using the widget I really appreciate it, I hope you like it and it help to gain more comments :D

  34. You look great in the photo, Ecl Tan. Very funny story - love the appearance of Chris and their hugs for 'Daddy'!

  35. How can he say you are a Mama-san?

    you should should be called a socialite instead lah!

    the old man really hum sup lol!

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  37. First I must say WOW! You look great!

    Hahah this is funny.I am still laughing.
    That's true what you said onm what people think of Mama San (pimp) LOL.

  38. Hey lovely lady! You're changing things around, and it looks good. YOU look GREAT!! :)

  39. Wah wah wah!! New look for ECL, so much better dear! Great job! :):):)

  40. Oh u naughty Mama-san u! LOL! Padan muka the old man though! :)

  41. And how nice of u to treat ur girls for some shopping! Bet they all went home happy!

    Have a good weekend ECL! :)

  42. So nice....lucky gals!! If I decided to study in Singapore, do you take old aunty student? Muahahahaha. By the way, I like the new look!

  43. Mamasan ECL: Got new gals never intro. :P

  44. Wow, great look! Both the photo and your new layout! Congrats. :)

  45. Few days never come (rather your blog) changed outfit already ah! Suddenly, my eyes have to adjust to "darkness" leh!

    I like your new banner :) It is so "you" !

  46. your georgeous in there eastcostlife!

    great new theme!

    happy weekend!

  47. ECL,
    I thought I went to the wrong blog! Wahhh! Looks awesome lah! Hmm...looks like I have to design my new theme liao!

    Hah? You don't wanna visit me! *sob sob*

    Smuggle drug, if get caught will be sentenced to life sentence lah! Better not! I think become pimp better. hahahahaha!

  48. I have only one word to describe your new layout ECL - WOW! finally a layout that totally matches the persona of your writing and photography :) LOVE IT :)

  49. Next time call me if you and your girls go shopping can?!

    Nice new looking of your site. I like it.

  50. You are looking gorgeous in that dress ECL. :)

  51. Hi ecl, I've got an Award for you! Drop by to pick it up! Cheers!

  52. GP!! I see your comment here dearie..hehe.. I think when you commented here.. ECL herself have not seen the new look..lolzz!!

  53. Oh my goodness, I can't believe you did that. LOL! Your so bad!

  54. wow, ECL, you seem to have a happening, fun and enriching life and with so many blog friends somemore!