Monday, September 29, 2008

Fond Memories of Singapore F1 - Ruby Tuesday

Singapore F1 Night Race is over..... it was a great success! The teams are packing up and going home. I was not excited before the race but now I'm looking forward to it next year. :)

Memories are made of these.....

The tears of Alonso when he heard his National Anthem being played.

I feel so sorry for Massa who fell from pole position to the back seat.

Ferrari team practising at their garage....

From my seat, I could enjoy my dinner and red wine, watched the race cars speed by and hear the screeching tires! Ahhh... a taste of the high life of the wealthy and powerful....

Tickets were fully sold out for the race!

A chance to observe all the F1 teams working behind the scene.

A walk along the pit lane and race track with VIPs....

Our lovely Nominated MP Eunice Olsen in a sexy black dress and red high-heels!

40 pieces of Bak2u anti-theft software for mobile phone and laptop to be won!

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  1. It sounds like a memorable event to catch.

    I feel tempted to ask you how much it would cost to get access to the tickets that you have got, i.e. the seats whereby you can get red wine (not that I drink it) and dinner while watching the race. It seems a privilege, maybe money can't buy.

    If it's confidential, then there's no need to disclose.

  2. oceanskies,
    I was told S$7,500 per person (3-day). :P

    But my ticket was special, not for sale. I wasn't interested but for the sake of blogging the event, I went and I enjoyed myself.

    Fine dining and great wines but I was too tired to eat. Now I regret. hehe....

    The experience was extra-ordinary. I saw lots... not supposed to tell.

  3. Thank goodness that you have had the special ticket. It's a life-time experience. :)

  4. oceanskies,
    It is. :) I hope for another invitation next year. *wink*

  5. Life Ramblings,
    Glad I did a good job. ^-^

  6. May your wish come true. With this year's experience, I am certain that you will have even better coverage for the F1 race next year.

  7. oceanskies,
    Yes, I hope... I pray.... haha...

    Ok, the VIPs can have access to my password locked blog then, to admire their photos and read what I have written about the event and them. hehe....

  8. oceanskies,
    Yep... I was in a roomful of VIPs. Those in the Parliament? *wink*

  9. Wished I was there to share the high life n soak up the buzz :-)) I did watched it on the comforts of my couch in Holland ... it made me very homesick seeing Sg from so close by *sob*

  10. Dutchie,
    You can come back next year. :)
    awww.... *hugs*

    Come back... come back! I bring you go eat Kway Teow soup, char kway teow, Hainanese chicken rice ... :P

    Do you find the night race awesome?

  11. ecl,
    You lucky leh... can watch the race. Malaysia has been organising F1 for as long as I can remember but then, I still didn't have the chance to watch. *Sob sob*

  12. Never mind the race...more pics of Eunice Olsen, please!

  13. I was at the Paddock too and I missed the pitwalk! !@#$%^&*

  14. Wah ECL!! playing with the big fish... I'm sure you had a fantastic time at the race! You gonna go again next year??

  15. Wow! You are living the high life, my friend, and no one deserves it more. Rock on, lady!

  16. A lifetime experience which will be with you for the longest time!!
    *nudge nudge* Interested in F1 liow mah!! So I can prove The Man I'm not the only ahjuma that's bonkers over F1 :P

  17. Kok,
    Some of my friends have been going to Malaysia's F1 for years. They asked me to go along but I wasn't interested. Now that F1 is at my doorstep, I'm going to support it.

    You should write to F1 in Malaysia and ask for free ticket. :P

  18. Hi ECL, it looks like a fun day at the races!

    I am afraid that I would be watching those pretty red high heeled shoes too much and miss the race! :-)

  19. Jeanne,
    Try watching it once or twice or thrice... hehe...

    I had to force myself to watch it (because I wanted to blog about it) before I like it. :)

  20. Capt Picard,
    Shall I send you my private photo collection? haha...

  21. THB,
    Oooohhh.... you miss taking photos with the cute guys and the hunks!! And some big names. *wink wink*

    Next year... we join forces. :)

  22. LadyJava,
    haha... no big fish lah. All salted fish... (salted in Chinese means miser). :P

    Yep, planning for next year's F1. It would be an event for bloggers. :)

  23. Gran,
    No, no, no. I'm just tagging along, holding the little corner of someone's shirt. hehe...

  24. napaboaniya,
    haha... next year, we will book a whole room for interested ahjumas to watch the race! Must get hunks for the party!

    Wheeee! Champagne, hunks, race cars!

  25. Jim,
    haha... those red high heels and the bare back of a sexy lady do give a man reasons to not watch the race!

  26. marcia,
    You're right!
    It's an auspicious colour for the Chinese too. :)

  27. Wow, that looks like it was a lot of fun. Love the red suits on the Ferrari team -- and the backless dress on your MP nominee. (They don't make MPs like they used to -- thank goodness!)

  28. interesting.. must have been fun.. nice shot..
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  29. Interesting shots! The lady with a backless dress has a nice shoes:)

  30. Ecl
    Actually I'm an disinterested F1 fan but after so much publicity and hype the F1 has piqued my interest. I'm lookig forward to next year's F1 event.

  31. ecl,
    Ya hor! Next time I should write to F1 Malaysia and ask for free tickets for my readers!:D

  32. I've always wanted to see an F1 race, but I'm not even sure if the F1 circuit stops in the US anymore.

    And your new MP nominee? Sweet!

  33. Nice narration. Thanks!

    Oooo ... sexy back! Next time please take from front too. Thank you.

    Wow ... you so VIP ah?!

  34. All great shots ECL! Love those red heels :) Happy WW :)

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    Please stop by if you have a moment :)

  35. I suppose the windows were closed, because Mr. Gattino attended "life" once the Formula 1 in Belgium and said "never again" because you only see a shadow flying by and have to put earplugs in your ears because of the noise. Now he prefers to watch on his sofa, lol !

  36. Never been to a real F1 event like this...just get to watch it on TV. Must be an exciting experience up so close on the pit...

  37. I'm sure it's a wonderful experience for you. I'm still sad Ferrari didn't get to win. I'm not a fan of Alonso. Well, better luck next time.

  38. I looks like it was a great race what I saw of it on tv.. and Hamilton extended his lead!

  39. I feel so sorry for Massa, I saw it on tv what happened... Happy WW! Mine's up too.

  40. Wah. Singapore (nominated) MP so sexy one! Our female MPs so auntie and ah mah. See also very "sien"!

  41. ecl,

    Thanks for ur kind invite. B4 I go to Sg each time, I had to lose 10kg first. We eat our way from stall to stall .. haha.

    Yes, the race was awesome ! I like ur idea of a room with a view - champagne n hunks on each arm - what could be closer to an evening of paradise than that eh :-P ?

  42. Best race ever. I was so looking forward to watching this one, and it didn't disappoint me at all. And what a beautiful scenery, with the tool buildings in the back!

    Just fantastic.