Thursday, October 02, 2008

I eat, I shoot, I post with ieat

Miang Khum - awesome appetiser!

I asked local celebrity food blogger, ieat out for lunch. He suggested a Thai eatery called Yellow Light in Katong. I have seen several Thai eateries along the stretch but I couldn't associate this simple shop front to a Thai restaurant. It looks more like a cafe.

I was introduced to Shih Erh, the daughter of the original restaurant owner and chef'. Shih Erh's mother is a Thai, who learnt her popular dishes from her aunt who used to work at the Royal Thai kitchen.

Yellow Light Thai Restaurant started from a humble house in Penang in 1982. It didn't have a signboard, diners identified it by a large, round yellow light in front of it. It didn't have a licence to operate but diners didn't care, they were attracted to its fine, authentic Thai fare.

ieat at work

Shih Erh learnt to cook the dishes from her mother. We were served several new dishes that aren't available at regular Thai restaurants.

Miang Khum
, is a typical Thai dish. Having tried betel leaves in Taipei, I was hesitant when this dish was brought out. Bits of peanuts, dried shrimp (hae bee), grated and roasted coconut, bird's eye chilli, lime cubes, shallots are wrapped in a fresh betel leaf and drizzled with a dark and sticky-sweet sauce. You popped the whole thing into your mouth. There was an amazing burst of flavours when you chew it. Very special dish - must try.

(Top R to L) : Poo Ja, Peek Gai Yat Sai, Thod Mun Pla, Khai Khem Song Khemg

Next we had a platter of their popular side dishes with tongue-twisting names. Their Peek Gai Yat Sai (stuffed chicken wings), has a curry flavoured centre, like the curry puff filling.

Their yummy Poo Ja (stuffed crab meat and minced pork in a crab shell) has bits of water chestnuts in it.

The deep-fried meat balls with salted egg yolk centres (Khai Khen Sing Kherng) - came wrapped in crispy noodle strips. Kids would love this.

Khao Kluk Kapi - Fried Rice with Shrimp Paste

When the fried rice with shrimp paste was mentioned, I wasn't interested. Shih Erh persuaded us to try it. It is served with a variety of condiments, omelette strips, seasoned pork, mango strips, prawns and dried shrimps. You mixed them up and viola! It is a refreshing dish. A little sweet but I like it.

Shi Erh kindly brought out a special dish (her private collection, hehe...) which is commonly eaten by Nonyas in Penang. It's fermented fish belly with different leaves of herbs. How does it taste? Look at ieat's facial expression. hahaha.....

The doctor seemed to be in agony...

I have tried a 10th-grade smelly tofu, so this foul-tasting dish was not a problem. It goes well with plain rice. It used to be a poor man's dish, now it is a rare dish.

We had a bowl of Thap Thim Krawp (red rubies) each for dessert. It's water chestnut and jackfruit in iced coconut syrup. Sweet and the coconut syrup is thick.

It was a lovely long lunch, due to the torrential rain outside. By the time I leave the eatery, it was time to head home to prepare dinner. :)

Yellow Light Thai Food
95 East Coast Road (opposite Katong Village and Katong Mall)
S (428793)
Tel: 6345-7324
Closed on Mondays


  1. That deep-fried meat balls with salted egg yolk looks interesting! Would love to try it one day.

  2. Doreen,
    You can cook it yourself. It's simple to make.

    The ones at Yellow Light is special.

  3. Wow, sounds like a great long lunch. sometimes there is nothign liek it and the food looks fantastic. I am now hungry. I am going to Thailand in about 6 weeks now. Cannot wait and am going to do a Thai cooking course.

  4. Lilly's Life,
    How lovely! A holiday in Thailand and a cooking course! You will love Thai food. I have always enjoyed eating it. :)

  5. this post makes me drool.... I didn;t know this restaurant that last time I stayed in SG. What's a pity.

  6. Malaika's mummy,
    I didn't know about this too. It was my first visit. It was opened in early January 2008. Nice food, I intend to bring my family there for a meal. :)

  7. This is a difficult post to read because I'm hungry, and it's night. ;o) Everything looks so good!

  8. haha... awake.
    Sorry about that. Hope you have a glass of milk and some cookies before going to bed.

  9. ecl,
    This Khai Khen Sing Kherng is so cool! Nice time I have to try to cook that. See if it's successful or not. :D

  10. the doc really seems to be in agony.

    the fermented stuff really so err.....

  11. woow fried rice with shrimp look yum yum ..enak deh

  12. This looks like a pretty good lunch with a well-known foodie. I may not have even considered walking into Yellow Light, because from the photo in your post, it looks like a cafe. But then again, I could consider Yellow Light as a choice if I would like Thai food that next time I visit Katong area.

    Do you have to be very patient to wait for dear doc to take photos of the food? ;)

  13. the doc's expression is priceless. honestly some dishes take time to grow on u. an acquired taste

  14. Kok,
    It's easy to prepare, try making it and post ah!

  15. Keropok Man,
    He made a few faces, I wasn't quick enough to capture them, :D

    If you're not used to fermented stuff, it's pretty hard to swallow.

  16. boboriau,
    enak sekali!
    Nanti kamu ke sini, says belanja.

  17. oceanskies,
    I would love to invite you for a meal here. I like some of the dishes. I want you to taste them too. They are not too spicy, nor overpowering ... the appetiser is a must try. A good food experience with the foodie. :)

    The Doctor is quite fast, I didn't have to wait long to dig in the food. In fact he was so fast, I didn't have time to take many pictures of him at work. :(

  18. Bengbeng,
    I don't think many people can take the fermented fish belly dish. The smell is overpowering. :)

  19. By the way, if you go to my blog, you could catch some good luck on my latest post.

    Wow, if you say that the doc was fast, it would be pretty fast!

    Thanks for the offer, let see how things would go. I appreciate your offer nevertheless. :)

  20. oceanskies,
    That was a fast reply! :)

    I can't believe your good luck! A lovely prize!

    The doctor who shoots fast! hehehe....

  21. MMMMMMM, it all looks delish ..the pork-free dishes la he he! Happy eating ECL! :D

  22. Mariuca,
    Yessss.... yummilicious Thai food without pork!
    What did you eat for Hari Raya?

  23. I always love Thai food but these are extra special! Sounds nice except a few challenging ones that you've mentioned.. :P

  24. I love Thai ! we have a very good restaurant near my home and on special occasion we are going there. It's really good and apparently not "europeanized" as it's very often done. In London too there were quite a lot of them.

  25. SheR,
    Ohhhh... you love Thai food too. :)
    The food of this eatery is not that spicy and the sauces are not too overpowering. You would love it.

    The owner was just trying to share her more authentic dishes. :)

  26. Gattina,
    Another Thai food lover! That's lovely that you have a good restaurant that serves Thai food nearby. And serving traditional Thai fare without having it turn into fusion stuff is a great way to taste the food. :)

  27. Babs,
    haha... Looking at these dishes again make me hungry too.

  28. Hi ECL,
    Please forgive me for being away for so long. I ws visiting with my daughter for 5 months.

    It was supposed to be for a month but that's a long story.

    Also I can't get my RHD list added back to my faves so it's 1 at a time.

    Wow I am definitely hungry after looking t these pictures.

    Thanks for such a wonderful share. I have missed you and everyone so much!!:-)

  29. Oh my I just realized that I have never joined your community. But, I have changed that now. I am a member.

  30. Hello Shinade,
    I almost forget you! You have been away for too long!hehe....

    I'm glad that you're back. We are going to have more fun!

  31. Oh ECl,
    I nearly choked on my soda when I saw your reply.

    Thanks for the best reply and the nice laugh today.

    Why do you keep them i your swimming pool?

  32. I love Thai food!!

    Jackie.. I lol at ECL reply to you too...lolzz!!

  33. Your making me hungry.
    Have you tried making any of these dish your self.

    Coffee is on

  34. Shinade,
    You did? haha...
    To keep the cans of drinks cool. I have never hung them on trees to cool them down! It's hot here in Singapore. :)

  35. HipnCoolMomma,
    Looks like there are lots of friends who love Thai food! Good for Shi Erh then. :)

  36. Hi JM,
    Whoa! Another Thai food lover here!
    You visit me because of my reply to Jackie? heehee...

  37. peppylady,
    I can cook some common Thai dishes. Probably I'm going to try the Fried rice with shrimp paste and the salted egg yolk meat balls. They look easy. :)
    Coming over for coffee....

  38. It looks wonderful and I am motivated to give Thai cooking a try. I don't imagine that anything I make would look half so good.

  39. Marilyn,
    I like some of the Thai dishes because they are healthy and easy to prepare. Your dishes don't have to look so good, as long as they taste good. hehe...

  40. How come I never see this store before? Maybe the queue at Aston distracted me or what?

  41. Looks sooooo delicious and very exotic to a Norwegian you know - my mouth is watering :-)

    Wishing you a great end to your week!

  42. Hey, been busy preparing my kids for final Yr Exams and N/Os on top of shuttling to the new pad to inspect/receive arrivals of gadgets etc. Thus my irregular presence here now. I've not moved in yet. I want to sue my contractor for delays (almost 2 weeks!) but I'm too broke. Just dropping this quickie b4 I resume work again. I'll be learning to cook again when I move in so will depend on ple like u to give tips to nice food ya?

  43. oh I love Thai food and the pics in this entry really makes me drool. Especially after all the heavy food on Eid, all I need now is some Thai dish- without coconut milk and all the heavy spices! LOL

    is the branch in Penang still on? I don't think I know this place (if it's still existing in Penang)

  44. tigerfish,
    It's not next to Aston. It's opposite Lao Hong Kong Tea House. :)

    Go try the dishes. Can give me a treat too. hehe...

  45. DK,
    OK. I give you an excuse to come down to Katong and a chance to buy me dinner. :)

  46. Renny,
    Ahhh... probably you have not tasted Thai food. The dishes are yummy. I shall cook for you and Diane if I go to Norway. :)

  47. sho,
    My kids are having exams too. That's why I'm stuck in the house... have to monitor them and make sure they are studying for their exams, not playing computer games!

    sigh... renovation contractors are always a pain in the ass. Bear with it lor. Should be completing your hoe renovations soon, right?

    House-warming ah? Wait for your cooking. :)

  48. Farah,
    Their Penang restaurant is still operating. Good thing you are in Penang, you can try their dishes there. :)

    Not all Thai food is cooked with coconut milk and some dishes are pretty healthy. So far, I like Yellow Light's fried rice with shrimp paste and the appetiser, Miang Khum.