Monday, September 29, 2008

Alonso wins Singapore F1 Night Race! - WS #43

Fernando Alonso (Renault) makes history with his win at the world's first night race!

Singapore Formula One’s first night race was filled with thrills and spills! 3 crashes and the safety car appeared on the race track twice!

Fernando Alonso claimed victory in a miraculous win! Nico Rosberg (Williams-Toyota) was second and Lewis Hamilton (McLaren-Mercedes) took 3rd place!

Alonso and Hamilton celebrating their wins with champagne!

Massa drove off with the fuel hose still attached....

A mechanic of Ferrari was thrown off when Felipe Massa (Ferrari) drove off with the fuel hose still attached to his car! It caused Massa to lose his lead from pole position to last place. It was nightmare after nightmare when he was given a drive-through penalty for another unsafe exit in front Adrian Sutil (Force India).*sob sob*

First race car crash (Nelsinho Piquet, Renault)

2nd accident (Adrian Sutil, Force India)

Kimi Räikkönen (Ferrari) had to drop out too at his 58th lap

I have this report up fast before I rush off to a celebration party. The night race was packed with plenty of excitement, it was a great success. Hurrah for Singapore! We show the world that not only can we think big, we can achieve it too!!

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  1. Thanks for the very quick updates. Wow, I missed most of the actions. Thank goodness for your post, and the news on TV for the updates.

  2. Fantastic and very dramatic RACE..I'm one of the F1 fan...hope next year I can catch up live in Singapore...

  3. ecl,
    This is the second time the Ferrari engineer was thrown off! What happen to Ferrari engineer???

  4. I can't believe it! Massa who's on pole position lost? I knew it the moment I saw he sped off with the refueling hose still attached to his car. What a disaster! No Ferrari 1-2 : (
    Anyway, congrats to Singapore for successfully staging the night race. It was great to see the streets of Singapore turned into racing tracks - absolutely stunning!
    ECL, you are so lucky to be attending the celebration party. Will you rub nose with the rich and famous? Hope you captured some good photos for us readers! : )

  5. ive been anticipating for this race ever since it had been announced, and even though the outcome wasnt as i wanted, i have to say that the circuit and the whole atmosphere was just magnificent! I absolutely loved it!
    And it was a dramatic race indeed, which is good for F1 in general, since it makes it far more thrilling and interesting :)

  6. The husband has been watching in TV for this,ECL!:) Way to go!

  7. I watched with my eyes opened big big. Watching it the whole season, this is one of the most dramatic!!

  8. Oh dear! Well we have to take accidents as possibilities in any race! Hope they are all okay and the people watching still had fun rather than get shocked.

  9. wow! looks like you had a fabulous weekend!

  10. i read your post aloud to my hubby. hee hee. for some reason, he kept saying "that sucks"...not your post. hahaha! he might be referring to the results or to the fact that our dvr didn't record the darned race. hee hee. thank you for this update!

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  11. Indeed an interesting and exciting race! Wish I could be there...

  12. cool sot!hope the mechanic is not hurt. My entries are Titled Sweet and Pretty and Naughty, respectively. Be sure to visit both entries to see the variation. The sweet & pretty is here while the Naughty entry is here

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  13. this is the first time i watch F1 on TV..quite exciting, dunno if watch live more exciting not?

  14. oh thank you, thank you for sharing. my husband is a big fun of F1. i was just reading a celeb magazine last night and featured was LHamilton and his lady Nicole. He did mention that he was preparing for Singapore. My WS is up here

  15. bonoriau,
    Hope to see you at the race next year in Singapore!

  16. Kok,
    I felt so sad for Massa. He looks so frustrated and down when he discovered the fuel hose was still attached to his car.

    I don't know what's wrong with the Ferrari mechanics! It's definitely not Massa's fault.

  17. foongpc,
    Just woke up after a night of partying with the rich and famous. haha....

    I can only feel sorry for Massa. From the pole position to the back seat, it is a great fall from the peak of the mountain.

    The race last night was full of drama .... lots of cheers, gasps and sighs from the spectators around me.

    I feel happy for Alonso. He was crying when his National Anthem was played. His emotions were probably going up and down like a ride in a roller-coaster!

    I'm so proud of Singapore! We successfully staged the world's first night race! Whoa!! The feeling is exhilarating!

  18. Hi Ana,
    Yes, I was bored at the practice session on Friday night.... things got better at the qualifying round.

    Last night's race was filled with lots of twists and turns. I think I had a full display of all my emotions in that 1 1/2 hour. And this is not a Korean drama serial, it's a F1 race!

    My son taped down the whole race, I'm going to savour those memorable moments on a 60" TV screen .....

  19. ecl,
    I'll also be frustrated if I was Massa! From leader to the last position...duhhh!

    Ferrari mechanics are dreaming perhaps? Or they thought petrol is "free" that time..should pump more. hahaha!

  20. Mr. Gattino is mourning, Ferrari lost, lol !
    It was 2 pm here and 17°C and I heard talking about 30° and a high humidity !!

  21. Napaboaniya,
    I realise how tiring it was to watch F1! Not wanting to miss any exciting moments, my eyes and feet were busy moving!

    The race was so exciting and dramatic. I witnessed Alonso speed passed the finishing line!! It was a triumphant moment for him!

    And a victory for Singapore as we successfully make history with the world's first night race!

  22. Yes, very exciting...I took the kids down to Marina Square on Saturday just to see if we could get a glimpse (no tickets). We didn't see much and the noise! Unbelieveable! My little one was crying it hurt his ears so much...
    Did you take the photos? Very good.

  23. Tere,
    The race drivers are fine. The Ferrari mechanic had to be carted away in a neck brace. No serious injury or damages.

    Praise the Lord!

  24. Munchkin Mommy,
    haha.... I have many guys cursing me for my good fortune, watching a F1 race live, smelling the burning tires, had my ears almost deafened by the loud noises, and I'm only a stone's throw from all the actions! I can understand that guy thing. hahahaha.....

  25. Leonard,
    The live atmosphere was electrifying. Can smell, hear and be up close to those heroes. *wink*

    But still have to depend on the TV screens in the gallery to watch those thrilling moments.

    The circuit's too big, cannot be running around. My ears are probably damaged from the loud noises. I didn't wear ear plugs so as to experience the actual surroundings. Awesome!

  26. Kero,
    You're welcome.

    It's a historical moment in Singapore. I just have to share it. :)

  27. Kok,
    I can feel Massa's pain. So sayang ah. From pole position to bottom. Huge fall.

    When I saw him sitting in his race car, dumbfounded that the fuel hose was still attached to it, I felt like running up to give him a big hug. Life is filled with ups and downs.

    The mechanics were trying their best. they were under enormous stress too. They had to refuel or change tires within 7 seconds!

  28. Gattina,
    awwww... poor Mr Gattino! Pass him a hug from me!

    It's just not Ferrari's day ... or night. :)

    The high humidity and heat was awful yesterday. Everyone in the pit and the drivers were sweating profusely!

    Singaporeans are used to the weather but not those from Europe and the States. :)

  29. Wow it was really an exciting event.Your ears must have hurt? We heard it all the way at Clark Quay when we went there for dinner!

    On the way home - cars were driving ver slow to get a glimpse from the highway.LOL!

  30. wow! you were there? it must have been an experience...wonderful!

  31. Milly,
    The noises from the racing cars are too deafening! I need ear plugs at times. The kids probably couldn't take it!

    I took lots of photos with my pathetic camera. Can you imagine the hundreds of professionals with their giant cameras! Gosh. I felt so tiny.

    Some of the photos were taken by friends stationed all through out the circuit - Formula One and photo-taking enthusiasts. :)

    We are a great team ourselves! :P

  32. Jade,
    My ears have a buzzing sound, even now... ;)

    It was very very loud!

    The whole Marina Bay was packed after the race. Spectacular race.

  33. HipnCoolMomma,
    Yep.. right in the midst of the actions! :)
    Cool huh!

  34. great shots when he was in action...

    thanks drop at my ws post

  35. ECL! Every night B conquering my TV la wei, the best F1 track so far it seems, and the night factor adds to his excitement! ;)

    Come take a break and have some yummy cuppacakes at MPG later! :)

  36. Mariuca,
    haha.... seems like the guys were taking over the TV sets the past 3 days!

    It is a dramatic race. The race car drivers require time to familiarise themselves with the circuit. The heat and high humidity in Singapore didn't help. It was exhilarating, for me!

    I want cupcakes!

  37. that looks wicked exciting ecl :) wow. Is there a video footage of this?

  38. Empty streets,
    My son taped down the race. There will probably be a repeat telecast. :)

  39. What great shots of such an exciting event! All that red adds to the drama! Love your enthusiasm!

  40. haven't been to a race ever:) looks like so much fun! happy WS!

  41. I have one important question. Where is Question No. 4 of the LG Contest? I seem to miss it, but I could find all question from 1 - 5, except Question 4. I wonder whether it is because I had done a very long walk from Ghim Moh to Clementi Rd this evening?

  42. oceanskies,
    haha... it is at my sidebar, before the photo of PM Lee Hsien Loong and I. :)

    Good luck. :)

  43. Congratulations SG for being the host to the world's first F1 night race. It must have been very exciting. We are Formula 1 fans in this household :D

  44. How exciting! I have never attended a Formula 1 race. Thanks for sharing! :-)
    Happy WS!

  45. How exciting! I have never attended a Formula 1 race. Thanks for sharing! :-)
    Happy WS!