Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Taiwan Food Street in Singapore - WW

Taiwan Food Street in Bugis Junction

When I was in Taiwan, I fell in love with its street food. Imagine my surprise and delight when I discover a Taiwan Food Street, in Singapore!

Not only can we enjoy traditional Taiwanese street food and popular snacks, we can catch performing arts and even win exciting lucky draw prizes!

Queues in front of popular Taiwanese snack stall...

More than 30 stalls of yummy Taiwan Eats from smelly tofu, oyster noodle ( oyster mee sua), shaved ice, Fig Jelly, bouncy pork balls ..... etc. Lucky I'm in this area every day due to a project. I'm going to have Taiwanese food for a week! Yippee!

A skilful craftswoman making figurines from coloured dough

From Thursday, be entertained by Chinese yo-yo ( 扯铃 che ling) and pottery flute ( 陶笛 tao di) performers flown in from Taiwan. Watch Hokkien Opera( 歌仔戏 ge zai xi )during this weekend!

24 Jul 08 (Thu)
6pm & 7pm Pottery Flute & Chinese yo-yo Performance

25 - 27 Jul 08 (Fri - Sun)
4pm & 6pm Pottery Flute & Chinese yo-yo Performance
7pm Hokkien Opera
8pm Pottery Flute & Chinese yo-yo Performance

For this week only!

Taiwan Food Street - A Bugis Junction Food Festival Special

21 - 27 July 08
Hylam Street & Bugis Square, Level 1

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  1. Looks like a nice food fair going on there. But, the crowd is not that much.. I have never tried Taiwanese food before.. Japanese restaurants are more famous here..

    It is always good to for food fair.. try so many varieties of food.

    Hope you have a great time over there!

  2. That is so nice! I also fell in love with Taiwanese street food when i visited in Feb. How I wish we have this type of food fair here.

  3. Wah, nice.

    I've tried the 臭豆腐 once. When it's frying then yeah, it's like being near a rubbish dump. But surprisingly it tasted okay.

  4. FOOD!! I go down there now. Try to catch the bouncing pork ball before it is too late... he he

  5. Congratulations for being in the Hall of Fame! I think your recent entertaining posts have helped gain you the votes.

    Thanks for this mention. I hardly visit Bugis Junction nowadays to know that there's such an event going on there. Hopefully I would have the chance to check it out.

  6. By the way, a post on you as the Most Entertaining Blog Finalist has been featured on omy today, see this link.

  7. Wah.. like I say before.. SG always have activities going on!! Missing home!!!

    And Aunty!! Congrats on the Hall of Fame!!! Congrats!!

  8. I love food. You're lucky to live in Singapore. Did you find any stinking tofu?

  9. Interesting! I would like to try the smelly tofu....watched how they made it on tv and I am just curious as to its taste and the smell..:D

  10. taiwan foodie is also big here in Manila. My kids are addicted to it, they have lots in school. There's even a restaurant very near our place selling taiwan street food...yummy!

  11. Walk one round, can fill one tummy already :) makan a bit here and there quite shiok!!

  12. Oooh I'm hungry! Yum yum yum...

    Where got aunty? It's MISS ahahhaha!

  13. ho jiak bo? when r u goin to taiwan for horniday again? i oso want go.. hee...

  14. Hi dear! How cool is that? Now you can visit Taiwan anytime u like! :)

    Off to vote for u now, congrats on making it into the Hall of Fame woo hoo! :)

  15. Every time I visit here I get hungry. I wonder why. Good luck to you and Jaymes. Have voted for both of you.

  16. Looks like a nice way to spend the day. I'm hungry now.

  17. so nice...no need to fly all the way to Taiwan can enjoy Taiwanese food. Congratulations for landing on the hall of fame!

  18. Wah...it's like Taiwan in your own backyard...and I wouldn't even know the difference because I have never been to Taiwan!

  19. seems all are busy... Cool catch for WW! Mine's up too hope you can drop by.... Congratulations!

  20. I am sooo... hungry now after looking at your pictures! Had the best of Thai food over the weekend myself in Bangkok! :P

  21. hmm....which one I would love to buy :D there are so many...LOL

    My WW : Not Cactus but..... Thanks

  22. Sounds like a fun, and yummy place to visit!

    Happy WW :)

    My WW entries for today are at:

    Pastyme With Good Companye

    The Paranormal Blog

    Nuttin' But

    Please do stop by if you have a moment.

  23. There is plenty of variety there. Looks like a fun place.

  24. I always love to find food of different cultures available and that's great to have an entire Food Street like you found. Interesting post. Carver Wordless Post

  25. Food street, I want to be there right now!

  26. Hey, I would fall in love with that food too. You make Singapore very appealing. *huggies* and happy WW.

  27. atniz,
    I have tried many types of Taiwanese food when I was there. I miss the yummy eats. So glad they came!!

    I was there again today with my staff and students. It was very crowded. Some food stalls are doing a roaring business.

    Going again tomorrow. How to have enough!?

  28. cc,
    Ohhh... you went to Taiwan too. Aren't the food yummy?

    You can organise a Taiwanese food fair yourself leh. :)

  29. day-dreamer,
    Smelly tofu smells so awful but tastes heavenly! Just like durians.

    I think I'm going to have BO because I ate durians and smelly tofu these few days! o.O

  30. big bright head,
    Did you go down to Bugis Junction for the bouncy, crunchy pork balls? It was so crowded today. I ate 5 bowls. 5x4=20 haha..... *embarrass*

  31. oceanskies,
    Thanks for the tip off, I've been so busy with my son's medical tests and my work. I have no time even to go toilet. :(

    I'm so surprised to see myself in the Hall of Fame. I was about to give up because I seriously lack time and sleep, but I owe some friends and readers some posts. 人情债... 难还。

    Go and have a look. You would love the performing arts. Learn a different culture and tradition. Call me if you are heading there, we can have lunch. :)

  32. LadyJava,
    Thank you so much! Thanks for your votes!

    There are too many activities, there's only one eastcoastlife... I have no time to attend more. :P

  33. jesieblogjourney,
    I think the smelly tofu is too smelly, so it was banned. Air-con premises... imagine the smell! hehe....

  34. that looks like a great place to visit!
    congratulations on being on the Hall of Fame!!! :)

  35. Finally visited your blog. Also voted for you. : )

    All the best! : )

  36. That looks like an interesting food galore event.

    Congrats for being a Hall of Famer.

  37. That is so interesting! You must have so much fun. I went to Taiwan for a month of study tour years ago. Can't recall anything about that place.

  38. By the way, eastcoastlife, do you know that you can schedule your posts with Blogger? This means you can write your posts in a single sitting when you are free, but then schedule for them to be published on different days in the future.

    Hopefully I could find sometime to visit the Food St either on Saturday late afternoon after work or this coming Sunday.

    Take good care. Maybe when things get tough, it may mean you're closer to your goals! (goal of winning the Most Entertaining Blog Award!)

  39. Hi ECL! congratulations!! i've voted for you!! All the best, ya! I'll vote for yr son too! :)

  40. maiylah,
    Thanks for your congratulatory message. I'm so happy!

  41. cbenc12,
    Yes, there's lots of food!! I only go for my favourites. :)

  42. heart of rachel,
    It is a great food fair! Also because it sells most of my favourite food and snacks. :)

    Thanks for your congratulatory message!

  43. andie summerkiss,
    Wow! You were there for one whole month! Didn't you try their yummy eats? Probably at that time, it wasn't as fun and interesting as now.

  44. oceanskies,
    I tried to schedule my posts but they didn't publish as scheduled! grrrr.... I don't know what's wrong, anyway... I would post them when I have the time.

    The fair should be crowded this weekend.

    I'm achieving something... more Singaporeans know my blog and are coming back to read and vote.

    Through my blogs, I hope to spread my messages to as many brothers and sisters as possible.

    Silence is not gold.
    Take control of your life.
    What goes around, comes around.
    Believe in yourself, don't be led astray, stay focus and the result will speak for itself. :)

  45. Ok...let me see how I can apply your advice to my life...
    All the best. Hope to see your name mentioned when the results of the Singapore Blog Awards is announced.

  46. oceanskies,
    Thanks so much for your strong support all this time. And thanks for your post on the awards.