Tuesday, July 22, 2008

eastcoastlife sees RED!! - WW

Beijing Olympics 2008 is just round the corner. Excited? I am.
Oh boy, was I glad to see red at Asian Civilisations Museum!

Seeing Red: Propaganda and Material Culture in China
(1966 to 1976)

Chairman Mao

When I was in China, whenever someone mentioned the Chinese Cultural Revolution, many highly-educated mainlanders would see red! They would tell stories of how they were sent to do degrading manual work in the countryside. Stories of their humiliating sufferings and the witnessing of senseless beatings and killings chill my bones. The Chinese Cultural Revolution still holds a strong impact on today’s Chinese people. That was 10 years of Madness.

Admire Chairman Mao-inspired badges, books and porcelain items that are on displayed. These objects were circulated during the Cultural Revolution for the purposes of education and propaganda.

I love to collect them although most are copies. I know one elderly Chinese who has converted his study room into a mini Chairman Mao museum. I'm eyeing his porcelain collection that was specially made for Chairman Mao. :P

Quotations from Chairman Mao Zedong, 毛主席语录

Commonly known as the The Little Red Book. More than 5 billion copies were printed then. It must be the most printed book in history!

Huh!? What does this red have to do with Chairman Mao?

haha..... just a couple who was having their wedding photos taken at this museum. Cool! Very innovative. It is a great place for wedding photos.

Wait!! Before you go rushing down with your photographer, please call and check with the museum first.

Seeing Red!
7 July 2008 – 12 Oct 2008
@ Level 2- Shaw Foundation Foyer, ACM Empress Place
1 Empress Place, Singapore 179555
Monday: 1pm – 7pm
Tuesday to Sunday: 9am – 7pm (to 9pm on Friday)
National Heritage Board


  1. Cool. I have yet to check out the Asian Civilisation Museum recently. Maybe I don't understand the Cultural Revolution that well. I still can't figure its significance in depth. Hopefully there would be a guided tour to guide me to gain some understanding?

  2. By the way, may you keep writing excellent entertaining posts. I hope the judges will give you full marks for the 70% of the score for the Most Entertaining Blog. And of course, here's wishing you lots of votes to remain in the Hall of Fame.

  3. I voted for you...

    and i made it into the next round of votings, can help me vote again? 10 times. thanks.

  4. oceanskies,
    I'm going back. The photos taken with my crappy camera produce awful shots.

    It would do you good if you try to understand the Cultural Revolution before you go. There is a talk in August. Check out the event at NHB's website.

    Thank you so much for voting, oceanskies. I wish for full marks! hehe...

    I'm trying very hard because Jaymes is sick again and we were at the hospital these 2 days. :(

  5. leonard,

    Thanks. I'll vote for you too. :)

  6. oceanskies,
    Jaymes is feeling better and he has to go back to school tomorrow.

  7. 'Guess RED is the color of the WW today. Mine is RED too..:)
    Then I thought I read HITLER with SandyCarlson's WW and now I see MAO.
    Happy WW!

  8. i must admit that some of the stories i've read about the Chinese Cultural Revolution has left me feeling sad ... i just hope that it's all over and done with, now. that wedding photo looks great! :)
    glad to know that Jaymes is feeling much better.

  9. Ello, eastcoastlife!
    Excellent posting. I love the Civilisation Asian!!!
    Thank you and have a nice week.

  10. I don't like Mao for his ruthless and brutal regime. But I gotta salute him for unifying the country from the ruins of civil war.

  11. great red color, hubby's fave color.... Perfect one for WW! Mine's up too hope you can drop by...

  12. strider,
    We are having 'red' posts.... but Sandy is not posting Hilter. hehe....

  13. maiylah,
    Stories about the Chinese Cultural Revolution are scary, may it never repeat.

    Jaymes is back to school today :)

  14. Capt Picard,
    The traditional Chinese wedding gown is bright red. :)

  15. kyh,
    The Chinese love and hate him. I don't have much liking for him, especially his wife.

  16. Great shots. Thank for the info and for sharing..Happy WW.

  17. I had to do degrading manual work when I was in the U.S. Army. I hauled horse manure for a sargeant's large garden for the last three months of my five years.

    Happy WW, that sure is a pretty red dress! Thanks for your visit, I take it you stepped carefully.

  18. yay, when we went to SG, we weren't able to enter this museum because it was closed.

    a red wedding dress? wow, that's new to me. :)

    thanks for visiting my WW post.

    happy wednesday to you. :)

  19. Wow that's a lot of great red. That dress is overwhelming! Hydrangeas are very easy to grow and care for ...

  20. Very cool! I love the wedding photo. Happy WW and thanks for stopping by.

  21. The wedding couple is stunning, the red dress, gorgeous! Am I correct in remembering that red is the traditional color for a wedding dress? Great informational post!

  22. Great post! I would love to visit the museum and great photo of the wedding couple.

  23. The Beijing Olympics is also well anticipated here.

    They are a beautiful couple. Lovely red dress.

  24. Hi ECL, just voted for u and Jaymes. So now 7 more days to go yeah? What are u gonna belanja me when u win? I don wan froggie okay he he he! ;)

  25. very informative post. thanks for sharing. nice picture of the couple :)

  26. yeah, chinese loves RED!! :-) the red gown is lovely too...

  27. thanks for being my regular droppers…U are now my top 3 droppers.

  28. wow! red means rebellion here in the philippines. before the current philippine flag, we used to have a red flag.

  29. I had forgotten learning about that I forgot how horrifying that was- Your photos make it look like we might want to go there for a visit

  30. I thought the wedding couple is part of the RED exhibit leh! LOL!

  31. Hey ecl! I done a post on you and the olympics too!


  32. jim,
    hehe... yes, I did step carefully around it and pressing my nose tightly.

    That sargeant had the use of cheap labour for 3 months!!

  33. ivan girl,
    When was that? Come back and visit again. You will enjoy browsing through the interesting exhibits.

  34. Hmmm ... I am not a big fan of communism but I like your write-up.

    Hey, isn't Asian Civilisation Museum very near to Raffle Place? I think I did watch a recital there.

    You ah, next time you got there, give me a call lah. Coffee on me, remember?


    Erm ... clicking the vote button now.

  35. ellen,
    Hydrangeas are not that common in Singapore. Weather's too hot for them. :)

  36. yellowrose,
    Red is the traditional colour for the wedding dress of the Chinese. Now the younger Chinese prefer white.

  37. my bug life,
    This museum has some very interesting artefacts. The info is well-researched and written.

    I just happen to see the couple and the bride was in red! How lucky! A very handsome couple!

  38. heart of rachel,
    We shall cheer the Beijing Olympics 2008 together!

    Perfect match. *envy*

  39. Doreen,
    i love the red gown too but I cannot fit in liao. :(
    Need to diet for a year probably.

  40. mariuca,
    ok... no froggie. :)

    Want some insects or worms? wahahahaha....

    Thanks so much for your votes! I'll reward you. :)

  41. shiela,
    Thank you. The couple is indeed lovely. :)

  42. trinity,
    I love to use red for auspicious reasons.

    Especially when a lady is more matured, she likes red more. hehe....

  43. bonoriau,
    Wahhh!! Top 3 droppers ah!? If my drop page was working well, I would be Top dropper. :(

  44. the dong,
    Red means rebellion in the Philippines. Really!? News to me.
    I'm going to read up on that.

  45. marcia,
    Come! Visit Singapore and I can bring you around. :)

  46. tigerfish,
    haha... I thought so too! What a co-incidence! The bride was wearing a red gown!

    I observed for a while before realising that they were taking their wedding photos in the museum. Nice place though.

  47. bokjae!
    Thank you so much!! Thanks for pimping me.

    I'll give 300 EC credits to any EC members who write a post about my running in Singapore Blog Awards' Most Entertaining Blog contest.

  48. Wilfrid,
    Thanks for your votes!

    I had to sneak some time to visit the museum that day as I have promised to write some posts on our museums to my friends.

    I'll be going often because I have lots of facts to verify. In fact I was going to attend Parliament meeting tomorrow. hehe....

    Let's see if I have time to meet up with you. :)

  49. Red wedding dress? WOW, that is very revolutionary, indeed. But I think red is beautiful.
    Thanks your for the Cultural Revolution appetizer. It kinda pushes me to read and learn more about it.
    Good luck on your Entertaining Blog quest.

  50. I see you have moved into 3rd! Keep going! I just voted again for you.

  51. Wow, that red wedding gown is very elaborate and beautiful!

  52. Lovely WW post as usual.
    The bride is very eye-catching.

    Greetings from a damp Sri Lanka!

  53. Thanks for the post on this. Hope you enjoyed visiting the museum and do feel free to go again and again. We will see you again at ACM in September during the Blog Awards, and I am confident that you will walk away with something!


  54. princess,
    I read quite a bit about the Cutlural Revolution after many of my China friends told me about the sufferings and grievances that happened at that time.

    You do need to read up a few books to form your own opinion. There are too many books that focus on the negative and bad side of those 10 years.

    Thanks for stopping by. Hope I'll not disappoint my voters.

  55. ieat!!
    Thanks for your vote.

    My family and I have been voting for you since day 1.

    I'm lucky to be 3rd. Aunty usually loses out to cutesy girls and handsome guys. :D

  56. bk,
    I was attracted by that red gown too. Too pretty. sigh...

  57. gallicissa,
    Brides usually look prettier on their big day! This bride is pretty.

  58. cool insider,
    Wahhh!! You so confident in me! Walk away with something? Is NHB going to give me an award too? hehe....

    I enjoy visiting ACM very much... and Peranakan Museum and National Museum....

    That is so much to learn... Kudos to all your staff!! They are doing a great job in bringing us the awesome stuff!!!