Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Kiss a Frog - WW

Singaporeans consumed 2,000 kg of frogs daily! Frogs are high in protein and low in cholesterol and fats.

Jurong Frog Farm is the only frog breeder in Singapore and a member of Kranji Countryside Association. It supplies 25% of the amount Singaporeans consume, mostly to restaurants.
This 1.5 acre farm was established by Mr Wan Bock Thiaw on 29th Oct 1981. Mr Wan has 20 years' experience of rearing frogs.

My students having a good time at the farm...

Surrounded by thousands of fat, gleaming American Bullfrogs, croaking from their man-made ponds, it was so noisy. Kids were thrilled by the thousands of tadpoles. They get to hold the fat froggies.... if they dare. The ladies can try kissing them one by one to see if they would turn into a Prince. haha....

You can buy Essence of Bullfrog with Ginseng and Cordyceps, American Bullfrog's Frog Leg, Duncan Venison Meat, Snow Frog Jelly (Hashima) etc here.

Jurong Frog Farm
56 Lim Chu Kang Lane 6, Singapore 719164
Tel: 6791 7229


  1. fuwah
    I never know the consumption is so high!

  2. wah, celebration time
    I am no1 in comment!
    Yipee yipee yeah yeah

  3. yenjai,
    First commentator!
    *tang tang tang tang.... dong chang dong chang....*

    Singaporeans are a healthy lot. :)

  4. kiss a frog.. after become a prince how?? i pass to you lar ok?

  5. I love frogs - how cool is this post? Singapore is truly amazing and unique. You're blessed to be in such a place. *lovies* friend.

  6. strawberrygurl,
    Why are you scared of frogs? They don't bite.

  7. big bright head,
    You want to pass me your Prince!? Prince leh, you don't want?
    If he looks like Kwon Sang Woo, cannot take back ah. hehe....

  8. chuck,
    Finally, a frog lover. :)
    Thank you, I'm indeed very blessed to live in Singapore.
    *sloppy kisses*

  9. Oh...I love to eat frogs! Definitely not cooking them myself though! I especially love the frog porridge, the frogs are braised in dark sauce and dried chilli in a claypot. 宫保田鸡 Yummy! Unfortunately, I haven't found any place selling that in HK... :(

  10. waitingkitty,
    Yah.... yummy yummy frog porridge and Kung Bo Frogs 宫保田鸡!

    In HK, they also have frog dishes... I forgot where I ate them. *tries to remember*

  11. I don't want to think of all the frogs I have kissed!

  12. Auntie! Next time you organize these educational tours for your little students can bring my 2 along? :P heehee... I want frog porridge!!!

  13. sandy,
    hahaha... good one!

    I'm never happy with my Princes....

  14. napaboaniya,
    Can! No problem lah... if you trust me to impart good values to them. wahahahaha.....

  15. Ewwww! I have this thing about frogs. They really freak me out. LOL - Happy WW.

  16. Unless I'm really really drunk...that frog's not turning into a prince

  17. I am still not convinced. In your earlier post you said it tastes like chicken, I heard the same thing about python meat. I think I'll stick to real chickens, the KFC type.

  18. I cannot eat frogs, not ever, but I have many friends who do.

  19. is this the same as 田鸡?

    it's been some time i ate the famous frog porridge in Geylang!

  20. I'm quite scare of frog actually, but not as much as my MIL. I only tried the frog porridge once & till now still a little scare over it. LOL :)

  21. Eek! I don't think you can get me to try it. Taste like chicken right?

  22. ecl,
    I never try this frog before. kakaka! Should I try?:P

  23. Aiyayaaa...

    You think it's gonna turn into a prince once i take a bite? LOL

  24. speak in doodles,
    I would like to see a frog turn into a Prince. :)

  25. sailor,
    To me, frog meat tastes better than chocken meat. It's tender and the meat is fine.

    If you like KFC, you will love deep fried frogs' legs!

  26. gran,
    Frogs are not toxic, it does have some healing properties. I double boil soup with it.

  27. leonard,
    Hello? Hello?
    *kok kok Leonard's head*
    It's the same frog.

    You go to that famous Geylang Frog Porridge too?? yum yum

  28. janice,
    What happened? The porridge tasted awful or the frog jumped out? :P

  29. My rainbow angel,
    No problem, don't kiss. Eat! Eat!

  30. andie,
    No, the frog can never turn into a Prince when you bite.... it's already a dead frog. hahaha.....

  31. impressive wor..u really can blog almost leh..too bz wif other stuff.

    Btw, are u in the educational line or e-learning industry?

    I got a colleague by the name of shangbing said she know u lor..


  32. I like "sweet chicken"....kung po, ginger + green onion, steamed with Brands essence....

    Kiss a Frog and turn to a Prince....hahahhaha!

  33. Jimmy,
    Not everyday lah... must have subject mah. I'm no wonderwoman leh. Not everybody read my posts everyday lor.

    I'm in the education line, many people in this industry would know me. Sorry, I have too many students and also colleagues .... I can't remember Shangbing. :P

    die! die! Forgive me ah, I'm getting old.....

  34. tigerfish,
    I like all the frog dishes....

    Is that bitter laughter or can't-believe-ecl-said-that laughter?

  35. wow ... that many, huh? not so sure if the frogs legs that I ate were from a bullfrog. i thought they were of a different species. ;P

  36. I heard that frogs taste like chicken but haven't tried them yet.

  37. maiylah,
    American Bullfrogs are bigger and meatier and are more commonly used in the frog dishes of Singapore.

    Other species are from Indonesia and Malaysia... dunno what they name them.

  38. LadyJava,
    What!? Scared of them for what!? hehe....
    *continues to eat frog legs*

  39. rachel,
    Try if you have a chance... compare them with chicken meat. :)

  40. That's a lot of frogs to kiss to find one prince. Happy WW!

  41. sandy m,
    haha... yes... will have to kiss until the lips swell.

    In real life, to find Mr Right, it is the same.

  42. Thanks for the information. That is a lot of frogs we are eating. Very interesting. Hmm... does that include all breed of frogs or is it specific to a particular breed?

    Alex's World! -

  43. I have had frog legs. They are quite tasty. I bet that was a very noisy farm!

  44. Ooohh... we love frogs! Their legs in particular. I can never watch how they kill frogs though. Basically just holding on to their (tender) legs and wack their head onto a ledge. With its tongue sticking out (confirmed dead), its legs are harvested and the rest of the body disposed of... hmm..

  45. Never tried frog legs...I am afraid I would turn green.

  46. I couldn't see the photos because of some weird thing my computer is doing, but YUCK!

    Happy WW!

  47. I have tried eating frog porridge...but for the price of it and its taste, I would rather eat vegetables. *winks*

    The interesting thing to know is how people can make cuisines out of almost any kind of animal.

  48. And here you should kiss a frog to get a prince !

  49. wow cool post. now i know something about singaporeans. i havent tried eating frogs yet. but they say it tastes like chicken. is it true?

  50. Kiss a Frog - haha - did you see the Cartoon when a Frog kissed a lady?

    Well, she was still a lady after the kiss, and the Frog said:
    Yet another failure.

    Take care of all of you.

    hugs from

  51. alexander,
    From whatever info I gather, not all breeds of frogs can be eaten. The American Bullfrogs can grow quite big and it's meatier.

  52. tiff,
    I love deep fried frog legs. My friends love it with beer, I don't drink... so I happily munch on the froggy legs. :)

  53. ewwww..... ck,
    Do you have to be so descriptive? Now I can't eat a frog leg without thinking of your description. sigh.

  54. mar,
    hahaha.... what a funny excuse.
    I'm getting fairer. :)

  55. oceanskies,
    It is expensive... S$8 per frog. I think the price has increased too.
    I buy the frog meat and cook my own frog porridge.

    You would be shocked by the animals people in some countries eat. I doubt you can take it. hehe....

  56. gattina,
    We don't have a royal family here in Singapore. Hope to get a frog Prince
    *continues kissing frogs*

  57. stephanie,
    Now that you do, would you go eat one? :)

  58. casual friday everyday,
    thousands. :)
    *covers ears with hands*

  59. jenn_us,
    To me, it tastes better than chicken.

    I brought a UK partner to try frog dishes at a popular frog restaurant. His first time eating frog meat, he enjoyed it so much.... he was licking his fingers and smacking his lips.

  60. toraa,
    ewww.... imagine a frog kissing me.

    On the other hand, the frog might find it offensive if I kiss it. haha....

  61. can u tell me where i can get snake meat in singapore? is it legal or illegal? i mean not some lil water snake but cobra etc which is really very expensive in thailand...i hope its more expensive in Sg..if only its legal

  62. lion of the desert,
    No cobra snake meat in Singapore! It's illegal. Can get it in Taiwan and China (Guangzhou, Shenzhen)

  63. what about monitor lizards, comodos and other snakes? are all good meats banned here as well?