Thursday, July 17, 2008

eastcoastlife BANNED!! Labelled a loser

07/07/2007, eastcoastlife nominated for 4 blog awards out of 11,
won the following 4 blog awards.

Most Interactive Blog
Most Controversial Post
Most Entertaining Post
Post of the Year

Less than a week later, eastcoastlife was banned and called a loser..... a sore loser.

Readers voted for me for the first 3 awards. I was given Post of the Year by Chua Uzyn, organiser of the Blog Awards and owner of local blog aggregator,

Because I questioned him on how the Best Blog of the Year was selected, he not only couldn't give me an answer, he got angry...... and tried to silent me. I wrote about how I felt in Most Controversial Award : Best Blog of the Year.

His under-one-roof girlfriend Wong Sek Ling insisted I apologise to both of them because she was upset over the remarks I made. Who is she to demand an apology? I wasn't wrong, I refused to apologise. I was subsequently banned from for having the guts to question his authority. I was accused of trying to break the community.

All Hell broke loose and many of his supporters rallied around him. Other members chose to remain silent for fear of antagonizing him and being banned. Chua Uzyn called me a loser. I was questioning him on the mechanics of his selection, simple question, he couldn't give me an answer.

I wasn't allowed to voice my opinion. He made all sorts of accusations against me and I couldn't response because I was locked out of the forum. He made sure I had no avenue to seek redress.

eastcoastlife was all alone.

eastcoastlife was an outcast. eastcoastlife was made Public Enemy Number 1. Abandoned. Members chose to believe him...... clappingtrees, xizor, chillycraps, su yuen, arzhou, daphne, dk, cobalt paladin, ntt, ridzuan, princesssa. ... etc.

No one can understand the hurt and pain of a victim ......

Recently, because one prominent/pioneer member was banned, I was thrown into the limelight again. Many members didn't know I was banned. Some thought it was self banned.

eastcoastlife is used to injustice and unfairness. It doesn't kill me, it makes me stronger and fight harder. Paper can never wrap a fire. Truth will prevail one day. Members are seeing Chua Uzyn's true colours.

In case people are accusing Singapore as not having the freedom to speak, let me put it straight.

The Singapore leaders are beginning to listen to its citizens. eastcoastlife is no stranger to many ministries. PAP leaders do listen to ordinary citizens.

So what is wrong here? Chua Uzyn isn't a Singaporean and he owns He is a 'foreign talent', educated in Singapore, enjoying our subsidies. Something is wrong with our education system!? How could Singaporeans who voice their concerns be banned? In their own country? The Singapore leaders probably don't practise this nor encourage it.

I was alerted to this tribute and condolence to eastcoastlife and the other banned blogs :

A Tribute to the Banned Blogs

eastcoastlife is alive and still kicking asses, thanks for your tribute but send your condolences to which is celebrating its 2nd Anniversary. :)

********************** ooOoo ********************
Update :

Besides the comforting and encouraging comments on this post, I received emails and calls from readers and bloggers whom I haven't seen for a year. I even met up with several for a dinner yesterday night.

I feel I have been vindicated after telling my story. To people who work with me or know me well, they know I don't stoop to lowdown tricks. I believe in karma.

To those quick to criticise, don't be naive and believe whatever you hear. You should see with your own eyes or have the proof before you jump to conclusions. eastcoastlife can survive this (don't do it too often!) but there might be some who can't.

Thanks for your friendship, support and belief in me. Let's make the blogosphere a better place and do stand up to injustice! Happy blogging!


  1. Forums can be scary places, regardless of the country they are located. I'm guessing that this forum is supposed to be a state-run forum?

    At forums I know of, you can be banned because someone does not like you. Larger forums need to answer to their participants, but it looks like that didn't much matter in your case.

    I wish you luck, to have been honored with 4 of the 11 awards, you are quite a loser in my book! ;) I only wish I could lose so well!!

  2. ECL, good for you to keep going! Fighting for truth and justice the Singapore Way!

  3. Keep fighting girl..You know you got my support!!

  4. Hi there ... you know, a while back I did run an online community and in the end, I dropped the entire idea. Cuz politics always creep in and when you get people's vested emotion mixed together with what is right and what is wrong and who is right and who is wrong ... funny thing if you look back at history, the winners are the ones who write the history.

    Anyways, after that experience, I learn to be happy with the few geniune friends I have (in your case that would be a lot more due to fan base ... hahaha) and do the things I enjoy doing with them most.

    The rest? Nah ... not worth the hasstle to get my blood pressure high :)

    You have a good week ahead.

    Wilf ... @ Chennai ... (meh)

  5. Erm ... to add onto that ... I meant to say ...

    1. Doesn't matter if others call you a loser. Do you think you are? That is the question.

    2. Some battles, worth fighting. Others? Nah, better put your time and emotion into something more fruitful, no?

    My 5-cent lah ... :)

  6. Hey there, not to fret. At least you have this Singaporean who will frequent your blog daily... and leave comments along the way as well!

    Actually, a forum is only a big deal within its own community. No need to give it publicity through your post, really.

    Keep your chin up, my friend!

  7. hi, eastcoastlife.
    Excellent photo and good posting.
    Have a nice day.

  8. I agree forums can be tough, and those who are the leaders are more or less gods. I think that you were treated unfairly but you know that your true fans and true friends will stick by matter what. Keep to your principles.

  9. WAHLIAO WEI!!!!!!!!

    Don't worry la.... If you're a loser...then, I'm a .. err... worse off than you la. I'm not in any category..I'm not in

    But do I really care? Nah...

    pretty petty if you ask me...

    Ah well.. ECL, I throw you many bowls of delicious curry/assam laksa, (so that I can share with you)...heh!

  10. Wow! Blogging has drama just like soap operas! Stand strong and continue to do what you do! Forums are over rated!
    Congrats on the awards that you won!

  11. Ok, now that I've read it. Actually, I'm offended by what you wrote.

    I think Singapore is in an unfortunate situation where the population is not enough for the economy to keep growing. So, they continously have to hunt for good talent. Where do they look?

    Malaysia of course! Nearest neighbouring country. Cheapest but high quality talent! They advertise in newspaper everytime how they are having the Asean you know HOW many parents JUMP at that chance? To send their CHILD out for better education at a better, more developed country?

    Don't blame the fact that he's from Malaysia. It's just HIM!

    I'm sure you'll agree that there are alot of Malaysians who would be equally as disgusted with his behaviour as you are!

    ECL, I'm sure you'll understand where I'm coming from.

    I will be taking back my "many bowls"...I'll just leave you ONE bowl.

    HA HA HA!!!! I'll eat the rest myself, to keep me more happy! ;-)

  12. to us you are at least our winner!


  13. LOL
    ECL, why get yourself fire up over such a person?

  14. sigh.

    Actually for me at that point in time, I didn't make a stand, cos I wasn't present when the incident took place. So, it wasn't much of believe or not believe. I just listen, read.

    But recently I begin to understand how you felt.

  15. Wow, didn't know the blogworld could be so sinister! My take on guys with big ego problems is that they have teeny tiny "u-know-what"! OK, makes me feel better, so what?!
    I grew up in a country with no freedom of speech. I now live in a country where we can openly criticise the Prime Minister. Never for a second let anyone out there silence you!
    "I may never agree with what u say, but I'd defend to death your right to say it".

  16. There are really some people out there who are not used to being opposed. Even if they banned you, ECL, just look how many readers you have (me included!). You have a lot! :)

    Just continue blogging the way you do :)

  17. hawksdomain,
    Forums are scary places. In this case, it is a community that is run by one individual. Private entity.

    haha.... yes, I realise I'm a loser of 7 awards. demm.

    Thanks for your consolation.

  18. That's a bad thing about the forum, but hey, you won four awards, not bad! And you're not a loser in any way. Keep your head high.

  19. Capt Picard,
    Woot! I'm also called Singapore's refused-to-die woman. ha!

    How can I go down without a good fight!? I want to be as deadly when I'm dead. Watch out for my book!

  20. LadyJava,
    Thanks for your support.
    I'll continue to fight, even when I'm in my grave.

  21. keep up the spirit .. you still have us here =)

  22. Wilfrid,
    You're in Chennai!?

    People who haven't been wrongly accused don't know what it feels like. The hopelessness, the helplessness, the waves of personal attacks and worse, the threats and attacks on your only son.

    Fear is created to immobilize the victim. I have learnt to face Fear in the eyes. I'm not going to hide nor slip into darkness. I decide to fight. My son's life depend on me.

    It is FEAR that makes me fight every battle with all my might. Losing would be painful.


    It's not just for myself but I want to show to others who are victimised that they should not live in fear, they can excel above all adversaries.

  23. ck,
    Thanks for your support.

    I'm thankful for friends and readers like you. This morning I received many emails of support too.

    Don't worry, such things don't kill me, they make me stronger.

  24. dianeca,
    Thank you.

    This incident did show me many true friends. They believe in me and were a consolation in those hard times.

    I never waver. Now, people know what I stand up for.

  25. regina,
    yes... quite a drama huh.

    It's sad that in the real world, people fight and kill each other. In blogosphere, there are also such bloggers.

    People don't see others as family, they see others as game.... they are always looking forward to an exciting hunt.

  26. mott,
    You are a Malaysian, I don't blame you for standing next to your fellow countryman. You feel offended that I identified him as a Malaysian, so you have to hit back.
    Don't turn this into an ugly Malaysian versus Singapore issue.

    There are as many reasonable and good Malaysians out there as there are ill-behaved ones. There are many ugly Singaporeans too.

    Singapore government welcomes foreigners, so much so that it ignores the local population.

    Yes, it is unfortunate that we are not producing enough kids for the economy to continue to grow.... With such juicy carrots, foreigners are jumping at the Singapore government's offer.

    As a Singaporean whose 3 generations help build Singapore, I take it upon myself to love and serve my country with pride.

    I cannot tolerate anyone who tries to break the harmony of my fellow countrymen or to hurt the ordinary citizens of Singapore.

    Our leaders are criticised to be harsh on our people and there is no freedom of speech. It is not all true. It is allowing people to speak, but it must be of substance and credible.

    If I speak out against my leaders and government, I can be assured of a fair trial. I won't be shut-up or thrown into jail.

    In this saga, several bloggers and I weren't even allowed to voice out. I was banned for doing that.... and accusations heaped on me. Silenced.

    Where did he learn this? Singapore's education system? Then I have to look into this seriously.

    People have their own opinions and are entitled to take sides but don't look at it one-sided and narrowly.

    For me, my country's honour is at stake.

  27. yenjai,
    It's always standing up for my rights and that of the weak.
    Wahhh!! *puke puke* hahaha....

  28. chillycraps,
    Want me to put up screenshots of what you said in the shoutbox?

    It was hurting.... and incredible. Hurling accusations when you dunno what's happening or what actually took place.

  29. chris,
    Thanks for your support.

    That's what I strongly believe and do :

    Never let anyone silence me, I'll find ways to tell my story.

  30. sasha,
    Thank you!

    I'm don't care what people think of me, I care for my country and my people.

    The awards are my readers' votes for my works. I treasure them.

  31. napaboaniya,
    Thanks for pushing me right to the front. :)

  32. Who is this .sg? What's right has he over the food blogger community? Who need these awards to get popular? Is all very political.

  33. Hi Christine,
    Tks for stopping by.

    He's a self-proclaim God in our Singapore blogosphere. :)

    I don't know what happened between him and your food blogger community, so I cannot comment.

  34. I don't know who this guy from the ping thing is, and what is all about, but I hate injustice, unfairness and people who take themselves for gods !

  35. not professional attitude...cannot accept other people critic...

  36. i really do admire your strength and perseverance, ecl!!!
    go girl!!! :)

  37. You are not alone. I for one, still believe in you. All you need do is keep on doing that which you do best, keep on blogging, keep on creating those great articles. You will prove them all wrong.

  38. gattina,
    We have something in common, that's why we clicked. hehe....

  39. azlan,
    Not many people can accept criticism.

    It's not easy to take a bitter pill.
    I try. I find that I improve after constructive criticisms.

  40. sailor,
    awww.... *hugs*
    Thanks for believing in me!
    I'm doing my best... for every one, yeh... even the naysayers. :)

  41. I just don't understand how people like that can't cope with disagreement. If this guy made a decision he should be prepared to defend it, with whatever (small amount) of logic he used. He has achieved absolutely nothing by acting the way he did. Well done ECL, for standing up for what you think is right.

  42. What is the deal with forums! There doesn't seem to be one that allows healthy discussion, comment, or questioning. I don't mind a comment that I don't agree with on my posts; it usually means the person at least read it first. But the venom just comes out on the forum pages.
    Don't let it bother you, though. The Blogosphere remembers posts that inform, enlighten, and entertain. It forgets the negativety quickly. Besides, as Groucho Marx once pointed out, he'd never join any club that would have HIM as a member!


  43. I had no idea that happened to you. I guess what doesn't kill us, make us stronger.

    You are such a thriving mommy blogger, and a strong one too. I am not sure what I would do if faced with that kind of situation.

  44. I don't know this Chua Uzyn, but from what I read in your post, it is obvious that you're not the loser and himself. Such an easy question he couldn't asnwer yet he made it such a big deal and started boycotting you. That's a childish act!

    Anyway, you know I will stand by you!

  45. Errm..ECL, I don't mean to be rude, but I didn't exactly make it a Msian vs Sporean issue.

    You brought it up, under the comment section in DK's site. (comment no.39).

    That's all. I just wanted to clarify that.

    I have no issues with singaporeans...I have too many relos and friends there to make any wars! ;-) I just think that some people can be incredible petty and small-minded, when backed into a corner. Perhaps that's his way of fighting back. Not very effective...but what to do when he's not 'thinking straight'?

    I know some hurt n damage has been down, it won't make it any better by getting all riled up over it. K?

    Give plenty of sayangs over....stretching across the (errr..what sea is it ah?) sea.

  46. Wah, what is going on here la? Whatever it is, u can count on me for support he he! Crazy ah these ppl wan to make ECL angry? :):):)

  47. Congratulations to all your awards.

    I'm sorry to hear about the situation you're in. It's sad to hear about injustices. I hope things can be settled peacefully.

  48. Humans can be quite scary. Remember to take good care of yourself, and keep yourself strong. Truth shall prevail in the end.

  49. First Congratulations on your awards. I will not add fire to the heat you are feeling now. "In everything you say and do,put God first and he will reward you and crown you with success."

  50. Just for the record, I was never a Uzyn "believer". What I heard is that you left after the incident cause you won't happy the way things were handled. So I'm one of those "Many members didn't know I was banned. Some thought it was self banned."

    I admit I wasn't on your side, but I wasn't on Uzyn's side either. I wasn't present at the event, I don't know what happened, and honestly, I couldn't care less. (No offense but we're not exactly acquainted.) What I do know is that you made nasty comments against Veron, and as her fan, I'm on her side.

    Reference to incident:

    Written by Princessa on July 9, 2007 - 11:24pm

    I just want to clarify this.

    I AM NOT AGAINST ANYONE, I'm only against the statements made towards Veron. I don't think it's fair to pull Veron into the picture.

    Oh yes, I am not helping uzyn by the way (sorry uzyn I wasn't around in the first place, I don't really know what happened onsite)...

    Interesting post. Quite surprised I hit the list. The refused-to-die attitude is good. Congrats.

  51. I've read your entire article. All I can add is - WTF!!!

    Come on! eastcoastlife is above all this shit. eastcoastlife does not need some asshole arbiter to decide who lives to breathe at Bloggosphere.

    You have a niche. Keep going!

  52. Consider it a badge of honour :)
    Not every member can get banned you know!

  53. Hola ECL, I am back to vote for ur BOTB, good luck dear! :)

  54. AUNTIE!

    To be honest, I didn't side with either side because I wasn't part of whatever happened. I mind my own business and am involved in other communities, but I take as it is -- an aggregator where I discover blogs to read.

    Well, what does it matter? Fact of the matter is that I still read your blog and have you on my RSS and never bother with Uzyn's. I guess that says it all. :)

    God bless!

  55. Even the smallest lone light will shine in the darkest night.

    I was involved in a real life situation where I told the truth and exposed a lie; a harmful life threatening lie that could kill people!

    But because *my enemy* had control of people an their money and even some of their jobs and had *blackmail* files on them, I, too, stood almost alone.

    It is amazing the cowardice and blindness that people will choose but call it "loyalty" so they don't face being the cowards that they are.

    I, too, have since been vindicated. The people who stood with him or failed to stand against him have had their karmic repercussions and it only managed to make me more resolved in the face of adversity.

    Good for you for gaining strength too. The truth will always come out. Maybe not when we want it, but it will *always* come out.

    All my best,

  56. I had just started blogging and joined then. Didn't realised that you got banned, just thought you left on your own accord.

  57. so sorry that a m'sian did that to you... but ecl man sui man sui man man sui! ;-)

  58. Yep, I am now in Chennai (and still read your blog however limited time I have).

    Don't get me wrong. I am not here to invalidate your feeling. You have every right to do all that you need to.

    I am merely thinking of alternative solution. Something that does not require confrontations. I too was being accused by some of the close online friends before and the feeling was terrible. It threatened (and eventually did) tear everything that was so dearly close to me apart. In the end, I simply walk away, gave my blessing on whatever they did, and you know what? Years thereafter, we reconciled. Can't say the relationship is exactly as what it was (sure I was a victim). But I have found peace. The beauty is, there was no 'bloodshed'.

  59. Congrats my dear ECL!!!!
    Ignore those ignorant ones who tried to silence you because they were afraid to look bad. Shame on them.
    I'm always here to support you! Me no scared! I am beyond any authority! :P

  60. Agree 100%, true will always prevail. Good for you girl!

  61. Wow. Sounds like lots of drama and some serious clique-ish behavior. Good for you for standing up for yourself.

  62. Hey! Congrats for winning 3 Awards! As to the ban and the injustice, just forget it and move on! Well done ECL!

  63. a.
    Precisely. Firstly he has no answer, then he accuses and bans them.

    By shutting people up and not allowing them to defend themselves or allow them to go through public questioning, he is already guilty. He is a tyrant.

  64. Hi Mike Riley,
    It is difficult to have a healthy discussion in our Singapore forums without forumers calling one other names and turning ugly.

    And same for the blogosphere here... the quarrels and flaming wars.

    Respect other people's views even if you don't agree. Every one is entitled to their own opinion.

    He is pretty much dead in Singapore.

  65. andie summerkiss,
    Thank you for your praises. *floating in the air*

    I hope you will be strong too if you encounter such problems.

  66. Thank you for standing by me, Doreen.

    See who's the loser now. He doesn't learn his lessons.

  67. mott,
    I just want to highlight the fact that Singapore is not banning people from speaking and we have a good justice system where the accused can expect a fair trial.

    There are many foreigners living in Singapore. Being brought up in a different political system in their own countries don't give them the right to use their tactics in Singapore and on Singaporeans.

    I was warned on the use of nationality in this issue. But I didn't mean every Malaysian is like him.

    I do get very pissed off when foreigners bash Singapore and its people. And by keeping quiet so that it will go away isn't working.

    I have relatives in Malaysia and China too. We are all brothers and sisters regardless of our skin colour. We may need help one day, and as Asians, we have to stick together. We need to unite, not quarrel over small matters.

    Note : It's Indian Ocean lah....

  68. mariuca,
    Thanks for your continuous support and votes!! Wheee!

  69. heart of rachel,
    Thanks for your congratulatory message.

    It's difficult to settle it amicably because the guy's got a big ego. :)

  70. oceanskies,
    Tell me about it. I have met so many monsters....

    Either they kill me or they get killed. It's scary.

  71. fatherly,
    Thank you.

    That guy doesn't believe in God. And for some people who proclaim they are God's children, they lie and do bad stuff too.

    I hoep they burn in Hell.

  72. princessa,
    What a surprise! Actaully I shouldn't be because you're always seeking attention.

    I'm not gonna be a hypocrite and be nice about it.

    You know I always see you as transparent in public, so your comment doesn't mean a thing to me.

    You jumped on my post then to gain publicity, traffic and exposure. An opportunist, not as a fan of Veron. You look yourself too up.
    Your post didn't make Veron look good. Read it again.

    Young girl, what you did to gain fame and money, you will regret one day. You have to face your kids and God.

    I don't have a good opinion of you and I won't hide it.

    It's ridiculous how you can give me a slap me and then declare 'I have nothing against anyone'.

    How about a slap from me and then I say 'I have nothing against Sabrina' to the whole world?

  73. Whoa wind mill!
    What a touching comment! I'm melting. hahaha...


    I know I'm good... *puke puke*

    I don't care for awards. I care only for money, working hard to sapu all the money I can and live like a queen. :)

  74. entrepreneur,
    Wise words. I like it.
    I'm very honoured. :)

  75. sicari!!
    si kin nah! Call me AUNTIE, loud loud some more!

    Thanks lah, I'm honoured. Good boy!

  76. Samsara,
    Thanks for sharing.

    It is sad that many people are still looking after themselves and turning a blind eye to others' sad plights. It's universal and even governments are guilty of it.

    Whatever little I can do, if I can help a few victims every year, I'm happy. I do hope more people will stand with me.

    Eradicate injustice and unfair practices!

  77. highwayblogger,
    Now that you know, you have to take care of me ah.

    Alamak. Later people misunderstand. hehe...

  78. My rainbow angel,
    awww... there are bad Malaysians and bad Singaporeans and bad other nationalities too lah.

    *hugs angel*

  79. wilfrid,
    I like the taste of blood. Especially if it is a gang up, it is a big challenge.

    Don't worry for me. You know, Uzyn made this comment on my blog on the day of banning:

    ECL, for your age, you're not very smart. hahaha....

    I will do what he thinks I dare not do.

  80. sher,
    Wah! So good ah! Beyond any authority! I also want that man. No follow Law!

    Thanks for your support. Will fight harder.

  81. cc,
    Thanks. I want to live to see that day. :)

  82. Hi shae-shae,
    Thanks for your encouragement. Will continue my fight for justice.

  83. bokjae,
    Thanks, you're always so nice. I cannot achieve your level lah. I'm too human and cannot tahan small people. :)

    Born to be a fighter.

  84. I don't know where this ill-sentiments are coming from but for the record I am not a fan of Uzyn.

    This whole saga is less then ideal. Hope this will resolve soon and everybody moves on for the good of the community.

  85. I'm so sorry that I am so late in realising what happened to you! (See how out of touch I am with the world?) I believe in you, your writing and your blog. So don't give up, keep on blogging and show them what ECL is truly made of! :)

  86. princessa,
    He's trying to sell so why is the community so gan cheong about it being united or not? No one except Uzyn is going to make money.

  87. Jasmine,
    Thanks for believing in me and supporting me. I appreciate that. :)

  88. Hi ECL,

    Thank you for coming to my blog and commenting on the video. On hindsight, I believe I should have said tribute or 致敬 to the 'ban of brothers (and sisters)'. (I will probably modify it over the weekend, though I will save that 'choi' word (奠) at the last frame.)

    Anyway, if you would allow me to clarify: When your blog post on this matter came up a year ago, I admit that my perception of the matter at the point of time was "Wah leow. Why ECL so gian? Win so many leow still not satisfied meh? awards os no big deal what!

    In fact, I certainly have written that in the comments of some other blogs or something to that effect. But because I do not really know who is in the wrong, I have never written anything on my blog on this issue.

    Soldier on, ECL. I admire the courage you have shown in your other blog in getting to the bottom of that matter which concerns the rights and well being of all citizens of this country.

  89. Anyway, just to add on:

    Veron's win was discussed in an unofficial meet-up several months ago, someone (I cannot remember who) told me that the votes Veron had in one category outstrips that of all the others add up - even though the rest of the nominees were nominated for several categories. I cannot verify how true that statement is since nothing was shown to me as supporting evidence.

    However, several months ago, a few uses noticed some suspected 'pong cheating' by certain individuals to make their blog look more popular than they really are using 'clones' (i.e. multiple accounts). If this method was also used during the voting, then it is no doubt why Veron had won.

    But let me point out that Veron is not one of the 'pong-cheats', and in my opinion, if this has been done during the voting, she is not aware of it.

  90. xizor2000,
    It was a shock to see you hantaming me then. My first reaction was : "Huh!? Xizor!? He also has such a low opinion of me? Gosh!"

    I'm quite sore at those who did that to me then. Why didn't check the facts!? And why the people who witness the incident kept quiet or chose to stand with Uzyn. Even dk. knn... forced me to apologise some more. Uzyn's lc aggregator so fantastic meh?

    Such pathetic and gian png Singaporeans. What have you all gained this past year!? See what eastcoastlife gain by leaving

    It wasn't about the awards. It was about transparency and fairness. Uzyn has never been able to answer my questions. Why? Nobody asked also.

    Was I wrong? The rules to choosing the Best Blog of the Year and Best Post of the Year has been changed this year. Members vote for them. No more Uzyn's own choice.

    SURPRISE!!! Uzyn vehemently defended his decision last year and even made accusations when I questioned him on his selection, but this year he changed to a fairer decision.

    That was my suggestion last year. Should let the members vote. He got balls, don't change mah. Looks like his balls shrink liao.

    At least I fought and triumph so that there is fairness for the two awards.

    I got worked up because Uzyn shouted at me to 'SHUT UP!' Ill-bred SOB! Nobody has dared to shout at me to shut up, even if my words are unpleasant to prominent businessmen, MPs and PM.

    I'm really sad that the young people, even older or highly educated ones, in Singapore are so brainless, naive to be so easily taken in by some sweetness. And attack people for speaking up against injustice. Wakao!!

    Can you all become millionaires by sticking to Ping? Unlikely.

    Uzyn can. He's trying to sell it on the market.

    So much for trying to keep the community intact and blah blah blah....

    I don't care about Veron's award. It is well-known there are many cheaters in Ping. Degrade yourselves over such silly Ping-Pongs! Oh Pleazzz lah.

    I value my awards because I was voted by readers..... their praises for my efforts. I heart them all.

    Thanks for clarifying, it takes guts. :)

  91. i was taking time reading this..there's 2 things i just cant be bothered to get involved with POLITICS..and RELIGION..I guess thats why i will never make it to this arena.
    However I admire your fighting spirit and yes karma is such a strong force! What goes around comes around babe ;)


  92. Pearl,
    Thanks for taking the time to read and comment, despite your dislike for politics.

    I hate politics too. I shut myself off from it too but when I see the pathetic state our people in our country is becoming... I have to do something. With how little I have and in any way I can...

    I want to question, I want to have my views heard, I want a say, I want our leaders to put the welfare of our people in their hearts.

    Civil servants who abuse their authority and suppress ordinary citizens have to be dealt with... I want to send a message that such behaviour which has been in existence for a long long time, is not tolerated anymore.

    I'm not here to protest or oppose the government, I just want to bring my concerns to PM and his cabinet. Feedback cannot reach them because it is hijacked at certain Supergrade Civil Servant level.

    People who are leaders in grassroots organisation are not fully utilising the chances they have when meeting PM and other Ministers. Ask stupid questions!? Show them the pretty sides of their constituency.

    How do PM and his team get a feel of the ground when things are beautifully and perfectly presented to them?

    Be involved... in small ways... care for our country and our brothers and sisters.

    Alamak. I'm too carried away.... hehe..

  93. Hi there,

    I hope that I am not one of those that just stand aside pretending not to know about it.

    It was shocking when I was told that you stormed out after the 'argument', after Izel and I left.

    Different stories were thrown all over the place about what actually happened. Too many versions too many trying to be heroes taking sides. The same dont change a year later but just got more politicized with a top down approach, whacking everyone that dont agree.

    What's there to stay back then? Online and offline reputation stays. No one is shield from all these.

  94. Paddy,
    Yo... back from your trip?

    We were drinking at the brewery and having fun, dk and I were ribbing Uzyn and he flared up first. NTT and Ridzuan saw but kept quiet, even dk. So when stories were thrown all around, these 3 kept mum or pretend not to know. Great future generation we have.

    Anyway, leopards cannot change its spots so sooner or later, the person's true colours show.

    I can take it. I just pity those weaklings.... especially those who are like lalang, bending here... bending there.... :D

  95. Yeah was back last nite from Macau/HK with some iPhone 3G :)

    Probably they were shocked by it .. not so much ball-less? Let me check. hahah

  96. Paddy,
    Wow! iphone 3G!! My hubby's fingers are itchy. :)

    Gosh... check with them or checking them!? Need help? wahahahaha....

  97. Thank you lar, AUNTIE!

    p.s. auntie got give sweets to good boys?

  98. sicari!!
    Auntie here, Auntie there!

    No sweets. kok kok your head. :)

  99. I've been in and out for a little while. I have apparently missed a lot. I will have to come back and read all the links you have in this post....but you are so not a loser in Grandy's book.

  100. We know who are the loser, don't worry and be happy. Keep blogging ECL!

  101. Politics issue I guess. The main objective for us is to share our exp with everyone.

    You have done that very good, so keep it up!!! =D

  102. You attracted whole lot of irrelevant audience from the other side of the world. People who doesn't live in Singapore doesn't give 2 hoots about

  103. Grandy,
    Thank you for your confidence in me. :)

    I know I'm not the loser and they know they make fools of themselves.

  104. timesofmylife,
    Thank you for your comforting words. I'm not worried about being labelled a loser.

    I'm worried about people not being able to differentiate the right and the wrong.... not speaking up or standing up for what is right.

    I'm enjoying myself... blogging happily. :)

  105. 2nd-hamsterlord,
    Politics!? There's a hidden agenda.

    I hope Singaporeans will learn something from this. :)

  106. gary,
    Yes, I attracted a lot of attention from the other parts of the world. They may not care about what is happening in Singapore but I'm sure they care about what is happening in the blogsphere and their fellow bloggers.

    This is not finished business... it will be a national issue.

  107. It's the same in the entertainment circle. LOL~ Many dark cover-up-ed selections, and those fans just thought their idols are sooo good. I always laughed...

    Those at, well... I have been diplomatic as much as possible, but you have to understand who are those people behind those forums and sites. These people are just there for their own agenda.

    Some even defamed me for being a liar, and if I am going to openly fight that idea, I can. Why not? But why should I? I was initially unhappy with your association with this group when you started what Blogger Association. This is the real world, my dear. LOL~ You don't mix with the wrong type of people.

    Better be alone at times then to be associated with people who can't click. What if they go around cheating monies? Durai got associated with who? You know the consequence.

    I have done my research on this international phenomenon. The internet is free, the freedom is wild, but that's as long as you don't bother about those lah, and other services. Once you got in contact, if they don't like, they'd just do accordingly. Got it? Because that's just so human.

    You can't make everyone happy, because everyone ain't going to heaven. See? You see all those whores out there in a Randy's site. Just try for fun, and let them be. Durai had his fun, Ming Yi laughed like a nutcase when he was once talking to SM Goh... then he cried and cried and cried in court.

    I have nothing against Uzyn, and I know ain't that friendly to my blog. It's ok. We're all grown ups, they can't accept me, I just get going. Blogging is fun, just staying funny. ^.-

    In fact, if Wilfred starts a community, he can also hate me, and start fooling around. See?

    Just make sure you are a good person, and let the world fools around. You go to heaven, they'd never join you.

    It's the same that those girls out there have sex with all those rich boys and think they are so special... We 'respect' their thinking, because those pussies are not what we want. See?

    They thought we are the losers... SM Goh got sued, and he ended up the PM. The media pissed Lee Kuan Yew, and he ended up coming after the media... LOL~

    Look, you r not a loser if you are not a loser no matter what people said... especially if you are loser in the eyes of those you have no interest in in association with.