Saturday, July 19, 2008

eastcoastlife selling durians

Holy Drummer buying durians from eastcoastlife

Times are bad. With the soaring prices of necessities and with so many mouths to feed, eastcoastlife needs to make more money. I turned durian seller at Katong.

Come! Come! Guaranteed!
No good no pay money!
Pay with your body!

wahahahaha...... hamsup (cheeky) durian seller!

Chris helping to serve the customers

meow King - Wild Cat durians 猫山王榴莲

If you are looking for good durians, come down to see me ah. hehe.....

*************** ooOoo**************

ieat Durian Degustation (18th July 2008)
His second Durian Buffet. I wasn't quick enough to join his first one. Luckily I got special privilege for being his makan kaki. :P

We tried 6 types of durians
- D24 (yucks)
- Red Prawn (sigh, no taste)
- XO (zzzz...)
- Black Pearl (yummy, milky)
- Golden Phoenix (very yummy, tastes like custard)
- Wild Cat (disappointing)

Of all the 6 types of durians tried, I prefer Black Pearl and Golden Phoenix. First time I tried these two. I name the Black Pearl (S$9-10 per kilo) bruised durian (or chey liulian) because the flesh has this black greyish marks. It has a creamy, milky taste.

The Golden Phoenix (S$13 per kilo) is my favourite because I like bitter durians. It has tiny seeds. The Wild Cat durian (S$13 per kilo) isn't up to my expectations. I have tasted the real thing in Bentong. Aiyohhhh. It is the best durians I have ever tasted in my life and whenever I think of them, I get depressed.

I have an uncle who owns durian plantations in Pontian and he's a terrific wild boar hunter. He always leaves the best durians for us. My standard is too high. Holy Drummer asked for every one's views. I was the only one who wasn't satisfied with the durians last night. OMG! Holy Drummer then announced that he would satisfy me, in front of so many people!! I still left the event unsatisfied leh. hehehe.....

Thanks to the organisers, it was a fun event. I get to know so many durian lovers. Time to call my uncle.


  1. maiylah,
    Come! Come! Come to my stall. haha....

  2. wah..all the top rated durians..

    its been a long time i ate durians until a few nights ago which i bought the $2 each durian..


  3. Looks like a fun activity. It has been quite a while since I've last eaten Durian.

  4. day-dreamer,
    It's the peak of durian season! Come! Come!

  5. heart of rachel,
    It's fun... tasting all the top durians and exchanging tips with durian lovers.

    Go buy some to try. :)

  6. wah, this one must tell Pato..he eats have to "tahan" the smell lor....hehe


  7. Pearl,
    You don't eat durians!? aiyoohhhh...

    Next time Pato can join us, like-mind durian lovers! hehe...

  8. I least expected you to be a durain seller!! Pretty disappointed w/MSW.

  9. hahaha... I would be a very attractive durian seller.
    *cough cough*

    You too disappointed with MSW ah? I had the real thing in KL. Must see if I can get my connection to share the precious fruits. :P

  10. Lots of durian in Davao, Philippines. They smell bad but really delicious.

  11. DURIANS!!! Hey, you look really pro trying to prise that durian apart. I can never handle it the way you did. That's why I always get the hawkers to remove them.

    Over here, what we get are durians flown in from Thailand, which lose most if not all their fragrance by the time they reach here. :0

  12. lynn,
    There are durians in Davao? I didn't know. I haven't seen them in Manila.

  13. ck,
    The durian sellers taught me to pose for this photo! haha... There is a certain way to do it. Stylo ah!

    Malaysian durians are more fragrant.

    Gosh, all these durians must have make you drool all over your keyboard!

  14. I do not think they even sell those where I live!

  15. liulian... my king... of fruits.. hehe...

    iHEART liulian!!!

  16. Daisy,
    Probably not. Come to Singapore, I'll bring you for some great food and fruits. :)

  17. My rainbow angels,
    Will you be able to bring me for good durians in KL? huh? huh? We go Wild Cat hunt in Bentong!

  18. Oh durian i love that. I remember last time i ate that durian hubby spray all over our house because of the smell. But i miss eating it.

  19. Looks like a cool event. How do you open a durian?

  20. It's a really good thing I've got some leftover durians in the fridge as I read your post! You're EVIL putting those delish morsels on display...

  21. genny,
    hahaha... I have heard so many stories from durian lovers about their spouses who don't fancy the fruits. Poor girl.

  22. oceanskies,
    I show you. Not easy to describe it in words.

  23. sicari,

    I have more photos of the different varieties but chose not to upload it. Go to ieat's page. :)

  24. I've never heard of durians. It shows how much I know.

  25. OK. I can use some real good durians now. None of my friends are as crazy about durians as me! And I wasn't even born here!

  26. Hmmm...I've never seen, or eaten one of these before. Very cool!

  27. Alamak ECL! Now you making me crave for have your tried what they call here as durian kampung.. aiyohhhh wonderful taste cannot beat lahh...

  28. So funny.. Are you sure you selling durian? Where is it from?

    Try selling Balik Pulau, Penang durians. I'm sure your customer will come back again.

  29. Your such an ambition business woman, but by all means: From you, I would have bought anything :lol:

    Wishing you a great end to your week :-)

  30. I like those orange colour meat durian! Don't know what is the proper name though. We call it "mountain durian" or "wild durian" in mandarin.

    I also like bitter durian, the bitter the better!

  31. I want!!! I haven't had durians for many years already! :(

  32. Eastcoastlife,
    Wow, you sell durian, you know I like durian very much, it taste so good.
    If we can see the "right one " ha ha, is really tasteful.
    Surely, many people will go to your stall.
    Wish you sell more durian, the king of fruit.
    Have a fulfilling life, best wishes from coolingstar9

  33. OH~~~~! I hate you! I can't stand you! I miss durians so much now!!! The durians that are selling in HK not only got no taste, they have no smell! I can poke my nose into the fruit and still don't get that shiok smell at all!
    You are so lucky! :p

  34. Captain Picard,
    It's a tropical fruit found in South-east Asia. It's called the King of fruits. :)

    It has a pungent smell but tastes heavenly.

  35. wilfrid!,
    Good for you. Let's go durian eating! I recommend you to the various species.

  36. LadyJava,
    I've tried kampung durians. My Malaysian uncle owns durian plantations and he has a few personal durian trees that are reserved only for family members.

  37. atniz,
    hehe... just joking lah.

    The durians are from several states of Malaysia.

    I have heard of Balik Pulau durians but have not tried them. Hope to taste then when I go to Penang soon. :)

  38. renny,
    awww.... I'm so flattered. hehe...

    I'm thinking of selling durians. I'm honest and sincere. I'm sure I will make a good durian seller. :)

  39. Doreen,
    Oh.. the orangy durians that look like gold! I tried Golden Phoenix which is that colour and it taste good.

    You also a bitter durian lover! Hi 5!

  40. blur mommy,
    I know how bad you crave for it. Come back lah.

  41. grandy,
    You can try it in Singapore. :)
    Come and I'll bring you round the island.

  42. coolingstar9,
    You are a durian lover too! Wow!

    No lah, I'm not a durian seller... yet.

    Thanks for seeing me so up. hehe....

  43. waitingkitty,
    hahahaha.... sorry for being so evil.

    You can always come back during the durian peak season. For a weekend. HK and Singapore so near, Malaysia nearer. :)

  44. leon koh,
    No lah. hehe....

    If I open my stall, I'll announce on my blog. :)

  45. waaahhh we could have bought durian from you while we were there =)

  46. aiyo, you make me drools. Over here in HK, no good durian. :(

  47. hipncoolmomma,
    Wahhhh! I didn't know you were in Singapore!
    Next time, contact me to meet up.

  48. malaika's mummy,
    Yes, I heard. You would have to fly back to Malaysia for durians. :)

  49. Hamsup durian seller he he he! You know, yesterday only my hubby mentioned durian, so we might get some this week. I'm not a hantu durian, my hubby loves durian more than me, although my MIL thinks I'm the hantu durian dunno why LOL! ;)

  50. OMG.......


    *faints from deprivation*

  51. When I go back Singapore, I want to eat durians. It's the season. You v cute leh - where is your stall located ah? Heee heeee...

    or recommend a good durian stall for me, then I go, I mention your name and get discount? hahhahahaha

    No lah, you already helped me so much by telling me about the pearl and phoenix variety liow!

  52. I went to try the Mao Shan Wang Durian at Four Seasons today. Its really ex but taste good :)