Sunday, June 22, 2008

Puffs to Bring the House Down!! - WS #29

It's the last Sunday of the month again. Besides the monthly S$1 (US$0.73) Lunch, we had a Curry Puff Making Lesson at Katong Community Centre for the residents.

Lunch consist of Seafood Noodles, Squid Balls, Seaweed wrapped Chicken, Chocolate Eclairs, ondeh-ondeh (Sweet Potato Balls) and sandwiches. Oh .... plus hot beverages
or chilled orange juice.

Instructor teaching us how to make the dough....

MP Lim Biow Chuan dropping in after his walkabout.

The old and the young.... having fun.

Deep-frying the puffs.........

The product of every one's effort....

My one year old digital camera is giving me problems now. Lines appear in all my photos.
I hope to get a sponsor. hehehe.....


  1. Eh... those curry puffs look abit out of shape :p

    But I would love to sink my teeth into one of those, I'm sure they taste fantastic. Now... when was the last time I had one of those? Hmm...

  2. oceanskies,
    ehhe.... thanks.
    I pray for a sponsor for my camera....

  3. By the way, it is so happening at Katong CC. From the faces of the participants, I can see that such events bring smiles on their face, and get people connected.

  4. ck,
    Yes.... made by first-timers... mostly elderly ladies.

    It's very delicious though and easy to make. I wish I could send some over. :)

  5. oceanskies,
    Oh yes. Now every participant is looking forward to the next gathering.

    And the organisers are racking their brains to think of activities for them.

    Some of the residents seldom go out of their homes to mix with their neighbours. Such activity let them know more people. They also open up to the volunteers who could help them if the need arises.

  6. Long time no eat curry puffs.

    Your camera cannot fix?

  7. everyone seems to be having fun... :)
    the end product looks absolutely delicious!
    hope you'll get your new digital camera soon! :)

  8. I just finished lunch but with that I could start again, lol ! Looks delicious.
    I have today the reconstitution of the Waterloo battle if you are intereted in uniforms of 1815 !

  9. I want one!!! Looks yummy,ECL;-) Btw, I might be in SG earlier next month. Wanna meet? :)

  10. Must have been a great turn out at the Katong CC :P
    Good activities for the elderly too!

  11. day-dreamer,
    My camera was brought in Japan. No guarantee here. :(

    You can make curry puffs?

  12. Gattina,
    Lunch!? I just had dinner. hehe...

    I like men in uniform. :)

  13. Hola ECL, I'll take 2 curry puffs and 2 coffees if u got some? He he!

    Yeah, I think it's time to get a new camera ECL, unless that is one of the items in ur goody bag! ;)

  14. napaboaniya,
    Due to the heavy rain this morning (my prayers were answered!!), many didn't turn up. We had a cosy lunch with lots of food. :)

    I didn't eat ...... because I had a heavy breakfast at Old Town White Coffee. :)

  15. Mariuca,
    I have some curry puffs left.... I was given a box of them. They are cold though. Let me pop them into the oven to warm them up. :)

    I hope to have a camera delivered to me .....

  16. That looks delicious and a lot of fun, ECL! :)

  17. Hey those look pretty good. :) And it looks like peopleh ad fun making them.

    $1 lunch sounds exciting. :)

  18. ecl,
    My cam has the same problem as yours! *Sigh* I also need a sponsor. :(

  19. Hey, is this a weekly activity at your community? What actually are these events for? Very curious ...

  20. Hi adie,
    Thanks for stopping by.

    It is a fun day for all!

  21. lisa marie,
    $1 lunch is incredible!
    Everyone had fun. :)

  22. kok,
    You also want to change your cam ah.

    Blog about it lah and see if there is any sponsor or Godmother coming to your rescue.


  23. wilfrid,
    It's a monthly event.

    $1 buffet lunch for the HDB residents living in Tanjung Rhu estate. An activity is included.... it could be a cooking demo or art and craft. Sometimes residents have to pay $1 or $2 for the materials.... most of the time, it's heavily subsidised.

    It's to promote neighbourliness, get the residents to interact and participate in community activities. :)

  24. Sounds like a fun food session at the community center. I'm sure it was a worthwhile activity enjoyed by many.

  25. Hi rachel,
    The participants can't wait to attend the next date. hehe....

  26. It sounds like a good menu. I have never tried squid before. I heard that if they are not cooked perfectly they can be to hard to chew. So I have been reluctant to try.

    I like the flowers next to the curry puffs. It really adds to the presentation.

  27. Sounds like a good time. I'm sorry your digital camera is giving you trouble.

  28. long time never eat curry puffs. long time never make curry puffs :(

  29. Hmm... it could be a good idea to check on u first before my next trip to S'pore; who knows I may be able to pop in for a good $1 lunch PLUS get to take a pic with ECL the celebrity blogger :)

  30. Out of shape puffs? I don't really care about the shape .. I care about the taste and how it melts in my mouth!

    Yuumm. It's one of the many many fried snacks I love.

    You must have had so much fun making those!

  31. So nice...I also wanna move there and be part of the Kantong community.

  32. you got lots of people in the activity and the curry puff looks delicious.

  33. Wah.. should really go to one of these events when I'm back in SG.. looks like fun and so cheap!! SG fav word...heheh :)

  34. You often have something mouthwatering to show after weekends mmm.... ;)

  35. Hope you get that sponsor..

    Have a nice week ahead, ECL :)

  36. wow! puffs...packed it, take away pls! :D

  37. im not a good cook and probably even with such instruction will be a hopeless one. but i love to eat! :-)

  38. thats a good puff experience...Happy WS!

  39. Ummm... I hope to be able to attend cooking classes too!

    My WS photos are now posted in these blogs:

    Shutter Happenings
    Le Kulitszie Familie
    Memories by Jenn
    Jenn Was Here

    Please drop by if you have the time. Thanks!

  40. i hope you would be able to perfect your curry puffs and have the best-selling curry puffs in singapore or even asia :)

  41. hi ECL! great cooking lesson! :)

    thanks for sharing the curry puffs. Hope you get yr sponsor soon! :)

  42. I wish I could eat those right off of my screen! You share some very interesting experiences here. Thanks, friend!

  43. wow...more curry puffs! I love curry puffs and will love to make more if I am not afraid of my waistline..ha.ha.
    Poor ECL need sponsors..? What happen to your ATM and bank manager..?