Tuesday, June 24, 2008

No Korean husband for me! - WW

The four hot plates are potholders for 4 different hot pots of soup.

I enjoy watching Korean TV drama and movies. I am smittened with a couple of Korean actors. I travelled to South Korea to experience their culture and traditions. Though similar to the Chinese culture, there are still differences which I cannot accept.

I hate washing up after cooking and meals. At every Korean meal, lots of crockery are used. And when they are throwing a feast, there are so many dishes!! At least 30 dishes of food, no repeats!

Imagine the amount of crockery and utensils you are going to wash after these meals! Oh no!

A table full of dishes for my family of 4.


  1. That's a lot of washing up, eastcoast! Too much for me; I would perfect the art of take out :)

  2. haha eastcost! i'm a sucker for korean dramas and flicks too. who's ur fave actor? mine is Kwon Sang WOO and CHOI Ji WOO yay!! i am very fascinated with their culture and of course their food... have you tried deokbokki or spicy sticky rice? hehehe!! love it! i'm dying to try jajangmyun too or the black bean noodles yummmo!

    love your pics by the way ^_^

  3. nice reminder of those great variety of dishes I had in Seoul some time back. YUMMY!

  4. I'm not adventurous in trying out food; so the many bowls and plates for a simple dinner do not really excite me... However, there's a large Korean community located at where I stay, so if you're in town I could show you many fine Koren restaurants!

  5. hehe... I would hate to wash so many dishes everyday.

    No korean husband for me too.

  6. I would invest in a dishwasher^^ My favorite korean drama is "My name is Kim Sam Soon" What other differences didn't you like?

  7. WOW! So many food and dishes for only 4 ppl? I'd definitely get a dishwasher then! Have a good Tuesday ECL! :)

  8. Wah lau eh...not a good thing to look at before lunch! :D

  9. Oh my..that's a lot of plates! LOL No Korean husband for me either! ROFL!

  10. Hey ECL, you might like food better than do!
    Perhaps Dr. Jim of Ask Dr. Jim (blog)
    ( http://jimmiehov8.blogspot.com/ )could help you find a Korean husband, he said he was sure he could help you.
    Hapyy WW!

  11. gran,
    There is a lot of washing up. I prefer sandwiches. :)

  12. ettey,
    I love Kwon Sang Woo too! *screams*

    I tried every thing that my eyes fell on when I was in South Korea, except for the cute Korean men. hahaha....

  13. sho,
    Oooo.... you went to Seoul too. Nice place huh. :)

  14. horsoon,
    I thought only we Chinese have many dishes to wash, after a few trips to Korea, I decide never to marry a Korean man.

    Ahhh... so kind of you to bring me round your neighbourhood, that would be lovely.

  15. awwww *tummy growling* you make hung-wee ..

    hope they have a dishwasher installed :)

  16. malaika's mum,
    I doubt you have time to wash the dishes!

    I really respect the Korean ladies for being so capable. Cooking, washing, cleaning, looking after kids and the elderly.... :P

  17. speak in doodles,
    'My Name is Kim San Soon' is hilarious and romantic. I like it too. :)

    Besides the washing of many dishes, Korean men are really sheltered and chauvinistic. :P

    And the many rules at home and at functions. Too much things to remember, I was making a fool of myself in front of their elders!

  18. mariuca,
    My Korean friends don't use dishwashers. They wash by hand! Gosh.

    Their men would be drinking coffee and watching TV while they wash the mountain of dishes! :(

  19. Hello Dude!
    Long time no see!

    It will work up an appetite so you could eat more mah. hehe....

  20. Yikes!now that IS a lot of crockery. Perhaps I'll use paper plates if I ever cook Korean! Happy WW

  21. yen,
    haha.... you're frightened by the washing up too. :)

  22. Jim,
    hehe....no thanks. No Korean husband, whether to eat or do!

  23. mudpie,
    Hung-weeee..... me too. :)

    Nope, no dishwasher. All hand-washed.

  24. They seriously need a dish washer! Big one some more!

  25. Jams,
    haha.... using disposables crockery is definitely convenient. You can cook Korean dishes?

  26. Doreen,

    Imagine how many dishwashers the Korean restaurants need to buy....

  27. Can use dishwasher or not? I enjoy cooking but not the preparation phase - wash and cut; and the washing phase.

    I loveeeee Korean tofu hotpot. Wonder if there is good ones in Singapore.

  28. tigerfish,
    Can use dishwasher lah but the Korean ladies are very traditional leh.

    I enjoy the cooking process too. Hate washing up. :(

    Try Crystal Jade Korean Cuisine at Takashimaya and Centrepoint for some yummy Korean food.

  29. hmmm, we went to Korean restaurant was an interesting and adventurous experience... I've think of kimchi, Korea's staple side dish which, along with rice, accompanies almost every meal. Although it is an acquired taste... LOL! Happy WW! Mine's up too hope you can drop by...

  30. snap catch,
    I tried making kimchi when I was at Seoul's Kimchi Museum.

    There are so many varieties of kimchi at Korean markets and each one had a different taste.

    I love kimchi.

  31. day-dreamer,
    *pours dishwashing water over day-dreamer*

    Enough water to wake 5 fainting ladies! hehe...

  32. your family of 4? i thought only u, ur hubby and jaymes?? o.O

    but hey, that's such a feast!!!

    P/S: yeah... i absolutely hate washing dishes too... *sighs*

  33. oh my!!! I don't like washing dishes too... lol! Perfect catch for WW post!!! Mine's up too hope you can visit...

  34. So many dishes just for FOUR? After eating ma straight away sleep because SO FULL!!!

  35. If there is anybody who hates doing dishes the most and she's a girl, that would be me. Nobody could outdo me. I could literally live with no clean dishes in the whole house for a whole week. Till somebody came and do it for me. Yeah that actually happened in some point of my life.

    I would marry a korean guy. Providing he loves doing dishes. Or we could get domestic helper. I have an american husband now. He does the dishes. *Phiuhhh* What a relief!

  36. That's why they invented the dishwasher ECL!!
    I love to cook but hate to wash up too but no choice...:P
    I like Korean food but leave out the Kimchi for me please..

  37. I'm with you! That will become some pile of dirty dishes!

  38. Whoa! Thirty dishes that would leave me wordless and clueless!
    Happy WW!

  39. Nice to look at, horrible to wash up after. No, no Korean husband for me too!

  40. Wash by hand? Aiyo!! Poor thing, tell them not to cook so many dishes can or not? He he!!

    Btw, I have something for you at my blog, congrats!

  41. kyh,
    There are actually 5 of us in the family including my in-laws.

    For this trip to Seoul, I brought my niece along so 'my family of 4'. :)

    The Koreans are very warm to their foreign guests. They treated us to a traditional Korean feast.

    You don't like to wash dishes ah. Alamak, your wife would be nagging you your whole life lor. hehe...

  42. pretty life online,
    haha.... so many people don't like to wash dishes after meals! :)

  43. giddy tigress,
    Yah, the table of food is for four. A lot hor.

    There were a lot of side dishes and the portions are small. After eating this meal, we were so full, we cannot walk. :)

  44. andie,
    You also don't like to wash dishes! LOL...

    You don't expect a Korean man to wash dishes for you, his mother would scold you for that! The men are treated like kings in their household.

  45. sher,
    The dishwasher is convenient, good to use but uses a lot of water! Most older Asian ladies don't like to use it. It doesn't wash dishes well. Asian food is quite greasy.

    And the Koreans use many beautiful porcelain wares, they can get chipped in the washing process.

  46. sandy,
    Yep, I would dread to wash that many dishes. :P

  47. indrani,
    haha.... frightening huh.

    That's why Indians use their fingers as cutlery and banana leaves as plates. :)

  48. mumsgather,
    It would be very tiring and troublesome to cook every day if the meals require so much of crockery.

    I prefer to make myself a sandwich.

  49. mariuca,
    The table of more than 30 dishes are actually a traditional Imperial Korean feast. It's not eaten everyday. But a simple meal of rice and dishes at home uses a lot of crockery too.

    What are you giving me this time? I accept diamonds and cash! hehe...

  50. I like to look at the pictures which remind me of playing "masak-masak" (cooking). Can they use small disposable plates instead? Otherwise each home would have to run the dishwasher after each meal every day.

  51. jesie,
    The Koreans will not hear of disposable crockery! It's a matter of face. Serving food on paper plates is disrespectful.

    It's their tradition for hundreds of years. Although the younger generation is getting more modernised, they still do keep a part of their tradition.

  52. i love the side dishes!! the best is, we get it for free at the restaurants! is it the same in Korea too?? and summore can refill leh.... heee...

  53. *woohoo* another Korean drama addict! :)
    Dish-washer!! :)

  54. My angel,
    Yes, in Korea, the side dishes are free.

    For the Imperial Korean meal, one price (quite costly) includes all the dishes. We can't even finish all the dishes, how to refill? o.o

    In Singapore, a few Korean restaurants charge for their side dishes because there are some kiasu customers who order one main dish for 4 and kept refilling their side dishes. :(

  55. napaboaniya,
    Yeah!! High 5!
    No dishwasher for the traditional mamas. -_-

  56. So many dishes to wash. Thankfully, I don't mind washing up crockery and utensils, so long as I don't have to use heavy-duty detergent.

    But I think I won't be a wife who would be interested in domestic chores in general.

  57. that's a lot of food! i bet that's a lot of utensils to clean! my early wordless wed. is up too at this link!see yah there!

  58. What's funniest about this is that my very close Korean friend has cited a similar reason for bot wanting a traditional Korean marriage! LOL!


  59. Wow! For a family of 4??? That is a reason to have 2 dishwashers!

  60. oceanskies,
    Good, you don't mind washing dishes. Can cook for you. :)

    No woman is born interested in doing domestic chores, we learn to do them when we have our own family, unless you have a maid.

  61. jennyr,
    That is a lot of utensils and crockery to be washed and dried. :)

  62. haute in la,
    Oh dear, even the Koreans are finding traditions cumbersome. :)

    In the future, we probably wouldn't see these many dishes as Koreans get more westernised and modernised. :)

  63. toni,
    Wow! 2 dishwashers for a family of 4! The water bill will be costly!

  64. Oh..I have missed Korean dramas since I started to blog. I totally agree washing the dishes is quite a handful. So I just love to make bimbinbab only or some kim-chi pancake. Will be learning how to cook easy korean food next.

  65. sweet jasmine,
    Sacrifice your Korean dramas for blogging. hehe....

    Bibimbap is easy to make, convenient and tasty. There are many one dish Korean meals too if you don't want to wash too many dishes. :)

  66. All that washing up! It's time for the next meal when finished!

  67. Boy that is a lot of dishes. Looks like a delightful way to eat if someone else was washing the dishes but when I'm washing the dishes, the fewer dishes the better. Happy WW.

  68. Maybe the Korean husband will cook that spread for you? :)
    We experimented with cooking quite abit over in London; the high food prices here helped quite abit.

  69. I don't EVEN want to imagine! :-) Happy WW!

  70. That needs a commercial dishwasher!!!
    Are there 31 different flavors, too? My, my, that's a lot for my brain to work on...... (chuckle)

  71. Haha..i can imagine you sulking at the washing basin. But i was told too traditional korean men and women eats separately. The men will eat first the good stuff while the women eat elsewhere the leftover. But the modern koreans now sit together during meal.

  72. haha...that's a lot indeed. i also don't like washing dishes, but i rather wash than cook because i don't know how.

    thanks for the visit.

  73. Captain Picard,
    That's so true.

    After washing all that dishes, it's time to cook and more washing. A vicious cycle. :)

  74. carver,
    I enjoyed the feast and boy, was I glad I don't have to wash the dishes!

    I try not to use too many utensils and plates when I cook too. :)

  75. ck,
    Probably, but Korean men are known to be having a higher status at home and thus spared all the household chores.

    Not easy to find a Korean man who is willing to cook for his wife.

  76. princess,
    You counted the dishes!? Yes, every dish is different, no repetitive of a dish. :)

  77. precious pea,
    Yes, in a traditional Korean household, the men are the kings. The more elderly the more he's respected.

    The Korean women eat separately at different tables or wait until the men have finished their meals.

    When I was with my Korean friends, they didn't treat me differently but I was supposed to observe my manners. :P

  78. naomi,
    Welcome to the club! hehe....
    I can cook. :)

  79. Oh, you enjoy watching Korea shows too?

    Not only the Koreans use that many dishes, the Indonesians too. They have this Padang food that comes with lots and lots of dishes. You can try that in Rice Table here in Singapore (if it is still around).

  80. Ah... so this would be why my Korean friend laughed so hard when I told her I find it relaxing to wash dishes?