Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Rearing a ghost 养小鬼 - WW

The next morning, after breakfast Master brought us to his 'work room'. It is a building by itself and heavily secured. When he pushed open the wooden door, I shudder as the cold hit me. It was not air-conditioned but it was cold in the room. Wing said a strong yin energy was present. (阴气太重) *goose pimples.... hair stood on ends*

arghhhh...... the smell! Gosh. What was that!? It's not foul-smelling but it was a smell that was not pleasant.

The whole room was filled with funny stuff. One side of the wall caught my attention. On rows and rows of shelves, were glass jars ....... I stood rooted to the ground.

O M G!!! Foetuses!

A bottle of foetus oil that you can find sold on the streets of Bangkok... don't buy!


Rearing a ghost is a Chinese practice but it has become very popular in Thailand and subsequently spread to South-east Asia. It originated from Yunnan and Sichuan provinces of Mainland China. In Thailand, this practice has incorporated some local Thai black magic and Indian black magic.

Rearing a ghost is actually controlling its spirit. Because of the extreme destruction it can cause to others and the one who practises it, most black magic practitioners would never touch it. I can only divulge a little of this practice here.

What type of people would rear these ghosts? Those who gain money and fame through dubious means. (偏门中五鬼行业的人 - 吃,喝,嫖,赌,诈)

They are professional gamblers, con artists, speculators, fortune tellers, politicians, vengeance seekers....... and a few entertainment artistes. Rearing a ghost to them is a big gamble which can pay off handsomely.

As more people travel to South-east Asia and China to work or do business, you have to be wary of the people. Be nice, you can never fathom what that friendly guy or lady would be thinking. How you behave in your country might be offensive to some here. And for the men (I warn every one of my male students and friends this.)...... always remember this :

Never antagonize a woman.
especially eastcoastlife... hehehe......

Don't say "I love you" to every girl you meet. Asian girls take it seriously.

To rear a ghost, a foetus is used in the ritual. A foetus which is aborted or died in the womb is fine, but the best would be one who died a violent death......, in an accident or murder. If it's a baby, it should not be more than 2 years old. All these foetuses will never be incarnated......
*cries for them*


  1. Oh dear, this is downright... disgusting..

  2. This is scary. Like you say, sometimes human beings are more frightening to be able to come up with such practices.

  3. I feel sick to learn that some people go to that extent for selfish reasons. It's so scary.

  4. very odd. now i wonder what your job is. what is it really? sorry if you mentioned it on your previous post.

  5. Now even I am a little dazzled, this looks like a CSI lab ! The foetuses don't look very true, are they in plastic ? The last one could be a doll foetus ! But if people believe in that and it helps, why not ? as long as the foetus is not killed only for that purpose. What a story ! I shake my old wise head !

  6. This looks so scary...never go near one who practise such evils...

  7. alamak... *closes eyes*

    last time ppl say casino oso got rear ghost... *mor kui chang again*

  8. oh boy, what practice! Hopefully not too popular of a practice!

  9. Hey ECL, please don't dablle with such things! You'll get into serious trouble with evil spirits!

  10. I had a maid who reared a ghost too. But I shall not go into the horrible details.

  11. *GULPZ* right in front of me now is my breakfast with a bottle of orange jam, seeing the first picture of the fetus and than staring at the bottle of jam makes me wanna gag

    One obvious sign of rearing 小鬼 is entering the person's house w/o children and seeing toys,sweets and vitagen on the alter.

    p/s: Think tmr PH, P.museum will be packed?

  12. This is really scary! Poor baby.

    Anyway, how are you feeling ECL? Hope all is well with you.

    Happy WW.Mine is here Bird Watching

  13. Hi, anybody know of an exorcist who can recommend ? My friend is very sick and she needs help. Have been to doctors but cannot help. Tks.

  14. Wow!! What a scary story. It made my stomach churned.

  15. LB,
    First again! Must give you a prize. :)

    Yep... I felt sick to the core when I saw the number of foetuses used for this black magic.

  16. oceanskies,
    It teaches people to think twice about harming others. Many people don't know how much this black magic is harming the dead and the alive.

    Since the publishing of these posts, my friends, business associates and relatives were shocked.... more so Chris. All of them didn't know I went to this extent.

    Just goes to show what a person is capable of when antagonize to her limit. So be nice to me. hahaha.....

  17. jesie,
    For their selfish personal gains, some people would do anything. I have seen the worst.

    Human beings are the most scary living things on earth.

  18. the dong,
    I'm in none of the 5 notorious trades mentioned. haha.....

    Surprise!! I'm in the Education industry.

  19. gattina,
    The foetus in the bottle is fake. It's a wooden carving made to resemble a child. Sold on the streets of Bangkok at an affordable price to gullible people.

    I wasn't able to put up the actual photos taken by Wing because they are copyrighted and Wing doesn't approve of my blogging about it. I may also put the life of the Master in danger. :P

  20. My angel,
    Some professional gamblers rear ghosts. Want to know how to see? I can teach you. :)

  21. Bokjae,
    Thanks for your concern.

    Since my blogging of such a practice, I have received emails from readers (some are strangers) who are genuinely concerned about me.

    Thank you very much. I'm happy to know that there are so many people who care for me..... more so when some are complete strangers.

    I hope by blogging about it, many more would come to realise how harmful it is to practise such black magic and you can be more wary of the people you meet.

    Do more good deeds and don't be bastards or bitches. You never know who you would meet.

  22. stay-at-home-mum,
    One of my friends had a maid from Indonesia who did terrible things to the family while working for them. Some of the things done were too disgusting. I hope you didn't go through that.

  23. napaboaniya,
    Breakfast so late? Skip the orange jam today lor. hehe....

    Wah! You also know how to avoid such people ah. Good. Have to protect yourself and your family too.

    I think P Museum would be as crowded, go during this weekend, more activities for the kids.

  24. Jade,
    I'm feeling much better. Thank you very much. That's so sweet of you. :)

  25. *shudder*

    This black magic is really sick. I believe in karma, whoever practising black magic would have veagence upon their next generations if not themselves.


  26. You do tell the scariest story ever!

    We live in a parallel world, we wouldn't know what's happening at the other side :)
    No proof that there's no "other" side, and no proof that there is "other" side.

  27. You stood rooted and took that picture ah? ewwww...

  28. I'm sorry to hear that you have been pushed by someone to your limits.

    Hopefully in this world, people will be compassionate to one another.

  29. Now your scaring me.what do you actually do? Interesting but scary.
    Happy WW.

  30. Oh my ... you have just reminded a piece of memory and knowledge that I was gladly forgotten.

    Back in HK in my younger days, we had friends who were so obsess with "baby ghosts". In fact, there is always a "price" to pay for all your wishes.

    Interestingly, you translate 嫖 as entertainment artistes ...

  31. OMG .. your birthday tomorrow?!

    Or my source of intelligence is somewhat spoiled?

  32. I really don't know what to say...

    Here is my post. Happy WW!

  33. Hola ECL! I'm very sure I left a comment on this post earlier..anyway, thanks for joining the Red Hot Drops, your site has been approved! Have a pleasant night. :)

  34. ...and i thought it's all just in scary movies...but then again, there's some truth behind those stories. Another intriguing post. Thanks!

  35. hmm. so at some point the horror movies are not so much of a fiction...

    wonder how much it would cost for one of that small bottle? just curious...

  36. This is the first time I heard of this. Thanks so much for the information!

  37. oh no i saw like that in the laboratory of the Science department...Happy WW!

  38. oh no i saw like that in the laboratory of the Science department...Happy WW!

  39. How sad!!It is scary and how in the world did they think of this practice???

  40. All I can say is creepy...and disgusting!! Really really freaky!

  41. Hmmmm....

    Anyway... your birthday? Have a great one and many, many more!

  42. Sound scary and disgusting - keep way from it!

    Anyway: Happy Birthday - all the way from Norway :-)

  43. A little non ghost told me that you had a birthday today. I wish you many birthday blessings, and good fortune for the new year of your life!!

  44. You post freak me out....

    Btw, dropped by to wish you a HAPPY birthday :)

  45. unbelievable!but its happening...

    my intestines want to collapse at this moment,^_^

    but you are right,that people must not hurt others so they would not get any harm in return.


  46. erm.. happy birthday ecl!
    *runs outta here* :P

  47. First of all, Happy Birthday ECL.

    This story is getting more intriguing.

  48. I have never heard of rearing a ghost. This must be the darkest side of black magic.

    bokjae made a good comment...

    "Hey ECL, please don't dablle with such things! You'll get into serious trouble with evil spirits!"

  49. Black magic is definitely not one for the faint of heart and character. I hope it doesn't affect you in any negative way.

    Truly scary and dangerous. Be careful!


  50. In Thai call "Luuk Kok" or "Kumanthong".it was in Thai's legend.Witch-doctor use him to do something by everyone don't see him.

  51. Hi ECL, I guess you have made your choice. Humans have free will to go either way. I have done black magic, encountered the terrible karma and got out of it. Do message me if one day you find yourself in trouble and need a 'cure' for black magic. I know of one person who can cure it completely.
    Meanwhile, best of luck.

  52. Hi cwcc,

    Cn I hv ur email address as I hv something to consult u ? Tks.

  53. Hi Hwee Leng, you can email me at cwccheng@gmail.com
    All info will be treated with utmost confidentiality.

  54. Black magic and all that BS looks good only on screen in real life it doesnt hold any water