Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Most Cruel 9 Dishes in China (Part 2)

Scalded Donkey Meat
A live donkey is secured tightly and next to it is a pot of boiling stock. Diners indicate which part of the donkey they would like to eat. A chef removes the skin of that part of the animal, exposing the flesh. Using a wooden ladle, he pours the boiling stock over it repeatedly until it is cooked. It is then sliced and served on a plate.

According to the Chinese's explanation, diners come here not for the food, but purely to watch the torturing scenes of scalding the donkey and how it reacts. How sick!!! This reminds me of the movie 'Hostel' by Quentin Tarantino.

Hot Soup Turtle  
I first heard of this dish in an Indonesian Chinese restaurant. They place a live turtle into a pot of cooled stock and simmer it. As the temperature of the water rises, the turtle would drink the soup to cool himself down. The flavoured stock is thus taken in by the turtle.

As the soup gets hotter, the turtle struggles in agony and creates excitement (sick!!) in the onlookers. The turtle is slowly cooked to death while onlookers enjoy the process. Finally the turtle is cooked, when taken together with the soup, the turtle meat is supposed to taste heavenly.

Roasted Duck Feet
A live duck is placed on a warm hotplate that is smeared with marinade. As the hotplate heats up, the duck starts to walk all over the hotplate until it starts jumping due to the heat. When the duck feet is cooked, they are cut off while the duck is still alive. The duck is then cooked as another dish.

Dragon Beard & Phoenix Feet 龙须凤爪
Sorry, I forgot how they cooked this dish. :P The ingredients are carp fish and chicken feet. The Chinese gives beautiful names to dishes.



  1. ... so cruel :(

    thank God i don't eat any of these...

  2. the first dish is disgustingly inhumane mannn!! watch the donkey suffer. ughh!!

  3. Hi, I've tagged you for a meme (and it's about food as well!) Hop on over to my blog for details.

  4. Hi, I've tagged you for a meme (and it's about food as well!) Hop on over to my blog for details.

  5. I'm proud to be a Chinese, but I'm also ashamed to be a Chinese. *sigh*

  6. Bunny Beth,
    Every one ought to be horrified by the cruelty of the dishes.

  7. kyh,
    Why should you be ashamed to be a Chinese!? Those sick Chinese ought to be ashamed of themselves for creating these dishes and promoting them.

  8. gosh... i think animal rights activists would go on a rampage!

    I just wonder now, if there are chinese cannibalists around....erk!

  9. Humans are so capable of inhumane acts.. Why do we even bother trying to save the world? So all that could still carry on? No, no, there are still good people amongst us..

  10. I haven't read every single thing (as I don't have my lunch yet). I just can't believe how cruel people are to cook duck feet!

    However, on the 'positive' note, I do eat chicken feet. I like the boneless one with vinegar and chilly. :P

    I don't know can you read Traditional Chinese. I read a post which is really disgusting (even worst then your cruel dishes): 1%的力量. I've only read a few as I just couldn't bear to read them all - be warned!

  11. Thank God there are no pictures this time!! HA

    I watched some Italians butcher a live pig once. They do it similar to the donkey one you mentioned. Anyone who says these animals don't feel pain like we do is mistaken. They are just not aware it's about to happen.

    Turtle soup is one of the things I have seen be made and I tasted it. Please forgive me. I was just a kid. But I hated it and never tried it again.

    Ducks feet, chickens feet, anything that has foot or feet in the title I won't eat.

    See, ECL? The diet is working!! Since reading part one and two, I sworn off food and feet all together.

  12. mott,
    Yes! There are Chinese cannibals. Let me post that some day. :)

    You sure you can read all these in your preggie condition?

  13. LB,
    Save me! Save me! I'm a good girl! hehehe......

  14. windy,
    I love the chicken feet at dimsum restaurants. :P I won't be able to eat the chicken feet if it was hopping before me a moment again.

    Regarding the website you mentioned, I've seen those horrible happenings on TV news in China too. I'm cautious when buying China made products.

  15. Mike,
    Oh.... so such things don't just happen in China, but in other parts of the world too!

    Chicken feet, duck feet, pork knuckles - I love eating them! hehehe.....

    I'm glad my disgusting posts are helping you to diet. Not turning vegetarian? hehe.....

  16. Sexcuse me... I need to faint again...

    NO, Jayme's unwashed Nike shoes won't help! :p

  17. i saw a movie called jank or something, which shows the monkey brain meal. ughhhh
    these are really cruel but funny!!

  18. My angel,
    Jaymes is only 16 hor!!! Inexperienced and probably too young. Can Chris do? hehe...

    Sexcuse me! Mouth to mouth resuscitation lah! What thinking you? wahahaha.....

  19. Niki-chan,
    Oh.... there was a movie showing the monkey brain meal? I'll try to find that! hehe....

  20. I only heard of the first dish - eating live monkey brain.

    Gosh... so cruel ...

    I wonder which dish have you tried!!??

  21. Oh gosh! Feel like throwing up now. *blek*

  22. serious ka... the duck is alive?! or was... no pineapple here... *sigh*

  23. Oh Geez....this is so sickening!
    I wish the chinese authorities would do something to eradicate these cruel practices.

  24. Hot turtle soup is amazing!