Monday, November 19, 2007

Most Cruel 9 Dishes in China (Part 1)

Whenever I go to China or Taiwan, my Chinese friends love to bring me to eat food that is not commonly found in Singapore or other parts of the world. Because I had been treated to some really disgusting food, I usually have to ask them what food they have in mind. The following dishes were recommended. I have only tried one of them. I got sick just hearing the descriptions of how they cook the dishes.

Monkey's Brain
I'm sure some people have heard of this dish. Several people sat round a table. An adorable monkey, specially bred for consumption (it's head is bigger than the normal ones) is shackled in the middle of a specially-made table. A hole is cut from the middle of the table, it exactly fits the monkey's neck. You see the monkey's head, it is tightly held down by a contraption.

A little hammer is used to break open the monkey's skull. Amidst the agonising cries of the still alive and kicking monkey, the diners gleefully scoop the fresh, bloody brain of the monkey with a spoon and bring it to their mouths.

I cannot imagine how anyone could eat this! Imagine how horribly that monkey died. And what if it's a human whose brain is being eaten while he's alive! Yucks.

Three 'zi' ( 三吱兒)
My father has once mentioned about his swallowing of newly born babies of a mouse. It was said to be an aphrodisiac.

Here in China, you can have this dish in a restaurant. The diner picks up a newly born mouse with his chopsticks, the baby mouse would make the first 'zi' sound. It is then dipped into a sauce and you hear the second 'zi'. When it is stuffed into the diner's mouth, the last 'zi' is heard. Hence the name of the dish. Their eyes are not even opened yet, and they have already ended up in the stomachs of others. Oh no. How does it feel to have the mini mice alive in your tummy? yerrrr...........

This dish requires a lot of courage from a diner. Eating this dish is cruel but the person who created this dish is even more cruel! It is so sad that some people can think of such ways to eat other living things.

........... to be continued............


  1. ewwwwwww!! I can't imagine people still eating monkey brains wor. I thought it was something from the past... now still got?

    poor mickey mousies, too :(

  2. I still can't understand why chinese so "no heart" one... :( those animals are not suppose to be eaten.

  3. May,
    Yep, exotic dish. Quite expensive too. More highly regarded than shark's fin. Because it's a rare dish mah.

    Poor Mickey and Minnie!

  4. Doreen,
    Any living thing that has its back to the sky and has legs will be eaten. Even humans....... :P

  5. Huh!? My Angel!!!

    *bring newspapers to fan her and let her smell my son's 3 yrs never wash Nike shoes!*

  6. yuckk.. the brain doesn't have pain receptor so the monkey die w/o pain lar actually... most neurosurgery is carried out w/o anesthetic.. :)

    the rat thing super freaky.. i go china only eat peking duck! :P

  7. Alternately, the can be soaked in rice wine too. i heard it's good for asthmatic children.

  8. *shivers*

    I have a lil mickey mouse in my tummy wor...alive somemore! Kicking and elbowing me... hee hee...

    I think..ah..chinese ppl can really eat everything leh.

  9. GoVeg! LOL!

    Westerners have been saying Chinese (those mainland ones) are the ones who will eat literally everything with legs (except those furniture la of cos). How true! Legs or no legs, they all hantam!

  10. Oh no! Not those horrible, disgusting food again! (I'm glad that I've already had my lunch...)

    Chinese people should stop eating things like that. I don't want to hear another SARS!

  11. Oh mine ... I don't think I have the stomach to continue reading your blog. 7 dishes more to go!

    On a separate note, I have watched the Discovery Channel seeing how predators tear the preys apart. How babies are being eaten.

    The act itself is not gross. It is animalistic. Just that we human beings are suppose to have certain civilized value. That's all.

  12. unbelievable ... I thought Hannibal was just a movie.....

  13. Eeeewwwkk..!! thank you very much.. none for me please.. ;)

  14. I've seem the monkey brain ritual before, although never did partake for fear of loosing my cookies.
    And you described it so well.

    The mouse dish is almost as sickening as the monkey brain ritual. I can't even imagine it.

    What i am saying it I am never eating .....ever again!!!!

    Great post ECL! Can't wait for part 2. I'm liking this diet you put me on. Ever eating again HA

  15. I heard about this in Thailand from some Viet Nam vets. Not for me sister. Too Hannibal Lector for me.

    I could not eat a mouse if it lived a cow's life. I think about disease on the best day of a mice.

    Really cruel. But I must say I could never be vegetarian.

  16. How grisly; most people are unare of this atrocity.

  17. Ehon,
    Its skull was removed wor! No pain? I hit my head got pain pain leh.

  18. Cocka,
    That's a new method to eat the baby mice, I haven't heard of this. You eat the mice together with the wine or just drink the rice wine only?

  19. mott,
    Oooo.... how nice to have a lil mickey mouse moving and kicking inside your tummy. hehe..... Take care, especially when selecting your food.

  20. LB,

    I really wonder how does a human taste like. hmmmmm...... LB xiu pai kuat.

  21. kyh,
    I'm surprised that you go vegetarian at such a young age, giving up the yummy meats that most youngsters love.

    But that's a healthy choice. Kudos.

  22. Windy,
    It's pretty amazing when I go into the researching of such food, I get awed and disgusted by what I find.

    I've yet to come across a Hannibal Lector, but I guess I would be in his stomach then. hehe.....

  23. Wilfrid,
    The Discovery Channel is also one of my favourite programme. You see survival of the worst kind. It is happening in the human world too.

    There is some animal characteristics in humans. Had we not lived in a civilised society, we would be killing and eating one another up. In fact, due to the stress of our present world, some people are already displaying that.

    I'm just posting my curious findings and showing the weird things that other humans do. It also shocked me to learn that such cruel acts are happening in a civilised world.

    Sorry if the posts cause you irreparable damage. You know I can compensate you. ;P wahahahaha.....

  24. Hi times eye,
    haha..... movies are not the imagination of some script writers. Such things do happen in some parts of the world.

    If I do a post of the Top 10 Tortures in China, you would be appalled that humans are capable of such terrible acts.

  25. Mama bok,
    Yah, these are not for me too. The thought of how they torture the poor creatures really make me sick!

  26. Mike,
    Ahhhh... so you have seen the monkey brain ritual. Isn't it sickening!?

    I'm glad you are not thinking of trying these dishes. When I told my male friends of such dishes, they were raring to try them and wanted me to organise such food trips. of course I turned them down.

    With people getting more affluent and bored with the common food, they get excited searching for some

  27. Simple American,
    In many Asian countries, the very poor are eating whatever they could lay their hands on. They eat those to survive while the so-called civilised city folks pay ridiculous sums of money to get their fix of animal qualities. Animals would not satisfy their gross desires soon. What next?

    I cannot be a vegetarian too. hehe...

  28. Captain Picard,
    I have not seen it with my own eyes and I don't want to watch one of these rituals even if I'm offered the opportunity.

    Some things just don't seem right....

  29. This is bad, really bad. How in the world can these people do that.

  30. Paddy,
    You are a vegetarian, that's why you haven't come across such things.