Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Ghost in the Umbrella

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When I was 9 years old, my 2nd Uncle fell very ill....., all of a sudden. I remembered visiting him with my parents at my grandma's house. It was an unusual day because there were many monks and an altar was set up inside the house.

The monks chanted while their elderly master performed a ritual. Then my very ill 2nd Uncle was carried out of his bedroom and the monks started chanting over him. The elderly monk started yelling at my uncle and throwing handfuls of stuff at him. I didn't see what else they did because all the kids were shooed into my grandma's bedroom.

The chanting continued for almost an hour. In between, we heard the screams and anguished cries of our uncle, occasional weeping of my grandma and shouts of the menfolk. My mother and an aunt stayed with us children. We were terrified and my younger brothers cried in fear. When it was over, we were let out of the bedroom and the elderly monk blessed each and every one of the children by chanting a prayer as he laid his hand on our heads. We were given charms to wear too.

Years later, when I asked my grandma about this incident, she told me this story.

One Sunday afternoon, my 2nd Uncle attended a funeral of his in-laws' relative. He went with the procession to the cemetery. As it was raining, the family gave out black umbrellas to all the people present. After the funeral, my uncle came back with the umbrella and left it in the hall to dry as it was wet. Later his wife kept it hang behind the main door.

The next night, my 2nd Uncle had a fever. He felt cold and had to wear many layers of clothings. Then strange things happened.

His wife, while bathing, saw a pair of eyes staring lecherously at her from a tub of water. They were staying in a kampung (small village), the bathroom were made from nailing pieces of planks together. At first, she thought it was a neighbour who had climbed up to peep at her. She screamed for help. My grandma and two cousins came running to see what happened. When my aunt told them about the peeping Tom, they went in search of him but didn't find anyone.

..../ to be continued

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  1. Waaaaaaa, can't wait for episode 2!!!! Faster, faster... FASTER!!! *grin*

  2. lb,
    hehehe.... hamsup gwai? lecherous ghost?
    gancheong gwai ^-^

  3. Niasing! You pix scare the sh*t out of me! Summore looking at it at 11.46pm

  4. hahaha.... I looked scary as a ghost hah!! My oh my! To think I would have so much fun scarying people when I die!!! ^-^

  5. Well, I'm curious of the rest of the story! It's not fair to end before the ending.... *giggles*

    I've always been afraid of scary eyes, since I saw a horror movie when I was a child.

    I really hope that you'll bring all your guests on the ECL's Halloween Night over to the big Halloween Party at Lifecruiser the 31th!

    All bloggers are welcome - the more the merrier :-D

  6. Captain Lifecruiser,
    You would like part 2 of the story. ;)

    Yes, I'll direct my readers to your Halloween Party!

  7. Captain Picard,
    Come back for the rest of the story! hehehe....

  8. very good; I'm scared, but I want to hear more.

  9. Scary!!! I'm running and hiding...and getting rid of my black umbrellas.....and....bathtubs.....and uncles......

  10. In the bathtube - OMG -

    next chapter pls

  11. Waaa liao ur picture realli scary la... sei lor tonite I sure get nitemare liao.... but can't wait for the contiuation of the stori... fai tit..

  12. Aiya, it's just about bedtime for me and instead of telling me fairy tales, you go and make my hairs stand on ends.

    I have never experience anything like that, so no stories to share but you have started a fun game here.

  13. You're leaving us with a cliffhanger!??!!!! No fair. *giggles*

    Mine's a ghost on a Ship.

    But, please, DO TELL when your 2nd edition is posted.

  14. That is scary photo, ECL.

    Great idea for Halloween

  15. Bunny Beth,
    Oops, hope I have not scared you too much. Come back for part 2. ^-^

  16. Mike,
    Ooooo...... are your uncles good looking?

  17. wennnn,
    hehehe.... I love my ghost look (gwai yong), scary hah. wooo wooo wooo....

  18. Judy,
    I'm sure you're not so easily frightened wan lah.

    Hey, I want to see your ghost look leh! So I can recognise you when we meet after death! hahaha......

  19. Hi Hootin' Anni,
    Part 2 will be up tonight - Singapore time - another 12 hours. hehe....

  20. yenjai,
    Yay, scary photo. I took several photos and was scared by my look too. hahaha....

    I have more ideas for Halloween Night. Join me. woo woo wooo......

  21. wow.. that pic is sure 100x scarier than the story!! But still.. I wanna the rest of it! =D

  22. Hi Kev!
    How's things, dear boy?

    Wah! My ghostly look is 100 Xs scarier than my story! Good. Got some more scary pics. hahaha.....

  23. xinyun,
    *resusitates, brings out the electric wire*

    Jaymes!!! Come here, this jiejie needs your kiss of life!

  24. MOE has planned well for this year's Halloween with this week's hellish O-Level timetable.

  25. yerrrr... I can feel the hairs standing at the back of my arms!!

    *shivers with fear*

  26. thank god you did this only for halloween :P

    althou i must say, that pic reminds me of those traditional chinese ghost movies...

  27. Miss Loi,
    So eng liao ah. hehe.... hope all your students are gonna make you proud with their good results.

    MOE has always been giving Hell to the people of Singapore. It's time for me to give them Hell. :)

  28. May,
    Oh, you live alone wan hor. Ooops..... mustn't scare you too much.

  29. xinyun,
    Next year I will post more for Chinese Ghost Festival. kakaka....

    I'm Chinese, sure is Chinese ghost look mah, how can look ang-moh? hehe....

  30. I'm looking forward to your post on 31st Oct :) Reading all the scary posts ;)

    btw, I'm a halloween girl ;)

  31. Eeeee.....creeeeepy~~~but still want to read further.....wait for the up-coming part.

    I'll see if I could pull something scary for the Halloween.

  32. lzmommy,
    Join in the fun lah! You can get L and Z to dress up. hahaha....

  33. Doreen,
    Can't wait to see what you would be putting up for Halloween Night. hehe.... Oooo.... ooooo....

  34. Wau lau..!! 5.22am in the morning.. i'm reading this.. scary you know.. :P

  35. errr, put scary photo ah? errmmm... hmmmm... I scare myself silly then how?! LOLOL!

  36. mamabok,
    Oops.... hehehe......

    Why are you up so early? Or.... you didn't sleep the whole night?

  37. Oh come on ECL, I want to know what happend next! When are you going to put up the next one??? :P

  38. May,
    Dun worry, you have the Emperor to fix you up.


  39. Windy,
    Soon..... in another few hours' time. hehe......

    tick tock tick tock tick tock....

  40. Wah... I wonder which Gatal Ghost followed him home... hehe...

    Thx for the tag! Errmmm... lemme think ghostly first :D

    We missed u! ;) It'd hv been a riot if u had followed us! Heh...

  41. Errr.. i won't be in town on Halloween's night leh, cos i'm flying tomolo to Meow City ;) So I dun think i can participate @ yr Halloween Nite liao.

  42. My angel,
    yalor..... I missed out on the fun in Pussy Town. I'm sure you all had a blast! *sniff sniff*

    Curious to see your ghost look. kakaka.....

  43. chen,
    Huh? Waaaahhhh! Angel and the gang just returned from there and you are going there!? Sky got no eyes ah!! Why can't I go?

    I still got airticket.....

  44. Haven't slept yet.. coz' got conference call with Spain.

  45. u look so july 14!! haha joking!

    faster i m waitin 2nd epi!