Monday, October 29, 2007

Ghost in the Umbrella 2

The following 3 nights, my aunt felt 'someone' was lying on top of her in the middle of the night. At first she thought it was my uncle, but he was too sick to feel horny. And during those times, she couldn't move nor cry for help. And the room was exceptionally cold during those nights on a warm July.

When my uncle didn't get better after seeing three doctors, my grandma felt something was wrong and a neighbour advised her to seek help from a temple nearby. She approached the abbot and he came to visit my uncle.

After investigating, the abbot brought grandma back to the temple and told her she had something dirty (an evil spirit) lurking in the house. My uncle had brought home from the cemetery a wandering ghost (孤魂野鬼) which hid in the umbrella. And it was a lecherous ghost (色鬼 hamsup guai)! It made my uncle sick so it could have his wife. -_-'"

When watching Chinese movies, we were told that ghosts are afraid of light. They usually hide in dark places. And because many Chinese families are Buddhists and have deities in their homes, or charms on the main doors, the ghosts have to have someone bring them into the house. What better way than to hide in umbrellas!

All things used at funerals should be discarded after the rituals are over. My uncle opened his umbrella at the cemetery, offering the spirit a great hiding place. The umbrella was brought into the house and left open to dry, thus releasing the spirit into the house.

The abbot picked a day to exorcise the house. My uncle recovered days after. The umbrella was brought to the temple and burnt.

In my memory, my uncle was really sick one time and we had an exorcism done. I don't know how true the spirit story is but I believe in the supernatural. There are some things that even Science has no explanation.

One thing has been observed in our clan all these years. And all my students know that : Mrs Tan does not allow anyone to open an umbrella inside her house.


  1. A wonderful story to share with us here two days before Halloween in the US. Spirits are real and they have a purpose in this place we call life. It is up to us
    learn the lesson they have come to teach. So stop look around and open your umbrellas outside only.

  2. is that the reason why we shouldn't open umbrellas in the house? and I always thought it was because I wouldn't grow tall! LOL!

  3. Hi Teacher Dave!
    Ooooo.... you believe in spirits too!

    There's a lesson in every thing that happens. I may not understand everything, but I try not to invite trouble. ^-^

  4. May,
    Yes, that's what my grandma told us. Oh, you heard about this funny rule too.

    hahaha.... your thinking is funnier.

  5. I so kan cheong tat everyday I wait here lor for ur second part to come out... Heheheheh.... The second pic even ore scarier la... luckily now here is broad daylight... if not tonite sure kenot sleep... wakakakakak.... good story..

  6. hehehehe...
    i heard about the story too in the past...
    but.. i dun care :P

    *open umbrella*

  7. wennnn,
    Huh!? You wait for my story ah.
    If cannot sleep can hug hubby tight tight mah .... hehe....

  8. chen,
    Waaahhh! You dem 'iron teeth' hor.
    *stick charm on chen*

  9. Waah! Got humsap guai also ah?
    Got humsap gay loh guai anot? LOL
    It'll be the one lying atop of your uncle.

  10. The other day, during my grandma's funeral, all her son-in-laws were given a black umbrella each and they were asked to 'lead' the hearse out from the funeral parlour, 'armed' with the black umbrella. I thought it was kinda weird and asked dad what is the significance of the umbrella + son-in-laws, but he oso dunno...

    But they only carried the umbrella about 1km out from the funeral parlour, after that, we got onto a chartered bus to go to the crematorium liao... nope, they didn't open the umbrella there... shud be 'safe' lah, hor? -_-'''

  11. There are spirits around.. i've experienced them myself.. so i know for sure.. :( not funny too..!! scarey..!

  12. Wei Makcik...
    Hantu is no joke to talk about..esp when Singapore is surrounded by water all where for them to cabot too! History itself spoke abt so many things happen in SG... and thus.. NO MINDFER TRAINING PASS THRU PUSARA AMAN...for some reason I don't want to mention (which I saw too many times.)

    Choi U better go to the Keramat 3 Adek at Kusu pay your FINE for mentioning this lah cik kak. (think U either get 3 pcs of old 1/2 cent, 1/4cent, 20c silver as the fine)

    Don't say I don't tell. But as a Dr, this kinda things do happen, and I see it too often too.

    Best Regards

    Azrin @

    tsk tsk tsk....

  13. I felt this shudder run down my spine as I read your story!!! *brrrrrrrrrrr* Now how to sleep alone tonight? How? Can advise?

  14. Opening umbrellas has always been unlucky.

    That was the sort of tale to tell at midnight.

  15. So, is this the end of your ghost story ah? Just warming up lah.

    You ah, only thinking of horny all the time.

    So, this is the Chinese superstition about not being able to open umbrellas inside the house. We were never told why but now I know.

    To us, it was a don't do it but without any reasons, we we open it in the house lah, my kids also, my husband also. Hehehe. On a wet day, we bring the umbrella in, open it and let it sit near the heater to dry. :)

  16. Now I know why they always tell us not to open umbrella in the house! Tks for sharing the story.

  17. This is a good idea to start an industry for disposable umbrellas, and create an ad campaign that will scare everyone into buying your product!

    P.S. I've seen that pic before though I can't remember where. Is it real?

  18. Neat story, eastcoast, and I open my umbrella in the house only when it's really wet, and needs to dry. It rains a lot here in Seattle :)

    Maybe I should stop doing that....

  19. Make sense that we not allowed to open umbrella in the house....those "ang mo" also don't like open umbrella indoor, they say it is bad luck, wonder if it is for the same reason....

  20. Wow! So it seems real. Thanks for sharing this story with us.

    I've heard of the same rules - no umbrella opened in the house, or the stray spirits will enter together. Quite a scary thought, but I just follow, whether I believe it or not. No harm following, just in case if it is true. :P

  21. Ermmm...sometimes they give sweets in funerals...can eat anot?

  22. Is it because we have seen a ghost and hence it does not exist? Or is it ghost does not exist hence we have not seen one? Or is it ghost does exist but we don't have the capability to see it?

    I used to have heard lots of ghost stories when I was young and even participated in night visit of a deserted graveyard in UK. Man, those nights were scary.

  23. Actually, I haven't heard any ghost story like this for a long time. It's good. I wonder what your aunt felt when 'he' was on top of her...

  24. So THAT's why we are prohibited from opening umbrellas indoors!

  25. All my life I have been terrified of opening an umbrella were my mother and grandmother before me! I never knew the derivation of this custom before, so thank you!

  26. gui ya, i experience before during my school days. let's just hope the spirit wasn't male...

  27. yeah thats why chinese dun like to bring umbrella into the house. Cool story. So the humsupkwai actually what what your aunty or what? *scratch head* or just lie on top?

  28. Cocka,
    Got hamsup guai, sure got hamsup gay lo. kakaka.... my uncle is effeminate, wonder how come no gay guai follow him home. hehe....

  29. My angel,
    The umbrellas provide shade for your grandma, while the sons-in-laws are her half sons, so they get to 'open the way'.

  30. mamabok,
    Yes, I believe there are spirits around. It's scary but I have not done any harm to others so I'm not afraid.

  31. Dr Azrin,
    Tak apa apa lah. I dun mean bad to talk behind the spirits.

    I'm not joking. I'm dishing out advice here. hehe....

    I'm sure doctors see a lot of spirits while they are in the hospitals and mortuary. yikes.

  32. Captain Picard,
    Yes, I think it is considered unlucky, to open an umbrella in the house in the Western countries too.

  33. Judy,
    There are many traditions and cultures that are passed down the generations but nobody bothered to ask why. Later all these become superstitions and old wives' tales.

    Our ancestors had much wisdom and common sense to come up with such house rules, albeit sometimes silly but I believe there are lessons to be learnt from them.

    You seem so pleased that you whole family open umbrellas in your house hor. cheh!

  34. stay-at-home-mum,
    Now you can tell your kids and grandkids. hehe....

  35. Miss Loi,
    Disposable umbrellas!? What a waste of materials! If only people would listen, there would be less misfortunes.

    I got the picture from the web. It's not real lah. scary!

  36. Bunny Beth,
    I don't know if ghosts in the US hide in umbrellas, but the Chinese ghosts do. hahaha....

  37. Doreen,
    The main point is : Don't open umbrellas in the house. I think it is polite not to do it in the houses of others.

  38. Hi suzette,
    Thanks for stopping by.

    Yes, I just follow and it is good manners to not bring dripping wet umbrellas into the house or leave them open and lying around!

  39. Mike,
    Not scary enough for you! Next time you come to Singapore, we can try this out. No no no... we go take a walk in the cemetery and you bring the umbrella back to the US. hehe....

  40. Eve,
    The sweets offered at funerals are supposed to bring peaceful blessings to the visitors. I'll eat. They even offer food and drinks.

  41. Wilfrid,
    I have never seen a ghost but felt their presence. It is a hair-raising experience.

    There are people, with yin-yang eyes, who can see the ghosts. I have a classmate who can do that, well... according to her. But what she describes is really chilling. I'm glad I don't have that gift.

  42. windy,
    According to her, she couldn't move nor open her mouth.

    It's funny because I have this experience several times in my Mom's house, before I got married. I should post this. hehe.....

  43. giddytiger,
    That's what my grandma said and I think there is some common sense lah.

  44. Hi daisydeadhead,
    Thanks for stopping by. Glad you learnt something here.

  45. puniao,
    You should share your ghostly encounter mah.

  46. Hi times eye,
    My uncle was seriously ill once and my grandma did engage the Taoists monks to perform a ritual. I do have doubts on the story. But I just follow my grandma's advise and stay clear from trouble. ^-^

  47. sasha,
    My aunt didn't wanna mention such an embarrassing thing lah. She said the hamsup guai just pinned her down... she couldn't move even a finger nor say a word. It lasted for a short while.

    I have that experience before. mm tong I also.....

  48. Yikes! So eeerieeeeeeeeee!!! Goose pimples comes out lioa!!!

  49. In Indonesia, we call that white girly ghost as "Kuntilanak."

  50. woow wat a scary post!!
    soooo very interesting :)
    i gotta be careful when i go to cemetary too.
    thanks a lottt!!