Thursday, August 09, 2007

Singapore's 42nd National Day!!

Happy Birthday Singapore!!!


To view the parade via the webcast on the official National Day Parade website (
National Day Parade @ Marina Bay 2007 国庆庆典

Following the closure of the Singapore National Stadium this year to make way for the contruction of the new Singapore Sports Hubs (to be completed in year 2011), National Day 2007 Celebration was held at the Marina Bay. The world's largest floating platform was built for this event.

Our National Day is always a big affair. No expenses was spared in such celebrations. There were many sponsors for the event too. Many months were spent on the preparations, training of parade particpants and rehearsals.

For Singaporeans who couldn't get tickets to NDP, every year without fail, they will be glued in front of the TV to watch the National Day Celebration.

It's traditional for the crowd to wear red on this day, so whether we're at the event or going about our lifes around the country, we get into the spirit by wearing one of the red T-shirts that would be on sale throughout the island.

Singaporeans celebrated our 42nd National Day of Independence with an impressive parade and mass cultural displays. The parade also features death-defying stunts by the Singapore Armed Forces parachutists and a 2000-strong combined schools choir. It ended with a big bang with awesome fireworks! When the parade ended, spectators and participants in eye-catching costumes take to the stage and turn it into a giant dance floor!

Oh boy! This is the BEST National Day Parade I have ever seen! It gave me goosebumps and made tears swell in my eyes all through the event!! Congratulations to the organisers. Promotions coming liao!!! ^-^

Singapore has the highest standard of living in Asia and is the 22nd wealthiest country in the world. It is a financial hub with a liberal economy. It's the world's easiest place to start a business but not necessarily to make money. hehehe......


  1. Hello eastcoastlife

    Happy Birthday Singapore!
    That great country yup August is a celebration of independent month 4 most of commonwealth citizen..including my country end of this month ..Cheers then.

    OK I need your favor do you interested to change link with my blog here.
    Laling collection

    What ever decision you make I express it Thanks in advance.

    ps-I see you have same interest with me where I also love war movie like The pianist,Schlinder's Lists and saving private Ryan..It's great movie right? See you then have a nice day buddy

  2. Hi laling!
    Thanks for visiting and commenting. :)

    Oh yes, I like war movies. Nice to meet another lady who does too. hehe...

    Thanks so much for your lovely message. I link you. :)

  3. Yay! Happy birthday Singapore! Though I have watched the preview, I still enjoy the event from TV. Very emotional moment.

    Majulah Singapura!

    I am so proud to be the citizen of this beautiful country that we call home.

  4. A very Happy Birthday Singapore. Have a wonderful time in your celebrations.

  5. wilfrid,
    How I wish I had been in Marina Bay!!! NDP is so awesome this year! The background is so beautiful!

    I'm so proud to be a Singaporean!

    Happy Birthday Singapore!

  6. Err.. I didn't bid for the tickets to the parade for I wish to aovid crowd. I didn't glue myself to the TV tongith either.

    Nevertheless, I did catch glimpses of it. Yup, it is an interesting one. The music is good too.

  7. oceanskies,
    At least you catch glimpses of it and like what you saw. I enjoy listening to the music and songs too :)

  8. eastcoastlife,
    Happy Birthday to Singapore! I'm quite impressed with the Singaporeans when it comes to celebrate National Day. Thumbs up!

  9. Kok,
    Thanks. Yes, many Singaporeans love Singapore and are proud of it. They do celebrate it annually in a big way. Many Singaporeans look forward to our National Day.

  10. Happy Birthday Singapore! Wish I was there to see fireworks!

  11. east meets west kitchen,
    Thanks. The fireworks was really fantastic!!! More on 17th and 18th August. :)

  12. Hi Bunny Beth!!
    Happy to see you again! Thanks for your message. :)

  13. I forgot about our national day.. ECL..!! how terrible can i get .. right..??

  14. mamabok!
    aiyooooo.... how can you forget? Watch the video on NDP. Very nice celebration. :)

  15. Happy burfday Lil' Red Dot!!

    What songs they sing in the parade? Got "looong parrrnnn, looong laooooo" ah? Hehe...

    *National Day Hugs*

  16. Happy Birthday Kiasuland!!

    Darn! The traffic jam in JB last night was horrendous!

  17. My angel,

    No lah! That is Shanghai Bund! They sing patriotic songs lor.

    Hug Hug ^-^

  18. cocka,
    Malaysia also lotsa kiasu people wat! Dun forget many Malaysians working in Singapore going back home for the holidays hor.

  19. Happy Birthday to Singapore! I was unaware of this event, as it wasn't mentioned.

  20. You really so touched ah! Got wear red/white striped cheongsam or not?

  21. "Happy Independent Birthday" Singapore! hmmm... but... where are the photos leh? I was hoping to see Marina Bay in full glory!

  22. Captain Picard,
    Thanks. You can read more about the event at the website provided. :)

  23. May,
    I wasn't at the event. I was home watching it through TV. :(

    But you can catch the excitement through the website provided.

  24. happy birthday S'pore! :D

    i was just wondering how come you didn't blog about Singapore Day! lol. :P

    None of my Singapore friends wore red yesterday! Hmm..

  25. Happy Birthday Singapore!
    Having just vacationed in Singapore, I must say that I was very impressed by MOST things I experienced there. Intriguing and definitely deserving of the name "Asian Tiger"

  26. ehon,

    I think your Singaporean friends forgot about it. :(

  27. giddy tiger,
    Thanks. Glad you enjoy your trip here. Bet you did lots of shopping and went sround trying the local food! :)

  28. did u paint your face red & white?
    hehehhe :P

  29. Chen,
    No wor. I think my face red (radiant) enough. hehehe.....

  30. I didn't get the free NDP ticket. anyway no problem, because I can see the fireworks from my house.

  31. hanneng,
    Wah! So lucky, can see the fireworks from your house! I can only watch on TV. duh.

  32. Belated Happy Birthday Singapore! My apologies for the delayed greet, my friend! Was down with the flue and all. And now my site is "under renovation".

    Read your post on the fisherman thing. It reminded me of my experiences in Limay, Bataan. Great pics, by the way.

    I hope to get my site back on Monday, i miss reading my friends' posts and all. And oh! I love the falling in love post! :)

    Regards to everyone, okay. Hope the foot is okay now. Take care, my friend.

  33. AnitoKid,
    Thanks for visiting and commenting despite not feeling well. ^-^

    Hope you get well soon.

  34. Happy very belated birthday, Singapore!

    Haha .. It's really a very late wish.