Friday, August 10, 2007

Falling in Love with a Blogger

When you have been blogging for a while and read hundreds of blogs a week, you would have inadvertently make many friends online. From these friends, you would find some good ones. You may wonder how they look like and even go out of your way to meet them in person.

I have met some pretty awesome bloggers - men and women, young and old. We become good friends. We not only read and comment on one another's blogs, we correspond through email, msn, text and even long distance phone calls. Some leave the most heart-warming messages in my comments and emails.

I have never met many of my blogger friends. I wonder how some of them look like because they don't have a picture of themselves on their blogs. Anyway, I don't care how they look. I like them for who they are.

Yesterday, I was asked by another blogger friend if I had ever fallen in love with a blogger of the opposite sex. er...... er........

I didn't fall in love but I have a special feeling for him. Eeeeeek!
*run to hide face in pillow, blush blush *

Please don't torture me for his blog! ish.

He is someone I've never met. I don't even know his real name. He has a great sense of humour, really caring, always ready to lend a listening ear, offer advice and suggestions. Period. Look like Richard Gere? I hope. hehehe......


  1. Well I guess since this is my first visit, your crush can't be on me!

    Best wishes, none the less!

    D. Ox

  2. Aisey....why you praise me until like dat? Summore say I look like Richard gere wor....

    *run to hide face in pillow, blush blush *


  3. Psssttt... u in lup with cocka ah? Haha...

    Happy weekend! Are u still hopping around?

  4. It is good.
    On blogosphers, you don't judge someone by how he/she look.
    You only know him as how he speak for himself.
    No need to go for plastic surgery.
    No need to go for dieting.

  5. No need to hide, women are also allowed to ogle whaaat! The guys do it, so can we. Anyways, yours is virtual, not so bad ... ??????

  6. Cocka,
    sei guai!!! Who let the cock out of the pants!?


  7. My angel,
    hehehe.... how u know ar?

    No more hopping mad, jumping for joy! ^-^

  8. yenjai,

    But I want to diet and go for plastic surgery so more men can fall in love with me.

    Asking for trouble huh? kekeke.....

  9. Jas,
    Yours is real-life!? *gasp*

    Yup, it's a fact I ogle at hunks. ^-^

  10. mamabok,
    er.... ah... ei.... aiyooooo.... Don't liddat lah! People shy!
    *run away*

  11. giddy tiger,
    ahhhhh..... it's a secret! hehehe...

  12. Better not know what he looks like. you may be disappointed... hahaha.

  13. I think because we don't normally get to see the blogger's photos, we tend to imagine/visualize him or her to look like some celebrity we know (in your case, Richard Gere loh).

    For example, I have a reader named Jennifer but since I've never seen her photo before, I imagine her to look like Jennifer Lopez. (Eh just example nia hor, I don't know if I have any readers by the name of Jennifer onot ok... if got then paiseh :P)

    Anyway, for me, since I'm unattached, I don't discount the possibility of going out with someone whom I first met in the blogosphere. Oooo *Exciting*

  14. Hehehe.. i'm not surprised..
    cos i knew few people who fell in love with each other even before meet up :D

  15. I can soooooo relate to this topik..hehe..kikikkiiik....hhahahaa..ya lar..sei fatt hau liao..Ya la..we are allowed to 'admire' ma...cham..the character you mentioned fits mine nicely tung?...

  16. stay-at-home mum,
    yalor. Anyway, so far, doubt might even meet.

    Just dun email me his own photo. Keep that mysterious feeling. Oh!

  17. narrowband,
    It's not surprising for people to find their other half in the blogosphere. So far I know 6 couples who met through their blogs.

    It's a novel way of meeting someone special. Mysterious and exciting, right? hehe....

  18. chen,
    Yup, anything can happen. Love is so unpredictable. And it hits you anywhere, just like a terrorist attack. hahaha....

  19. eve,
    What!? I bring out my chopper ar! You want to fight with me over him! Our friendship will not be taken into consideration! hng....

  20. Hmm...luck lady. I've yet to fall in love with any blogger through blogging. ;)

    Nevertheless, I am thankful that the bloggers that I have met so far have been a supportive and encouraging lot. :)

  21. Pester, pester, tell, tell...who, who, pester, pester, tell, tell, who, who??

    You think you are falling in love with an faceless blogger?

    I think this maybe one of your trick post get us all curious and then bang!! Big disappointment from ecl cos it is another big joke!

    Right? IF NOT...pester, pester, tell, tell, who, who??

  22. eastcoastlife,
    Who's that blogger? Like Aunty Judy, I'M CURIOUS! hahaha!

    Luckily I've shown my photos as well as you know my name. Confirm not me! hahahaha! Ok, one blogger down. Who else?:P

  23. cocka?! HAHAHAHAHAHA! =X


    when are u gonna meet me?!?!!!!!

  24. eastcoastlife, this is unacceptable!!! You MUST tell us who he is or else...

    Hahaha, only joking. No need to spell out la. But if you really want to find out how he looks like, maybe I could help you. I've got a meme tag recently, which I need to post my face on my blog, but I'm not sure do I want to do it because I have an ugly face ma! hehe

  25. oceanskies,
    Not so easy to fall in love lah! Quite risky, dun even know what the person look like. You can only feel him through his writing and messages. hehehehe....

    But so far Asian bloggers are still pretty safe.

    I've seen quite a number of musicians writing blogs. When pass you some another day. :)

    Be friends only, no other motive, ok?

  26. *laffing at cocka's comment*

    Dream on cockz!

    who jek????

    dun tell me its COCKA???? I got his pic wor!! email me! I show u!! Muahahahhahahahahahahah

  27. Judy,
    Tell you also no use. You dun know him.

    Wah! You want me to die ar!? Expect something to come out of it? Want me to have an affair and then blog about it meh?

    No need to have an affair, I also can write an R-rated post lah! aiyah! sub sub soi!

    You want to know my lovemaking life right? I email you the details and the toys! muahahahaha....

  28. Kok,
    Of course not you! I'm no cradle snatcher! I prefer matured men!

    Guys below 25 - written off!!! hahaha....

    hmmmm.... I still have a good age range to work on. muahahahaha....

  29. ehon,
    I love Cocka without the tail! muahahaha...

    ehon, anytime can meet you. But in the meantime, you must go drink some more milk, and quickly grow up! hehehe....

  30. windy, ugly can a young lady be? You are too pretty to be exposed.

    I'm not really interested in knowing how he look. Better have a good picture of him in my heart. :)

  31. sasha,
    Pleazzzzz.... dun show me Cocka's pic! I won't be able to sleep after that! Every night I'll be staring at the ceiling, half expecting him to appear .....


  32. Oooooh....ECL....with all that laam laam comments from you, now i'm staring at the ceiling ..starry eyes....can't sleep....wet dreams...LOL

  33. Cocka,
    Alamak! I'm staring because scared of ho gwee teh (ghost on top of me)!

    You think too much! Wet dreams some more. I'm wet with perspiration - out of fear!!!!


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  35. eastcoastlife,
    Hahaha! Ok, now all below 25, NO MORE CHANCE. So, how about 26-35 leh? *Trying to dig out the age first*

  36. Captain Lifecruiser,
    Aha!! hehehe.... so that's how you got your catch!

    Oooo.... I thought you would never send me the invite. I'll be over soon. Now, where is my life jacket? hmmmm.....

  37. Kok,
    26 to 45 got chance lah! Above 45 must go for medical check-up first. hehehe......

    er..... what are we looking for???

  38. Ed,
    Yup, scandal coming up.
    AKAN DATANG. hahaha....

  39. Love is love, no matter where you find it! I say embrace it, have fun with it and enjoy yourself!

  40. Mike!
    Argghhh...! No! That's looking for trouble!

  41. I think we're all guilty of that, one way or another... LOL!! I wouldn't dream of admitting it... *blush blush*

  42. May,
    Normal, right? But you ok lah, still single. So many choices. hahaha...

  43. who is he?? mike?
    yeah i think he looks like Richard Gere lol
    just kidding!
    ive never fell in love with bloggers, but i love one net friend and hoping that we will be friends forever :)
    good luck on ur love!!

  44. NOT ME

    Okay, full disclosure here, she is NOT talking about me. Trust me!

    Have a fine SINGAPORE day!!!

  45. Niki-chan,

    Ooo.... you have a special liking for a net friend too. :)

    I dun want luck for this. Forget it. hehehe....

  46. LOL!!
    why tlrb-chan is here??
    thought America is midnight now.
    okay i dont wish u good luck, eastcoast-chan!!

  47. Niki-chan,
    He couldn't help denying his involvement? hehehe...

    It's midnight in US now? O.o

  48. Hello ECL,replied your comment already at Eatyourmaths! :)

    JUst came by over,and I must say you can be hilarious, no wonder such success at blogs.Fantastic...

    You're young enuff for crushes :D

  49. Mr Fong,
    awwww.... that's sweet of you.

    I'm young at heart mah. :)

  50. I don't think I've fallen in love with a blogger (or a webmaster). However, quite a few have become good friends of mine -- and yes, remained friends even after we met! ;b

  51. Wowww!! Definitely not love love type but probably admirations and inspired? :)

  52. Hi ytsl,
    Thanks for stopping by.

    Not so easy to fall in love with bloggers ar? :)

  53. Hi Paddy,
    Ya, not love love type lah! Dun worry, not you. hahahaha.....

  54. Uahh.. kum tou tak? Weii.. tell me in SECRET k?

    I've got a teeny weeny itsy bitsy little bit of "kaypoh"ness too mah. Haha.

  55. I wonder who is the "richard gere" to made our lady so crazy...hehe ;p

  56. Bernard,
    Barter trade? Exchange info ah? hehehe....

    I didn't know men also can be kaypoh!

  57. Janice,
    I didn't go crazy lah! I still maintain control, ok! hehehe....