Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Human for Sale - $2.86 million!

My family lived with my grandmother, two of my father's elder brothers, an aunt and their family members for years before moving out to live on our own. There were about 27 of us in one big house, only 9 were adults. So you can imagine the constant bickering and fights amongst the children.

My grandmother used to threaten us when we misbehaved, that we would be sold like 'piglets' (卖猪仔) to factories or even abroad as labourers. The thought of never seeing our parents again made us very frightened and thus we would be good...... for a while and then we would irk our grandmother again. hehehe....

Even up until today, we hear of humans being sold into slavery and prostituition.

Ever wonder what is your worth if you are put up for sale? Try this interesting quiz and you will know your worth. ^-^

How much are you worth?

I am worth $2,861,906 on
How much are you worth?

I'm worth $2.86 million! Wow! Wonder who would pay such money for a rich old hag. Even if I'm sold as a chicken, I would have problem earning back that amount!

Hey, put your worth in my comment, let's see who can command the highest price!! ^-^

Alternatively, you might want to post your worth on your blog. ;)


  1. Wah liao... hv to answer so many questions and sumore some of the ques hv to go some other sites pulak... now no time to do... can I just say that I'm worth... a fortune? Heh heh...

  2. I'm not anywhere as close as you're worth... only $1.98 million for me. wait, USD? or A$? or Sterling?

  3. My angel,
    Of course lah! Not so easy to put a price on a human.

    You are worth a great fortune! hugs... muack muack...

  4. Doreen,
    Wah! You win liao lor! Priceless!hehehe....

  5. Wah
    Like angel say, need to go to other sites summore
    I cincai do lor
    In the end ... not bad lor
    (I can never earn that kinda money)

  6. yenjai,
    Wah! Your worth must be very high! Don't even want to post kei! Email me leh! ^-^

  7. It depends on who is weighing out your worth. In God's eyes, priceless.

    In my husband's eyes, forever worth more than any other woman.

    In my children's eyes, can't put a price cos they haven't even seen £10,000.

    In my parent's eyes, worth all the pain they went through bringing me up and they will go through that again for having me!

    How much do I think I am worth?? It depends how people treat me from day to day! :)

    Grandmother's answer for you liow.

  8. I'm at 1.37 million, but I'll start the bidding, for ladies only, at an even 1 million (US). The questionaire didn't even ask me if I could cook!! I would think that's worth $$$ to someone

  9. I didn't answer some questions e.g. I have not sat for SAT to know my score...and the test told me that I am worth: $1,428,038

  10. Grandma Judy,
    *clap clap clap*

    Woot! Well said! Yeah!!!

    To me, you're priceless too. :)

    If you don't treat me well when I go over to UK, I'll blog about it and you are worth nothing. If you treat me well, then you're priceless! muahahahahaha....

    You are a gem!

  11. Oh Tom,
    You would definitely command a high price!

    A cool guy with a great sense of humour. He's working hard to get his 6 pecs! :)

    And I have to mention that Tom can really cook and make great pies.

  12. oceanskies,
    Oooo.... USD1.4 million! Woot! You're worth a lot, girl!

  13. ECL is worth more. ;)
    I must accumulate more wisdom and good health.

  14. oceanskies,
    Your value would go up as you grow older because of your experience and maturity. You are already very wise. But you have to take care of your health. ok?


  15. Okay ... I got dizzy and have officially given up on this.

    Now, ECL ... I must give it to you for a worth of $2.86 million. I have created a blonde cup C slim tall 18 years girl with green eyes and she only worths $2.4 million (I thought being bisexual as a girl worths more! damn ...). Next time I see your photo in your blog, I must paid more attention to your ...

    Ha ha ha !! Anyway, you have a big family. Count yourself blessed :)

  16. wilfrid,
    oi... you trying to beat my worth? hehehe....

    18 yr old girl is not worth as much as a matured, businesswoman who earns a good income a year. ;)

    There are other factors that increased my worth.

  17. Mike,
    Wow! hoho.... US$3.1 million! That's a good price!

  18. You are priceless. You have the worth of nations and the heart to prove it. How does $1 billion sound?

  19. I'm not even gonna look. You can have me for two sens.

  20. eastcoastlife,
    I think I'll only worth, RM2.86. hahaha!

  21. many questions to answer. Now I need to do it slowly and post in my blog.

    $2.86mil? I think you can be "bought" quite easily by some bankers in Sg liow!

  22. I must be cheap compared to you. I'm only worth 1.2 million.

  23. Who can offer highest price? Ermm... got discount? LOL!

  24. I got this $2,203,070
    Then again sometime I feel kinda worthless
    Any way we are all worth what we are and we are priceless

  25. im priceless!! :D kekekekekeke. actually im in a rush so no time to go do the thinggy. kekekeke. :P

  26. awwwww.... Teacher Dave,
    That sounds awesome! Thanks. :)

  27. simple american,
    hehehe... you're as good as free! I'll have you!

  28. Kok,
    RM2.86 million is also money. And that's a lot of money in Malaysia. :)

  29. aiyo, so hard to do the survey leh... so many questions.

    i give up. i am worth what i am worth. haha....

  30. tigerfish,
    Yes, do it slowly, then post on your blog. :)

    I'm sure with that sort of money, many bankers would want to buy me lunches. hahaha....

  31. Hi Tammy Duplessie,
    Thanks for stopping by.

    awwww.... you are priceless! This is just a game. Have fun!

  32. zeroimpact,
    Yes, we are priceless. We should always feel good about ourselves and not let anyone put us down, no matter what.

    Cheers! ^-^

  33. ehon,
    Yup, you're priceless.

    No problem. It's just a fun quiz. :)

  34. keropok man,
    hahaha.... you got no patience lah! Give up so easily wan meh! aiyooooo.....

  35. I am worth 2,234,308...not bad hor..Wahhh..who would pay that kind of money to buy me leh?..

  36. Eve,
    Wah! 2.2 million USD!!! Plan for world tour with me! kekeke....

  37. I dont want to find out ... hahaha because I know that I am lesser than $2.86 You win already lah! :)

    Go to your hubby shop, got discount or not? I need a pair of nice sunglasses. :)

  38. should be priceless.

    Sorry ah..I didn't do it..coz, too time consuming la.. ha ha ha!!

  39. pinkhippo,
    hehehe... the quiz too long huh?

    My hubby's practice is more clinical, meaning he sees a lot of patients with eye problems. And he has lesser walk-ins.

    But if you want sunglasses, and you have a model in mind, he can order for you. He is good at prescription sunglasses. Special prices for my blogger friends. Let me know before hand and I will arrange something. :)

  40. mott,
    awww.... thanks.

    No problem, it's just a fun quiz. :)

  41. ecl, wah, kow tow, kow tow....your wish is my command.

    Scared lei....but what is the reward for treating you well? Name the price my dear! :P

  42. Judy,
    Price? or prize. Wah! You want to put a price on our friendship arh?

    When you come to Singapore, you can stay with me and I'll take care of your needs here.

    When I go over to UK, I'll bring you lots of local ingredients and cook for you and your family.


    You're not that petty lah! ^-^

  43. I try to do the test but I found that the questions are quite hard to answer (or e.g. what is SAT score?)... I gave up.

  44. windy,

    No problem, it's just a fun quiz. :)

  45. eastcoastlife,
    I mean RM2.86 and not with the million at the end lah. hahaha! Seems like you're also MCC liao. Welcome to the club!:P

  46. Kok,
    aiyoooo.... ssshhhhh!

    Die lah! I also MCC liao! sigh.... age catching up.

  47. Hahaha.....I am worth more than u...look up at

    Harder to sell me, sure no taker.

  48. Chris,
    How can that be!?? cheh!

    Lelong! lelong! Anyone wants an experienced and qualified Husband? I give huge discount! kekeke.....