Sunday, July 08, 2007

Most Controversial Award : Best Blog of the Year

Best Blog of the Year? Most F*cked Up Award!!!

It was a shocker when the winner of Best Blog of the Year was announced at 1st Anniversary Blog Awards. Not dk99 who was nominated for 5 awards and won 2, nor eastcoastlife who won 4 awards, not even keropok man! How did the result came about?

1 man decided it. Uzyn. I wasn't expecting to win this award, I was expecting dk to win, because he had 5 nominations. My confidence increased when I won 4 awards and I just expected to be lucky!

Did Uzyn disqualified me because I had won so many awards already? Or because of the scandalous post I wrote about him and dk? Was Veron given the award because she was the web designer of and Uzyn needed her more? :)

At the post award celebration, dk and I cornered him on this controversial award, he flared up and told us to shut up. ntt and ridz were present, we were bantering with Uzyn and he yelled :"DON'T SAY ANY MORE!" There was an awkward silence and sekling who was sitting beside me, said,"Don't say any more, he's angry!" What!? He can get angry, others cannot? His parents don't teach him manners? Yell at an elder? 没家教! I walked out.

Why can't he be transparent about his choice? What was he hiding? Nothing can be changed but he should at least answer the questions.

Let us deduce how Veron got the award based on dk's analysis.

Best Blog of the Year was picked based on the final results of all the winners. He assumes Uzyn chose the blog with the highest number of voters for one single category to determine the winner.

If it is based on the highest votes on a single category, Keropok Man would have won if he had not had two blogs in the same category nominated. And how can you pick that based on such an unfair decision, dk had 5 nominations in 5 different categories. Isn't he more popular?

dk and I were guessing, if Uzyn had added the total number of the votes we got from our nominations, the two of us were the only contenders for this award. And dk was the possible winner. Best Blog design = Best Blog of the Year? Geez...........

Well, this is life! In competitions these days, we don't expect the best to win anymore. Too many examples in real life scenarios. We expect big corporations to do such things, but a small kuching kurak (fry) also do this. tsk tsk tsk.........

Josh Lim gave the audience a hint before announcing the winner of Post of the Year. "The winner of this award definitely does not have this!"

I replied in my acceptance speech, "Yes, I may not have a dick! But I have BALLS!!!!"


Updates on this post:
All Hell broke loose after this post was published. I had expected the flaming and deserve it. I have deleted the unfair remarks I made on Veron. Not going to apologise for that because she stoop to my level and had her revenge already. Whatever she had called me, didn't she act that way? And where in my post did I call her a slut? You mean you were the girl in my 'Why Date a girl?' post? I didn't name the girl wor. That was a Pang Pui Post which means it's fictitious and meant for entertainment and I had stated that. hahaha......

Veron said,"Knowing dk was the worst thing in her blogging life!" I share her exact sentiments. During the prata supper at Fong Seng, keropok man was present, dk talked on the awards and how Best Blog of the Year would be chosen. To say he didn't expect to win is a lie. He expected to win with his 5 nominations according to his analysis and he said that was how it was discussed at the committee meeting.

He said I would 'sure win the Most Entertaining Post for my dick post. Veron sure win Best Design Blog and keropok man sure win Best Photo Blog because they have no fight'.

When he got slammed left and right by his members for his involvement, he texted and called me, begging me to withdraw my post which I did. Stupid because he came out with his own posts pushing everything to me and declaring his innocence.

He kept texting me asking me to apologise to Veron and Uzyn. Even after 1.30 am, he texted to say "sekling is very sad over my remarks." So? sekling your mother ar? Your 'brother' cannot stand also my fault izzit?

8 hours chatting with me at Hong Kong Tea House, numerous suppers with my hubby and I, what was mostly talked about, most Pingsters and Uzyn should have an idea.



  1. Well, give uzyn some time to explain it. I mean it might be a bad time when he was cornered yesterday. Give it some time. :)

  2. Hey, cool down, ECL. :-) You've won four awards. Quite a feat truly.

    Personally, I think Veron is an "all-rounder" blogger - great blog design, thoughtful and sometimes very humorous posts, lots of interaction on the blog, lots of readers (and admirers). I probably would choose her too if I were in Uzyn's shoes.

  3. LOL. I think you blog abt scandals a bit too much.. Everything also see scandals... Hahah.. Relax lah..

  4. By the way, another way to look at this matter: Perhaps awards for "Post of..." have less weightage compared to awards for "Blog of..."?

  5. xizor2000,
    Let Uzyn explain then. It is my feedback for the committee next year. Make sure the winners have a fair assesment.

  6. clappingtrees,
    So 4 awards already, cannot win some more? Must give one to the other nominees?

    Uzyn said, 'it is based on the highest number of votes.' How can she win when dk has 5 nominations in 5 categories?

    I'm not being sour, it's a feedback on the mechanics of selection.

  7. ntt,
    You don't see the controversy? How can anyone not have an idea what he is looking for in an award? This is no logic.

  8. clappingtrees,
    Don't speculate. Only Uzyn has the answer and he's keeping mum.

  9. I don't exactly know what to say to sound unbiased but I shall qualify that I am a supporter of both your blog and Veron's.

    Well, if I were to try to think in the shoes of Uzyn (again another occupational hazard of mine), I suppose the best blog of the year might be reached at based on other criteria other than votes, awards won, nominations obtained.

    I suppose it would be helpful if all the criteria for judging the best blog could be made transparent. Let's see if Uzyn sees this.

  10. ECL, it is one thing to give feedback, but it is also another to give feedback in such a manner that is "flaming" (for a lack of better word) in nature.

    I am not sure how long you have been around online communities, but having been involved in various (MMO guilds etc), issues are still best handled in a mature fashion. Going the "drama" route, while grabs attention to the issue, may have detrimental effects on the community as a whole in the future. While all the "scandals" are fine, after all its internal jokes within the community, such "drama" is something that personally I do not like.

    But yes, the voting system is something to be looked at and reworked on.

  11. as matter of fact, it is possible. i don't have the number of votes, but just example:

    dk is nominated in 5 categories, but let's say for each he only won 20 votes, making it a total of 100 votes.

    even if veron is only nominated for 1 category, but if she gets 200 votes for that category alone, she still gets more no. of votes.

    looking at the competitors, i'm not surprised if veron gets the most numjber of votes.

    on the other hand, i do agree tt it wd be great if there's more transparency, perhaps by telling the no of votes in the award presentation. =)

  12. arzhou,
    Mature??! Uzyn yelled at dk to shut up when we were reasoning with him on this. Mature?!

    I have a lot more issues to bring up if you want more.

  13. Hi ECL,

    Please cool down first and not jump to conclusions before knowing the details from uzyn.

    I had a shock when I read your first sentence "Best Blog of the Year? Most F*cked Up Award!!!"

    I mean, just because you didn't understand the details or the criteria of the award, doesn't mean it was a bad award or result.

    There are occasions when a movie won for Best Film but the director does not win for Best Director and vice versa.

    I really don't think and believe there was any scandal or conspiracy theory behind the award. Why should there be? It was just an award given out for a fun community during ping's 1st year anniversary, which I might add, was the main event.

    We are all friends and so we should trust uzyn, who is also our friend.

    Let's just wait for more information before any conclusions are drawn.

  14. I did not see that incident, probably cos i was checking out the pool table with ethan. :p

    But still, we are all friends la k :)

  15. erm, ECL, cool down......

    I wasn't at the post-party event so I can't comment much. But it sounds bad.

  16. Just a personal note of mine:

    Awards, while nice, are just a means of rewarding someone with a token of appreciation for all the work s/he has done.

    And it is even more so in the blogosphere, in my opinion.

    I mean, really, I don't care who has won which award, because when it comes down to which blogs I choose to read, it's all a matter of personal choice, award banner or no.

    If you won one, great. If you didn't, and didn't even receive a single nomination, so what?

    After all, at the end of the day, just ask yourself: what is the main reason I blog?

    But I understand where you're coming from -- the mechanics of the selection, rather than the award itself.

    I do hope this clears up. :)

  17. hey ecl, i think anonymous would have been closer to how the winner was picked.

    uzyn said that the most number of votes in each category, not each blog or each blogger. So votes for each blog/blogger was not totalled up and compared as such.
    So we look at each category the highest no. of votes, take them all out, take out the 5 with the highest votes among these, and then compare these 5 and pick out the one with the highest votes.
    of course this means that there is a loophole in it - if the blog is in a category with little competition, then it is highly likely that the blog will garner a lot a lot of votes.

    so everything boils down to this loophole...

  18. Oh dear, are you going to write another "名册" on this?

  19. chill... lets just celebrate and congrats all winners... cheer and make peace.

  20. So what's the big deal about not getting this award anyway? Is this award all the reason you or DK(sorry to mention your name here DK) are blogging? After uzyn have done so much (and a night without sleep just to prepare for the party), I believe he deserve something better.

    And yet I see no appreciation shown in your thread for what he had done for party, but just showing off the prizes you have gotten (in the previous entry) and blaming Uzyn for not giving this award to the nominee you prefer.

    And orh, for your info, this is the first time Uzyn or anyone is giving out these awards. Please, do not expect everything to be perfect. Neither can you make that happen.

    Is this entry for reasoning things out or just to seek more attention? Because I believe there's always better ways to approah him and to resolve this problem.

  21. Hey ECL, foremost I must say I'm a supporter of both u and veron's blog. And I think 'Anonymous' might have a point in how the judging is done. So prob Veron might have garner alota votes in the best blog design category (which she deserved) to push her forward to be best blog of the year.

    But it's true that the judging citeria lacks transparency esp when it wasn't open to voting like other categories. But then, even TCS star awards don't open all of their awards to voting! Anyway, no offence, but I think it's been blown outta proportions.

  22. woo.. it's scary ... how people's life revolves around blogs and blog awards.