Monday, July 16, 2007

More Blogger Awards for eastcoastlife


Thanks to the encouragement and support from my friends, blogging buddies and ardent supporters, eastcoastlife is still very much alive and kicking lotsa butts! And I have been getting lotsa hits and making new blogger friends!

Just goes to show that if a blogger is good on her own, she doesn't need to join any dumb blog aggregator and be given bogus awards. hahahahaha..............

eastcoastlife was awarded the Thinking Blogger award 3 times, from firehorse, wacky mom and yenjai. This award was created by ilker of the thinkingblog.

I would like to present the Thinking Blogger Award to : tigerfish

She writes a food blog. But her food blog is different from most. She is very creative and artistic. She always manages to come up with exciting new recipes and dishes. I visit her blog almost everyday.

I have tagged her a few times and she always makes sure she would surpass me with her numerous twists and turns in her posts. grrrr.............

Saboma of Maryannaville awarded me a Rockin Girl Blogger award! Yes! eastcoastlife rocks! The Rockin Girl Award was created by Roberta Ferguson, from Ohio. There are more designs of this blog bling to choose from at Oh, the joys !

I would like to give this award to the following Lady Rockers!

Well, for the guys, don't feel disappointed. Here is an Awesome Guy Blogger Award.

I give this award to these cool guys who are my Rocks of Faith during my dark moments!

Bunny Beth, my blogger buddy from Seattle, made me a Schmoozer. And I receive another from Wacky Mom. ^-^

Mike at Ordinary Folk and his friend Danielle created the Schmooze award.

Mike wrote:

Schmoozing as defined by is the ability “to converse casually, especially in order to gain an advantage or make a social connection.” When it comes to blogging, schmoozing is your ticket to making new friends, getting yourself noticed and building a reputation. Some bloggers are gifted with the ability to effectively schmooze and others not so much.

Christy says:

When I first started blogging I thought that writing was all that mattered, I never thought about the power of the schmooze, but dealing with people is a big part of blogging.

Wacky Mom says:
You are awesome....and have been from the first day we met. Thank you my dear friend.

My Schmooze award goes to :




My Angel


Now, all my award recipients have to pass the awards to 5 deserving bloggers. ^-^


Special thanks to oceanskies who awarded me Most Commendable Blogger Award.

Sorry if any of your names doesn't appear above, I have too many blogger friends and everyone seems to know one another. I cannot give the awards to too many bloggers or else my taggees would have no one to give to! hahaha......

Be patient, it would come to you, eventually...............


  1. Awww..!! thanks..!!! i think you are the most Rocking one..!!

  2. Wah... thank you, thank you!! So honoured.

    But wait... is that a tag>?? :P

  3. forgot your inspiration award...that's a biggy! So glad you put up your thinking blogger award! And you are Queen of schmooze my friend...I adore you..and I am so proud of you!!!! I luv you!

  4. Waaa!!! I'm schmoozed! Thank you very much eastcoastlife jie! I heart YOU! Actually I came to peep if u already have the Rockin' Girl Blogger Award or not haha...

    See you soon!

  5. well thanks for the "Schmooze Award" When I'm done scraping the paint off the house today I'll give out some awards of my own!!

  6. day-dreamer,
    You're welcome.

    Yes! You're tagged!!!! hehehe....

  7. one wacky mom,

    Thanks so much for the awards. Yes, there's one more. I'm doing it separately! ^-^

  8. My Angel,
    hehehe... you're officially a schmoozer!

    I'm already a Rockin Mother Blogger! hahaha......

  9. Tom,
    You're welcome!

    More awards!? Oooo.... I can't wait. I hope I have more....., keeping my fingers crossed.

  10. Eastcoast, the strawberry pie is ABS can use splenda instead of's ok for your diet The Recipe

  11. ecl, let's rock together lah. You rock most lei.
    Actually, first time I receive such an award, very new to this and feeling a bit overwhelmed. **Feels forehead**
    Once again, thank you, very honoured. Do I collect my award from you tomorrow or will you post to me? :P Hahaha.

  12. Tom,
    Oooo... thanks so much! And you gave me the recipe too! I will bake it and blog about it!

    Tom's Strawberry Pie!

  13. Judy,
    Let's rock together lor! Two hip mamas! hahaha....

    You can grab the award and post it on your blog - NOW! No need postage or waste money by courier. ^-^

    And get free hugs and smooches from me too! hehehe.....

  14. Thanks for the award, 不敢当 leh!
    Nowadays, "juices" run dry liao coz of the summer heat. :p

  15. Congratulations on all of your awards! That's amazing!

    Hope you're having a great day, :)

  16. Eastcoast you honor me by your gracious award. It is always nice to be recoginzed by people who care about people.

    Thank You

  17. So honoured... So flattered... *blushing*

    Thanks for making my day. My blog is really nothing fanciful except the whining and rantings. Nothing much compared to yours.

    Thank you so bery the muchie!!!


  18. Thanks so much for this 'Awesome Guy' Award, ECL. I had this off Lahdeedah on 10th July. I guess another makes me REALLY Awesome!

  19. wah wah... ECL is giving out awards siah! Any for me??? hahahaha kiddin lar! :P

  20. Awww, what an honer - I am flattered and blushing ;-) I'll try the best to live up to that. Please give me some time to find the right blogger to pass it on to!

  21. Wah, so you think I rock ah? Thanks for the honour leh. ;)

    This is one tag we can't reject leh. Hahaha..

  22. Wah, the description about the award make me blush.
    But anyway, (take the award and keep fast fast)

  23. tigerfish,
    The heat is also killing me here in Singapore! I'm almost dehydrated and dried up like a sng buay (plum)!

    You deserve the award, dearie!

  24. Hi Christy,
    Thanks for stopping by. And thanks for your kind wishes.

    haha.... Special thanks to those who are recognizing me for my work.

  25. Teacher Dave,
    You are a really awesome teacher! I have learnt a lot from you. And you are such a humble person. The wise one.

    I respect and love you.

  26. Ed,
    You write thought provoking posts. And due to your past job as a police officer, you have a great analytical mind and a maturity not found in many bloggers, including me. sigh....

    And thanks so much for your encouragement and support. And for being a great friend!

    You rock!

  27. Captain Picard,
    You are really special! You write well and connect well with your readers. And you have such a presence in the blogosphere!

    You are truly an awesome guy, many times over!

  28. angeleyes,
    Hello! Yes, I'm giving out awards and they will come to you,... eventually.... because it is a tag! ^-^

  29. Rennyba,
    You are one great guy from far up North - Norway!

    Oh my! I was fortunate and honoured to know you.

    And I see you are meeting and making many friends from around the world! You rock!

  30. wokking mom,
    Of course you rock, girl! I see you commenting in many blogs and seem to be well received by many in the blogosphere!

    And I love your dishes. Congrats on being mentioned on the radio!

  31. hehehe.... yenjai,
    So cute.

    You deserve it lah, what's there to blush!?

    Thanks for being there and quietly supporting me. I appreciate that, very much.

  32. Awwwwwwwwwwwww...Thanks for the award...Hmm...*brain working overtime to do tag*.. Sei for..tension tension...kakakkaka...You are a great person la..there's no pretense abt you..and I am so glad that we have met..*hugs n kisses*

  33. eve,
    You are such a Rockin Girl Blogger! I have to visit regularly to get my fix of humour.

    You are beautiful, both inside and out. Who says beautiful girls have no brains?

  34. Bunny Beth,
    You are so kind! Thanks so much.


  35. i think tigerfish is very good too!

    she is most flexi, can create dishes on the fly!

  36. keropok man,
    Yes, I respect and admire tigerfish for her creativity and innovative ideas. She can also write very well and has a great sense of humour. She is very steady! haha....

  37. awesome lot-some! congratulations to the award winners... oooo, more reason to celebrate! ;-)

  38. Oh My God, I have just returned from my very first of work (after a 7 months break!) and I have got a comment at my site asking me to claim the award! What a great timing you have. You have definitely made my day. Thank you ECL. I am so honored and lost in words!

    *** Fighting back the tears as the award acceptance speech begins ***

    I would like to thank the academy ... I mean EastCoastLife in giving me this ... (reading the titles from the award) ... awesome guy blogger award ... It is awesome. And I know throughout these years, since day one ...

    (the music starts playing)

    ... Oh well, anyway ... World peace!

  39. May,
    Yes... all the recipients are wonderful bloggers who are deserving of the awards. ^-^

  40. hahahaha.... Wilfrid.
    Laff die me! Such a dramatic acceptance speech!

    Glad I could return the favour and made your day. You were a stranger who just dropped in my blog one day. I couldn't tell you how much your every comment meant to me. You make me stronger and want to tell more of my bad encounters.

    Thank you, you awesome guy! Your friendship is truly valued. ^-^

  41. ^--- Stranger no more!

    Your site has been inspiring. If you ever run the AMK GRC, I will certainly ...

    Oh wait, you are from East Coast, aren't you? Oh well ...

    PS: Kidding! I know you are not into politics :)

  42. wilfrid,
    hahaha.... maybe if I'm popular enough with Singaporeans, I'll run for Election. AMK GRC. hmmm.... isn't that PM's territory? ^-^

  43. Thank you for the award, even though it was beyond my expectation.

    Thanks to you, I now know the meaning of "Schmoozing". You deserve the Schmooze award. :)

  44. oceanskies,
    You are welcomed. You are one awesome friend and a true rocker! Quietly giving me encouragement and support at the side. I thank you. *Hugs*

  45. Hi ECL thanks for the award. Will get to it soon.

  46. Hello Simple American,
    MIA for so loooong!

    Thanks for your compliments. ^-^

  47. Hi Georgie,
    You're back from your Underwater Photography Competition! Waiting for your updates. :)

  48. No excuse for me. I am sorry to have been away.

  49. simple american,
    Don't feel bad. I know you are busy with your work, family and a growing business.

    I have been reading your blog, so I know what's happening. It's ok. ^-^

  50. jus want to say i think u r cream of the crop as far as bloggers go: in my estimates..irrespective of whether u got awards or not :)

  51. bengbeng,
    awwwww..... thanks! I'm floating already! hehe.....