Friday, June 01, 2007

You want story! I give you stories.

Made it to front page of tabloid - again, 31st May 2007.

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Gerard and I are forced to stay away from office. The sensational headlines on a local tabloid caused us to take refuge in a hotel. Wah! Another juicy story?

Now don't go calling all the hotels to ask if a Gerard and an Eastcoastlife are staying in their suite.

If the hotel is willing to sponsor our room stay and meals, I will blog about it. Deal? hehehe....

aiyahhhh ....... Gerard's not in the same hotel as me lah! He's on a resort island in another part of the world now. Drinking beer, suntanning and oogling at bikini gals. Woohooo, aren't the other office guys envious! hahaha....

Come on guys. After what he has been through, he deserves a good break. Though it wasn't my fault nor his that he's in this shitty mess, but I felt that I should do something to mend his fragile manhood. hehehe .....

But the tabloid couldn't stop reporting on it and has to add in another article to ride on it so as to boost their sales further. Nowadays a tabloid reporter's life is so easy hor, just surf the net for stories, change the 1st person account to 3rd person account, translate it, add in lots of juicy stuff and you have an article. Then she gets paid for it.

Half a page devoted to my hot, hot topic.

Well it did teach my friends and relatives, and my father who is a faithful reader of the tabloid, a good lesson. The stories are sensationalised to boost sales. It adds sugar and spice to their articles. My relatives felt they were being made fools to donate to the 'victims' in their stories. They are going to boycott it. Especially my Dad who is indignant that a Singaporean newpaper can be so irresponsible.

Oh, I have to talk about my Dad giving me a piece of his mind. He couldn't believe I did that. The relatives were shocked. He was mindful of what others would say about me. awwwww.... so sweet of him! Well, I have always been the daring and outspoken girl in our family. I know it gets me into trouble but I'm not one to do nothing when help is required. Simply said lah, I'm very kaypoh (busybody).

At that moment, it was not the time to mind about our sexual difference. And I treat my employees like my children because most of them are younger than I. Like a concerned mother, I only wanted to end his agony. Guys tend to be rough handling such a delicate matter, so he needed a woman's touch. You cannot expect the young female staff to help, right?
And how do you carry get a cute young guy, who has his nice buns exposed and his pecker stuck in a zipper, through the lunch time crowds to a doctor?

Seriously, no evil thoughts went through my mind lah! I was concentrating on getting it free from the zipper. So if you want to know if his dick got erected or not, you have to look at the photos.

Well, for the guys, it was a tempting moment for them to send the photos to STOMP and the dailies for KFC meal vouchers or whatever freebies, but they chose to protect their little buddy and heroic Boss! I'm proud of them and also our clients who know when to keep mum. There are still human beings who are compassionate, trustworthy and undeterred by the lure of temptations, you know! Thanks for your concern and inquisitive phone calls. All your queries will be addressed (Will the photos be shown??? hehehe .......) at our Annual Dinner and Dance and Hey! we should have a 'Dick and Pussy' theme! LOL ........

Lastly, to the MPs and Ministers, you know you can trust this handy woman to handle delicate and sensitive matters. (I can don't blog about it wor!) So at future events, besides your security personnel, I am an asset. hahaha ...... OK, keep reading my blog, I hope it makes you laugh and destress after a hard day's work. Cheers.

er ... you think you all can send my nomination to Boss Loong for this year's National Day award or not? hehehe ......


  1. I got a totally different story..aiyah..i will tell in my blog la..but this is nothing is not important enough to be on the front page of a paper..hehe...

  2. Waaah eve!
    So early and so free today arh!
    Can't wait to read yours. hehehe...

  3. You are steady, Eastcoastlife. Perhaps circumstances have made you tougher.

  4. oceanskies,
    Oh yes. Definitely. The more tough it is, the harder I fight. It's always a challenge to see how much it takes to break me.

    Hey, you had a great turn-out and audience last night. Quite a number of bloggers went down to give you support. Glad to see such spirit.

    Hooray for blogging! They make our lives exciting and interesting! :)

  5. Can't see the newspaper picture clearly. They got an 'expert' to discuss how to unstuck a dick from zip???


  6. dk,
    ya .... an expert who charges for his service. He mentioned might give an injection.Prick the dick. Ouch!

    I think this type of expert in demand leh! So many dicks in the world. Should I start a business on this? Call for meeting!

  7. Eastcoastlife: I suppose adversity helps a person grow stronger, in your case.

    Special thanks to you. Your help in publicising for the performance has helped quite a bit.

  8. oceanskies,
    I thought of using my 'new found fame' to publicise your concert. Well, hope it worked! :)

  9. Wow... now you're a femes blogger, ecl. Got paparazzi stalking summore. Hehehe. Come to M'sia and hide out for a bit la... eat yummy M'sian food.

  10. I donch know what to say.. ECL..! *shrug*.. no better news to cover ka..?? these days.. local paper.. really eat full nothing to do ka..??
    or standard very low la..??
    Wait .. i send them half-naked pictures of "Ms Selfish".. they prolly have more sensational twist to it.. ;)

  11. Hahahaha!!! What a huge teacup!!! OMG, waaaaa, if I had known what was going to happen, I would have made a bigger effort to 'assist' too, during Twitter! Anyway, people are just naturally very kaypoh, so anything out of the ordinary will sell! I honestly thought you did a really heroic deed, freeing the zipper. Hugs HUgs..

  12. rinnah,
    shhhh .... Although I want to go Malaysia but cannot reveal my whereabouts now. muahahahaha...

    er.... you don't know I'm also on Malaysia papers? Waaahhhh! Lagi more cham man! Malaysia tabloids more sensational! hehehe....

  13. mamabok,
    This shows that Singapore is very, very safe. Our reporters take salary but got no stories to cover, so need to create sensational stories. Come to think of it, sensational titbits is better than horrendous murders!

    Ya, ya.... send your Ms Selfish photos over and I pass it to the tabloids! They could write a great story on it.

  14. ib,
    awwww.... hehehehe....
    *getting all warm and fuzzy inside*

    If I know this is going to be this huge, I would put on something sexier and exaggerately act out the rescue! You think I can make it to Top Favourite in YouTube or not? muahahahaha....

  15. I really hope no photos will be leaked out lol... Man, one moment I wish I was in Gerard's shoes, another moment I think I'd rather not... in any case I say you're quite a woman ;p

  16. hehehe.... narrowband,
    I hope so too!
    I TRUST my staff!

    Thanks for your compliment! :)

  17. now I think about it, you treat your employees as your own children...

    hmm I think my mother will do the same to me if my genital get stuck lor...

    it's all in the minds and social norms.

  18. haha ... congrats on ya new on second paper. not all bloggers have chance to made it to the papers you know? haha

  19. ya chillycraps,
    Women have this motherly instinct, even if not their own child, also will try to help.


  20. Waaa, M'sian paper also got report? Where? Where?

    Actually hor... can demand for part of their paper's sale?? Then you ma fatt tatt lor?
    *just wondering...*

    I also want to hug ECL... :D

  21. defector,
    No need congratulations on this type of publicity lah! Hilarious! I prefer positive publicity like doing good for the general public and how to help the less fortunate.

  22. Thank you angel!
    Hug hug!

    Where I got fatt tatt? The papers fatt tatt first!

    Malaysian papers 光明日报.

  23. Fame or no fame, I appreciate your help in publicising for the event. It was a very nice helpful gesture. Thanks again.

    Let's hope someone put you on the front page once again not to create sensation, but with your consent, to publicise the good deeds that Eastcoastlife has done. I still believe that our society needs more inspiring and encouraging stories.

  24. gosh, some people are just too kepochi for their own good. and too much gossip! looks like you're handling it well despite all that happening. kudos and hugs! have a great weekend, yea.

  25. really is you ar? i saw this news in my local newspaper too, i spot your photo from the newspaper but not so clear so i can't firmly confirm is you...but now...hahahaha...ya, i know is you!

  26. aiyak
    I guess fame come to you the wrong way liao.
    Sigh. But anyway, you did something good that day.
    All your readers will respect you for that. No need to care too much what tabloid said about you

  27. Good morning darling! Guess what? I have awarded you The Thinking Blogger deserve it my good friend....for you have made me think.

    I adore you!

  28. Is it because that Singapore doesn't have much juicy gossip, that's why the tabloids reporters just bites on this issue and never let go?? Hahaha.

    But I still think you are very brave. :D

  29. oceanskies,
    I'm glad your concert was a success. :)

  30. May,
    If I can't beat them, I might as well join them.

  31. huisia,
    Huh? They also put my photo in your local newspaper? aiyoooo....

  32. yenjai,
    yalor, that's what many of my readers said. Ok lah, blow over already.

    Life back to normal. :)

  33. Hello wacky mom,
    Thanks for the award. I'm honoured.

  34. Hi day-dreamer,
    yalor. Singapore is too safe and thus boring. But it's better not to have bad news lah.

    Thanks for your compliment. :)

  35. too juicy liao! maybe next it's cocka's turn! LOL!

  36. You're a celebrity now, ECL. The paparazzi will be hunting you down.

    Who is that in the bushes with a camera?

  37. It depends on the newspapers lah! Some like to "add salt and vinegar" (eg XinMing, The Newpaper) ; some more factful (eg Zaobao etc). Think Sg news too boring need this type to attract interest readers. :D

  38. Captain Picard,
    Oh no! Not a celebrity.
    Lol .... I'm more worried about the paparazzi with a camera in the same washroom as I.

  39. tigerfish,
    yes, I agree Zaobao is a better read than the tabloids.

    Singapore is too safe, clean and peaceful. The people needs excitement and trashy stuff. :(

  40. While he's ogling at bikini babes, he better make sure his swimming trunks has no zippers. LOL!

  41. Hey girl! I think you shd sue the reporter for copyright! After all, the blog entry is your intellectual property and the reporter has no right to lift your story! You shd be the one getting paid for your article! Email the newspaper and complain