Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Why people come into your life?

I believe that people come into my life for a reason. And that every person that I have met in my life has served a purpose even if only a small one.

Some teach me lessons, others so I can teach them. Some to make me happy, others to make me sad. Most have made me happy. I am sure if you sit down and really give this some thought you can make an endless list of what everyone you have met in life did to serve a purpose in yours.

I know my first failed love relationship served a really big purpose because I learnt a lot about what not to want in my next relationship. Ouch! And I can now help others identify the problems in their relationships and not to get entangled in the webs of love. You know who you are huh. Don't forget to give me your promised treats. hehe..... I'm a Love Guru! lol .....

Those few foreign students and their parents from Hell who made me realised that not all foreigners deserve respect and help from me. And they certainly don't deserve to stay in Singapore and make use of our Government funds to better their already elite lifestyles! I learnt that in their countries, they can get away with bribing. And they are trying and have succeeded in bringing their culture here! Those idiots who suggested increasing our population by accepting more immigrants should be damn pleased with themselves. They are on the road to riches.......

Those civil servants who think they can get away by lying, threatening and suppressing facts. Well, your just desserts will be coming soon. I learn how to do my own investigations and get my hands on evidence that could probably put you all in jail for years to come.

Then there are my bad relatives, my cunning competitors, the nasty trolls, some petty so-called 'friends' .... grrrr.....

But not everyone touches me in a bad way. I met a few mentors who helped me overcome some major business crisis. My close girlfriends who make me laugh, cry with their take on life. My wonderful employees who work their butts off so that I could realise my dreams of building my own empire and becoming an 'Empress Dowager'.

Thanks to my many grateful and loyal foreign students and their parents who give me much strength and the reason to continue with my Education Consultancy. The many offers to partner with me to bring my company to greater heights will be seriously considered.

Lots of people whom I have never even met in person but are ever ready to offer a consoling ear..... send a cute card..... leave concerned messages on my blog....... email jokes (albeit some are quite 'dirty', hehehe....) to cheer me up ...... even sending gifts, their friendship touch my life in a great way by getting me on the road to a much needed focus on my career and family.

Oh, a special mention to those readers who went through the trouble to vote for me as Hottest Mommy Blogger. They have to sign up for the account and then login to vote. Many would have just ignored such a silly gimmick but not the more than 76 people who voted for me! Thanks. Muack.

And also the bloggers who fave my Technorati Top 100 Favorited Blogs. Many are not bothered with the rankings but fave me anyway to help me get to the Top 100. Some forgot their Technorati password and have to search for days to find it. Several blogger friends even pimped me in their blogs to get me noticed! I am so touched.

And oh ... I just realised that Blogger doesn't allow Wordpress bloggers to leave comments. And these lovely people actually signed up for a Blogger account just to make comments on my post. Oh Gosh! So sweet and touching. I'm speechless.

Do you believe that everyone comes into your life for a reason. Do you believe that each person you have met in life served a purpose?

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  1. Ya... and my reason for coming into your life is to make you sit at HK Tea House for 8 hours. :D

    When we going for another round? Can drag Izel along also. :D

  2. hahaha dk!
    There will not be a second time. My old bones aching. hehehe....

    Did Izel say she wants to join us? You up to no good again huh. Wait Paddy kill you and buried you in some unmarked place. muahahahaha....

  3. Was that a marriage proposal template? I like! Very impressive... I am easily impressed... HUGS..

  4. Waaaaaa, got moderation........ Please, pass me.. I am totally harmless when not stir-fried..

  5. Of course I do believe that people come into my life for a reason. I had a few best friends who came at different stage of my life. We supported each other a lot when we were together. However, when the enviornment change and now we are getting older, I seem to lost contact with them. What a shame.

  6. Ya I completely believe in what you just said in your post. The book Alchemist also influenced me a lot to believe in this!! Great post. I just loved being here.:)

  7. I believe that we are all here for a purpose. We come into each other's life to help each other in our journey. There are no accidents or coincedences. We have an agenda and we need the people who have come into our lives. We can decide to use what they have to offer or not and they have the same option. The choice is always ours.

  8. My blogger account pw does not work anymore. Now I use my google login to say howdy. That is why I do not have a picture now. Will correct that as soon as I can get around to it.

    I agree everyone we meet has a purposed. Sometimes I can walk across campus and I see people and I just no some day that we will interact. It could be a year or a day. But I know we will contact. Whether it is passing a napkin in the cafeteria or becoming a subject of audit. These impressions usually come true.

    Stange ahr?

  9. There is this thing called providence (or some may call God's will) which means that things don't happen for nothing. I certainly believe that something is happening with your foray into blogging and mine too. Just that I can't quite pin a finger to it right now. But the day will come when all these things will be made clear.

  10. lb,
    You like this marriage proposal template. hehehe...

    Need the moderation to get the trolls. Not to screen friends like you though. I appreciate what you did for me. Muacks.

  11. oh Windy!
    It is really a pity to lose friends. I lost quite a number of my good friends in school and it is not so easy to bump into them in Singapore, although the country is small. Now I'm trying to look for them.

  12. Hi Sean Carter!
    Thanks for stopping by! You have a blog on friendship. Cool!

  13. Yes Teacher Dave.
    You are a person I welcome with open arms. You have truly inspired me and shown me that many things happen for a purpose. I can't tell you how much your encouragement and wise advice have helped me in my life. Thanks.

  14. Simple American,
    No wonder I dun see your handsome face anymore. Try to fix it asap.

    I think you make a conscious affort to get to know people, just like you made comments on my blog to get my attention. hehe....

    I have come to cherish you as a good friend. And you are truly a great pal to all your friends, I can sense it from the lovely comments left on your blog. :)

  15. cool insider,
    Yeah, you're right. I do have a hidden agenda to write my blog too. And all will be revealed in good time to come. Climax! hehe....

  16. Maybe there is a purpose why people come into my life, and vice versa. As for what it is, I have yet to have the wisdom to tell.

  17. oceanskies,
    You come into my life to teach me how to appreciate the double bass. And I realised how beautiful the world is when filled with music.
    Love you as my friend. *Hug*

  18. So true people come into our life for a reason, season or a lifetime.
    I blog about it here:-

  19. You've got a lot of friends, ECL, me amongst them. My faves have shot as well.

    I've had so many friends as a result of blogging.

  20. actually... you can just set your "comments" to "allow anonymous comments" so that we can just put our name and webpage...


    get a wordpress blog. haha

    btw... I love this entry. one of my favorite. People come into our lives for a certain purpose we may not know. Whatever that purpose is, at least, somehow, someway, these people we have met contributed to our lifetime here in this world.

    oh.. btw.. care for a link exchange? :)

  21. Captain Picard,
    Yes, you are my friend.

    Congrats on the increased faves of your Fave Train! My sincere wishes for you to rise to the top 100!

    Don't you just love blogging!

  22. chino,
    So glad to know you too. I link you. :)

    I need to moderate my comments due to the nasty messages trolls left on my posts. Any other suggestions?

    You come into my life for a purpose too. Haven't figure it out. hahaha......

  23. Err , I m still thinking what is the purpose of that Psychiatric patient coming into my life...She has been bugging me non stop , calling me on the phone more than 10 times a day , came over to the clinic to have a long long consultation and refusing to pay...I think the purpose is to irritate the hell out of me..ish..haha..

  24. Eve,
    Oh gosh! I think she has fallen in love with you. You with your devilish humour swept her off her feet. hahahaha......

  25. We always like people to touch us positively. So, we should start ourselves.

    p/s ECL. Ya lor. I have to go deep inside google, then only I find where to put a photo there. I can't stay 'profile-less' if wanna post here.

  26. Fuiyoh. A lot of spam? Need to be approve gar?

  27. yenjaiiiii,

    like people to touch us
    You mean it literally? hehe...

  28. i'm so friggin narcissistic . . i totally thought this blog was dedicated to me . . . and yes, i did pimp you out on my blog . . glad to have met you . . . Here's a little something for you from the west side:

    Footprints in Your Heart

    Many people will walk in and out of your life,
    But only true friends will leave footprints in your heart.

    To handle yourself, use your head;
    To handle others, use your heart.

    Anger is only one letter short of danger.

    If someone betrays you once, it is his fault;
    If he betrays you twice, it is your fault.

    Great minds discuss ideas,
    Average minds discuss events,
    Small minds discuss people.

    He who loses money, loses much;
    He who loses a friend, loses much more;
    He who loses faith, loses all.

    Beautiful young people are accidents of nature,
    But beautiful old people are works of art.

    Learn from the mistakes of others.
    You can't live long enough to make them all yourself.

    Friends, you and me.
    You brought another friend,
    And then there were three.

    We started our group,
    Our circle of friends,
    And like that circle -
    There is no beginning or end.

    Yesterday is history.
    Tomorrow is mystery.
    Today is a gift.

    That's why it's called the present.

    - Eleanor Roosevelt

  29. Oooo... thanks Gary!
    hehe... you are part of the reason for this post.

  30. My dear hot mama you never cease to amaze me and I am fortunate to have you in my life, sincerely!

    But that's NOT the only purpose of *wink*

    So many bloggers dismiss these online friendships we develop but in all honesty I do not and if one day I will privileged to meet you in person it would be a great joy!

    Yes, I do believe that with all my ♥


  31. sifu *serving cyber green tea*, ahem..can tutor me on other departments a not ? lemme take care of the lovey dovey part hehe ? *bowx3*

  32. I certainly believe in this.
    There are sooooo many human beings in this world, it must be some pre-destined fate that brings two persons together. Thats y i hv to remind myself everyday, treasure those relationships that make me happy, learn from those friendship that make me sad, and always be grateful to every little care showered on me!! =)

  33. Ahhh hot babe Tisha!
    You are one remarkable woman yourself. And you have made many online friends all over the blogsphere too! I love you for being spunky and spirited.

    I wish to meet you one day, in person.

  34. aiyooo melting wok!
    Call me sifu wor! hehe...
    Serve green tea and bow sum more! Wah! Cannot take it lah! haha....
    Give you all my love. :)

  35. zeezee,
    You are one lucky, blessed girl. You have the opportunity to experience working life abroad and you get to meet people from all over the world. Cherish all this friendship, in real life and online. There are many more blessings to come. Wish you all the best.

  36. Thank you for sharing the joy of music. Thank you for your friendship and *hugs*.

  37. everything happen for a reason, same goes for people? Guess some people taught us to be resilient.

  38. ya pinkie,
    You're right. You have become a stronger and tougher person. Learn to love yourself more.

  39. The best part is when some people LEAVE!


  40. I justed fav'd you on technorati my Spicy Friend!!

  41. 当时是一个过客,将来可能成为朋友,做朋友有 时也要靠缘分!
    Some kind of blog-fate right?
    We are considered the eastcoastnites in Sg but only know each other when we are poles apart. Strange.

  42. Hi dwayne!
    Nice to see you again!
    You are gonna come back to Singapore again! Looking forward to that.

  43. awww.... Tom.
    Thanks. I appreciate that! :)

  44. tigerfish,
    I'm not much of a friend-maker, but I have made so many friends online! Yes, it's so unbelievable that I make more new friends with Singaporeans who are living abroad than with the Singaporeans living here in Singapore! hehe.....fate.

  45. Fuyohhh... the credits and the debits list rolling already ... ? :-)

    Thanks, ECL... i remember. Still going cool ;-)

  46. A LOT of people come into my life for the good. One way or other. THANK YOU!!

  47. If paddy kills me, he will hang my body at his door to scare away other guys who tried to get close to his wife. :P

    Huh? no more 2nd time? aiyo.... :(

  48. yo Bernard!
    Things are still going cool huh! hehehe.... keep it up! 加油!

    I know, I'm one of the best thing that ever happen to you. muahahahaha....

  49. dk,
    Keep trying, I'm sure Paddy is very amused by all this. I have a feeling he might preserve you in a large glass tank and exhibit it for the whole world to see. hahahah....

  50. I do believe people comes into our lives for a reason(s), hopefully those are good reasons instead of vice versa..

  51. chen,
    Yes, of course it is better for them to come for good reasons. hehe....

  52. "everyone you have met in life did to serve a purpose in yours"

    I fully agree. I believe in this.

  53. Life is certainly one big test-tubes filled laboratory.

    Every "drop" of encounter is potentially a learning point for us. Don't make the same mistake over and over and over again.

    I too believe that "people come into my life for a reason". If we could we should treasure all our friendships.

  54. Hi malathy!
    Welcome. Thanks for stopping by.

  55. Hello tiat!
    Thanks for sharing. I enjoy getting to know more people and making friends.

    And I cherish every friendship I have, it truly makes my heart ache when a friend no longer wants my friendship because of some misunderstanding.