Friday, May 04, 2007

Earn US$10 million

No, I'm not offering you the opportunity. Nor am I going to take this offer up. It is against my principles. I must be insane not to take it? Yes. I'm out of my mind.

What is this about? A cleverly thought out business proposal .... actually it is a scam. One that would be a failure eventually and harm his country's economy. But being a greedy and unscrupulous businessman, would he care? This money, after distributing some to grease the palms of some high-ranking government officials and politicians, would be safely in his pocket and he would deposit it here in Singapore and the US. After all, he's been doing it for the past 20 years and is very successful. Having amassed a great fortune and is now a billionaire with properties in Philippines, Canada and Singapore.

He is a Filipino Chinese businessman with connections to some powerful politicians and top government officials in the Philippines. Money makes the world go round. If you have lived in the Philippines or know about the situation there.... well, you would know what it is like.

I shall not describe in detail how he gets his ill-gotten gains lest more people try it. You may not succeed in Singapore but I know some wealthy people in countries like Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia have gotten rich through this method.

I would never be able to live with the guilt, much less indulge myself and my family members with the money, wrestled from the less fortunate in the country and deprived the faithful tax payers of their rights to better facilities and living conditions. And he has the cheek to declare that he doesn't pay a single cent of income tax all throughout his life. He owns 15 companies. The amount of money that flows through these bogus companies is tremendous.

He has obtained Canadian citizenships for himself and his own family plus his mother and 7 siblings and their familes. As do most wealthy Filipinos, they emigrate for fear of losing the millions they get. Their money is parked in some safe countries and they send their families out of the Philippines to avoid trouble.

Here he is in Singapore to gain the most from the generosity of our Government and the people of Singapore. Scholarship and subsidised education for his children. Getting his children into our top schools through his connections here too. And be called a foreign talent. This is where I want to puke.

I have been offered such money-making opportunities as early as 1993. Had I succumbed to the greed, I would have been a billionaire now too. Some of the wealthiest people are not what you would want to become. And I am amazed they can sleep well at night.

Nothing beats hard work and being able to live with a clear conscience. Of course working smart is important too. I see many young people being attracted by the ease of earning passive money through internet marketing. I know some of you do make very good money through it. I don't want to be judgemental. I wouldn't want my son to become one.

I'm a woman. By age 40, I was able to retire and live comfortably but the entreprenuer streak in me just can't go to rest and I'm starting two new business ventures. This time, I'm going to fight it out with the locals in another dynamic country. Very challenging, isn't it? What would you like to achieve when you are 40 or 50 or 60?

Would you accept the US$10 million deal even though you know it is illegal?


  1. hard-earned money is better than illegal money..
    at least i can sleep peacefully at night ;)

  2. Wei chen!
    Back from your vacation already! :)

    Imagine if you decide to earn illegal money, many people will die at your hands leh! hahaha...

  3. If I can make US$10,000 via the internet by the time I'm 40, I'd call myself successful.

    Its hard work ok... haha

  4. fida,
    Aim so low? Should aim for a higher sum like US$100,000 if you dun want a lot of money.

    Maybe I should start a course on how to make millions.

  5. ecl,

    choing ah... work harder! hehe...
    you eat so much for breakfast everyday ah? kia si lang leh...

    hehe.. i know you pick one everyday lah...

  6. keropok man!
    hehehe.... you going for the meet-up tonight or not? And what abt our date wif shilpa? I missed her sms.

    Dun eat so much half-boiled eggs orh!

  7. I actually know who you are talking about. His nephew is a friend of mine and I experienced their life especially in one of the pent house in a known hotel here in the Philippines.

    He always bribe high-ranking officials here in our country PLUS the president. He will always be there up on the stage every time a new President will have an inauguration/oath taking.

    Anyway, not all in his family are evil.

    And most of all, I can understand why he did that since, here in the Philippines, the only way to be rich and super wealthy is to bribe politicians. too bad for us starting entrepreneurs who cant bribe the government.

  8. ahhh Chino,
    You do know these people, don't you? It's kinda sad for the people of Philippines that such things are happening and they are powerless.

  9. I am glad that you share the same moral ethics as I do. To me, it is far more important to live a life of principle and integrity than to make tonnes of money out of other people's misery. Having seen so much poverty and suffering in the ASEAN countries I visited, I resolve not to add to the problem.

  10. yes cool insider,
    It's better to sleep well with a clear conscience than to have millions and have to employ bodyguards.

  11. you should go for Singapore next MP election.

    at least we know that u will voice out for those injustice acts.

  12. Three cheers for your sense of integrity. I think being able to live up to one's integrity can make one feel powerful too. ;)

    Happy Birthday to you.

    Well age 40, I have not think so far, for I sense that my time is running up. Yet, if I were to get there, I hope I have shared with a few significant people in my life, my perspective of seeing the world. I also hope to make music that touches people's heart, and snap photos of parts of the world that touches people's heart.

  13. Hi jessica lai,
    I intend to run in the next election. Not MP also NMP, make sure they got headaches in Parliament!

  14. zeezee,
    You shall have your wish!
    *waves magic wand*

  15. awww.... thanks oceanskies.

    I'm sure you would achieve a lot and your dreams when you are 40.

  16. Me puke too, man! Your garmen really know how to 慧眼识狗熊 hor?
    I don't dare to dream of what to achieve now....haiz. Just live each day to the fullest and be happy loh!

  17. ya tigerfish,
    Lots of dirty money in Singapore which the gahmen happily sapu. More of these dirt in my book.

    yes, being happy is important but need to have some goals guah! One goal?

  18. Money is money... it all spends the same. Not.

  19. Those who live illrgally can be sure that eventually, their deeds will catch up with them.

  20. Earning money in an unethical way is really detrimental to ourselves. Making money online for me it would depend on your motives, if its laziness then it is not right. But if you provide value and enjoy it I guess there is nothing bad with it. Even earning money online has its own work to be done. Lottery would be a different subject.

  21. I would love to have published at least one book and rather than wish for a ton of faithful readers, I'd be happy with a few that truly enjoy my works. To me, that would be a good goal.

  22. Happy Birthday, Boss!!!

  23. Dwayne dear,
    There are certain types of money that I wouldn't want to touch.

  24. Captain Picard,
    That is what I thought too. Whatever I receive, I believe I have to pay back one day.

  25. Hello alan,
    You are one of the internet marketers who provides value in your blog. You deserve what you earn.

  26. Hi Dana.
    Thanks for stopping by. Welcome.

    You write pretty good poetry and short stories. And I see you have receive a few awards. Keep it up. I believe you would achieve your dream one day.

  27. Happy birthday?
    ok. Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you..... ECL

  28. Had that kinda money in my bank acct before...but ...things as not to be. I found that ILL GOTTEN GAINS bring only bad luck...especially blood money, money earned from people's hard work.

    I left that industry ages ago..and I feel even though I earn less than $100 a day, it's been blessed than the millions which made me ....forget my own self.

    That's me

  29. azrin,
    ILL GOTTEN GAINS bring only bad luck...especially blood money, money earned from people's hard work

    Yes, exactly. That's what I thought too!

  30. good for you, eastcoast. One of my oldest and dearest friends had a rich father and she told me once that he was an evil, crooked man. She was convinced that one could only be rich by being a crook!

  31. Hi Bunny Beth!
    I don't think all rich people are evil and crooked. lol...

    Some do gain their wealth through hard work and smart investments.

  32. We should work hard and smart and be ethical.

    A person might enjoy ill-gotten gains for the moment, but it will certainly turn around and bite him one day.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Warm regards
    P.S: We have a choice... to choose to do good or to do evil... to choose scarcity or to choose abundance

  33. Hi tiat!
    Thanks for dropping in and sharing with me your views.

    I can't comment on your blog. I have to log in?

  34. If I know it is illegal I could never do it. Like you said. I have to be able to sleep.

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  36. Hey Johnny!!
    Long time no see! So happy to see you again. I almost forget you leh! hehehe....

    Bribery is everywhere!

  37. Interesting post... yup bribery is really a source of GDP in Malaysia. Anyway found this interesting interview about creating wealth, have a look when you are free, inspired by it.

    Jason Tan